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  1. It's a fully valid complaint, there is a circular situation that in some instances can lead to a more-or-less softlock. I don't know of any clean way to fix it though. You could do it with an expanded primitive stage (add some kind of "Primitive Forge" that can be made purely with environment-salvageable materials and lets you make a few very basic items like iron pipes), but that would be too niche of a thing for TFP themselves to add I feel since this softlock will almost only ever happen in a modded world. Could be good territory for a mod, like you said. (Worth noting, I could see a very new player potentially encountering this "softlock" on a normal world if they get absurdly unlucky with finding pipes and don't know that you can smash sinks for them. I don't think it would actually happen, but it is a possibly) Coming into a thread and attacking someone because they modified a heavily modifiable game and are pointing out an issue that can happen with said modifications isn't exactly helpful, there's no reason to be aggressive like that.
  2. Yeah, toilets and sinks give pipes even if you don't have a salvage tool. If you do have one, metal beds give springs and iron pipes pretty well.
  3. Teacyn

    A few ideas

    The auger being used for stone as well as dirt is mostly a convenience/ "Because video games" thing because having a motor tool exclusively for dirt would not see a ton of use due to the gas costs. It'd have to basically instantly dig up dirt and even then I think it'd be super low priority, since a steel shovel is super fast anyway. Lever action shotgun would probably have too much overlap with the Pump shotgun. I personally have no issue with additional sidegrade guns (have it reload/fire faster but be slightly less powerful?), and would like to see more guns like that, but I can also understand a design philosophy of not doing it. A personal thumbs up from me. CCTV exists as a mod, and it demolishes performance if you have more than like, 1 or 2 cameras and I believe it forces you to turn occlusion off, which hurts indoor performance in general. It's quite possible TFP could do a better implementation, but it seems like the current rendering systems aren't super friendly to it.
  4. Other than a Pickaxe (and a Hammer since I guess that's an Iron tool) I basically totally skipped Iron tools in my A19 experimental run. I found a level 6 stone shovel on like day 8 and it was strictly better than an iron one (it did a tiny bit less block damage, instantly resolved by putting the grave buster mod + a few others on it) until they were like, level 4 or so, and at that point I was basically to Steel tools so I didn't even bother. Same happened with the Iron fireaxe, except the stone axe was only level 3. Iron tools are not worth the swing speed decreases and the massive jumps in stamina cost. Back when getting a level 5-6 stone tool basically wasn't a thing Iron tools were great because all your stone tools were weak as @%$*#!, but now that you can get a level 6 stone shovel a week in there's no reason to ever touch iron tools (except for the Pickaxe and hammer).
  5. The problem with this (and with T5 quests in general) is just that there isn't high-enough tier loot that exists to be considered "awesome" by the point you can handle tier 5 quests. The game runs out of items to progress through by T4 (and T4 already has some repeats), so T5 has mostly the same rewards but you get more of them sometimes, or a higher level sometimes. I don't think this issue is fixable until the late game is more developed, because there literally just is nothing T5 quests can give that makes them worth doing at that point. An idea could be to have items that can only be obtained via T5 quests, but I have a feeling people would find that really obnoxious (especially if for some reason TFP locked existing items this way instead of adding new ones)
  6. T5 Quests have pretty much always been awful. There just is not high enough tier loot in this game for T5 quests to have good drop pools. By the time you can handle them their rewards are probably outclassed by what you can find or craft.
  7. I think the blunderbuss could do with an alternate ammo type that causes bleeding and maybe does slightly more damage, it existed in a mod that I believe is now outdated. I would also like it if we got some T0 (or T1? IDK what the blunderbuss is considered) other firearms, like maybe a makeshift bolt action rifle and a flintlock pistol.
  8. I think this could be a good approach to it, we already sort-of have this with some other zombie types (normals -> Ferals -> radiateds, cops -> radiated cops, vultueres -> super vultures)
  9. TBH I would almost prefer if Demolishers were removed from Blood Moons entirely and were made a special spawn that's only in certain super-difficulty POIs and wasteland/burned biomes. Like Noctoras mentioned, they are the singular reason many base designs don't work, because it's almost completely impossible to account for a random zombie that explodes like a stick of dynamite and obliterates a huge chunk of your base instantly, leading to people turning to exploit bases or driving around in a car for half the night.
  10. Teacyn

    Gardening Tool

    Yeah B169 adjusted all the crop positionings to be less bad. I've not been punching my farm plots or other plants like, nearly as much.
  11. I want faster (maybe slightly more efficient but mainly faster) higher-tier crafting stations purely because it's annoying having to build and manage like 10 forges and workstations. Obviously, the incentive is still there (due to limited crafting/inventory spaces and queue spaces) but most of the reason to build multiples is for when you're playing multiplayer or late-game solo and one is simply way too slow for the volume of things you need crafted. I think having them be electric-powered would be nice as well, maybe with (inefficient!!) fuel backups for people who somehow don't have access to electricity at that point?
  12. Yeah, I feel like they might need to either do something like "Locked Object Damage: +200%" or do something else like just reducing their block damage and adding a new ammo type for block damage, I've found using shotguns on horde nights to be actively detrimental most of the time because if i accidentally shoot one of my blocks it does as much damage as a zombie hitting it 2 or 3 times, and I keep obliterating the ground.
  13. I died once to not knowing they buffed the @%$*#! out of football zombies, once to a direwolf spawning directly behind me last patch, and once to a pipe bomb glitching out and visually going through a gap but exploding right on top of me.
  14. LBD can only possibly work if it's used as a subsystem rather than the primary progression. Otherwise you loop back around to either crafting 400 stone axes or putting super strict and arbitrary caps on how much you can progress (based on GS or overall level if I had to guess), and that's awful for gamefeel. IMO, it could work to have the currnet skill/perk system with LBD using to handle purely things that can't be cheesed, sort of more of a "Challenge" system than actual progression. Increase your block damage with a pickaxe by breaking ores. Decrease stamina usage of clubs by destroying 50 zombie heads with clubs. Decrease recoil with Machine Guns by landing 25 headshots in a row. ETC. Rather than being the primary source of progression, give the player difficult (or long-lasting, in the case of say the Pickaxe one) challenges that provide smaller bonuses that augment the skill/perk system. If you'd asked me this same question in A18 I would have said that the new system is totally bunk and we should go back to LBD with some kind of fix for abusive stuff like crafting 400 stone axes, but A19 has patched up a lot of the holes in the new system. A lot of inconveniences and annoyances were fixed by condensing perks and consolidating Science. Having to put 5 levels into every skill was awful, but a lot of them are 3 or 4 now (and each level gives more bonuses, encouraging you to at least put one point) which makes it a lot more manageable. I still think LBD should come back in some form like the "Challenges" I mentioned so that players can become all-around stronger if they put the effort in without having to spend precious points, but it should not be the primary progression.
  15. The difference is that the in-game brightness setting actually physically increases the brightness. It seems to amplify the intensity + range of light sources, including natural light. Turning up your gamma/monitor brightness would not have anywhere near the same effect, as it would just wash things out in exchange for maybe making it slightly easier to see.
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