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Random ideas (balance, content, etc.)


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Here's a list of things I keep wishing the game had:

  • A UI overlay that highlights damaged blocks inside the land claim. Would make it much easier to make repairs after horde nights.
  • 25% EXP bonus when killing zombies at night (since they become more dangerous).
  • More difficult/rare zombies that appear only at night, and drop exclusive loot (to encourage going out at night rather than sitting in the base).
  • Night-only quests (no time limit, but quest progress can only be made at night).
  • Folding ladders: Same concept as drawbridges, but vertical. 4x1 or 6x1 placement, requires 30 steel, 10 mechanical parts and 5 duct tape.
  • Sitting on chairs/couches for 2 IRL mins could give a "rested/well-rested" buff that's a 10/20 bonus to stamina. Could be useful early game when you're spending your nights in the base with nothing to do. Also when going AFK in multiplayer for example. Would also give an incentive to craft those items.
  • Color variations in zombie clothing?
  • Bring back jail cell doors? Not sure why they were removed...
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Just sharing my two cents:

UI overlay that highlights damaged blocks

there is nothing to kill immersion like some color ( or arrows, or bearded ghostly men, though I will give the latter some merit for 'special' immersion) out of space that magically indicates what you should do. Should at least be made toggle-able server-wide but I do agree about the usefulness and positive impact on time and frustration management. Adding to that, I have a strong feeling TFP don't want repairs to horde bases being easy.

Sitting on chairs/couches for 2 IRL mins could give a "rested/well-rested" buff:

really like the idea as a kind of reward system but to really count as such, I advise it should come with prerequisites to make sure the rest and buff are 'earned':

like, not having stayed above a certain percentage of current max stamina for longer than a combined X over a rather long period of time Y ( a rather big percentage of day length, actually).

Imo, you would find in those couches predominantly those who are already lazy and idling - explicitly excluding those AFK-ing due to RL responsibilites from this group - so I am in doubt about whether it would be a good design move at all. Might be beautifully countered by the prerequisite above but: 

everything considered and of course depending on the actual investment/benefit ratio, couch time might just end up a mandatory, ehm action not only early game, so it seems like a lot of work just to 'strongly encourage' the players - all the players - to sit down for a moment.


I very much like the folding ladders; been missing such an option for so long. One might even up the material costs quite a bit so as to make crafting them a sizable investment before mid-game, but I see them really adding to the game.


Also, the night-time ideas sound appealing and nicely thought out - even though I still will be wanting to mine at night ;)  but then at least there would be options. Options are welcome, and seeing as the game further discourages staying at home at nights anyway, they are rather needed.


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