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  1. A not-so-wild guess is that one of the xml files in your saves folder has a carriage return aka "return" where it does not belong. Might be the file got corrupted when you tried to delete that old save. For starters, you might want to navigate to C:\Users\<your_user>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves and check for subfolders there. The folders bear the names of the worlds the games got created in and, again, subfolders will bear the names of the actual save games. You might recognize the name of the save you tried to delete. If so, move the folder bearing that n
  2. I have not been able to consistently get the DS4 to work for the mod launcher using Steam only, either. You might want to have a look at GloSC which did the trick for me reproducibly which every other apparent solution "out there" could not.
  3. I am too lazy to look that up but I can understand the complaint where it concerns - looking at you, "invalid D-WORD value"s here. Is it worth a rant over having to import a backup file you have to create instead of just copying a config file with the rest of the game folder? Probably not. Did it evoke utterances from me that would make the swear-word filter die from indignation when I first became aware of the matter? You bet!
  4. Of course I can simply play as if they weren't there in the curent state of the game - and for the most part I do, and thriving as you said. I just cannot help but wonder whether things are to stay that way or if their role is to be extended up to a point where one is seriously missing out by ignoring them, or continously reminded to pay them a visit after the starting quests, or else... That's what I would welcome any news about.
  5. While I am completely with you on not missing traders for one second should they pack up and be gone forever, I do hope for the potential they have and being surprised by the outcome. As far as I have read about them, progression is sure to come. What has not been stated in clarity is whether traders will continue to represent such a vital point of "survival". Their stashes at any given point in time could be reduced to just a few items - my favourite thought - getting rid of the hard decision of "well, I could go looting all day, facing hard enemies, expending some of my most precio
  6. It heavily depends on the age of the mountain range. Try to leverage their slow movement speed against them and beware of falling debris. As for the necro: I am not sure about this being serious. Imagine taking down the second-largest living predator on day one with starter weapons and without protective architectural measures. What would be left to do on day two except for micro-managing your 100 stacks of raw meat?
  7. I was explicitly mentioning the "7daystodie.exe" shortcut. Had overlooked the ...EAC.exe. But I think we have that clarified now.
  8. I had set the shortcut for 7daystodie.exe - was actually not aware of the eac binary. But better to have it stated here for all so they do not fail on the same route - or better even, banning themselves in the process.
  9. It should be noted that setting core affinity breaks EAC though - at least for me in every case. As a side note: I am gaining about the same by disabling SMT. ( though it is measly, mileage would vary wildly on other systems as I am not the intended audience; the 2600 eats my 2060 card alive).
  10. Wow, you have been busy. Those are very interesting insights, though I will not pretend to get all and every implication yet. Thanks for your efforts and big thanks for the modlet. I have also confirmed the NKP setting to be the culprit for me, and the code works as advertised. Great work!
  11. What's wrong with people these days? In my time, when they beheld a sea god, at least they mustered some squid to the altar. @Jugginator Yes, indeed "no player killing" all these games would have in common. Will have to check after work whether changing this could further my drowning career.
  12. I have gone through several kinds of demise: Zeds and falling from great heights finish me no problem. Traps can and will kill me as well as dehydration or starving. ( The latter had already been put to the test earlier.) Started a new local game today, so still no mods, making sure again no 'dm' is active. All is well, so to speak, until the yellow running out of air debuff expires and the actual 'drowning' begins. Warning: explicit visual content showing absolutely no deaths. Even did a bit-compare between local buffs.xml and the one on a dedi wi
  13. What I meant, to make sure, is that I am really unable to die by drowning. Submerging just causes an endless repetition of the three debuffs in succession ( the third one lasts for 16 minutes if you do not, you know, die) with no repercussions whatsoever. It stops when I get to the surface, so apart from not dying everything behaves as expected. I kept noticing this from A19.2 or so on, local game as well as remote dedi; admin ( not in god mode, of course) as well as making sure I could not 'dm' even if I wanted to; completely new maps with no outfit or perks at all as well as maps p
  14. Maybe this is known to all but me which is why I refrained from creating a bug report, and of course the debuff drowning is still a thing. What is not is actually dying or losing health for starters. Instead, the routine just starts anew after the 16-minute debuff has expired: cannot breathe white - cannot breathe yellow - drowning.
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