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  1. INT builds in general are underpowered as hell IMO.
  2. Any news on A20 release date? Or are we still doing the "when it is ready" song and dance?
  3. So is there an ETA for this? I ask because the plan after the last major update was to have smaller content updates because the devs realized having six plus months between each update wasn't ideal.
  4. Hello, is there a timeline for when we can expect the "A20 Dev Diary" thread? Thanks!
  5. Guys, I just want to live in a steel box I can shoot out of, lol.
  6. The problem is that vault doors have a @%$*#!load of hp, and putting iron bars around them (so that you have something to shoot through) makes iron bars the obvious weak point.
  7. Real quick: are there plans to bring back jail doors? They were awesome, wish they hadn't been removed. Also, being able to upgrade iron bars to steel bars would be amazing. Hopefully not that hard to add.
  8. A quick summary then, maybe? Or is it all undecided still?
  9. Maybe this is a bit premature but do we know what is in stock for A20? Vehicle mods? Bandits? End-game boss?
  10. I don't know if A16 is the best alpha, but I agree there is something really wrong with A19 progression. I've realized that I now dread starting a new game because the "forced stone age" crap is really annoying and removes all excitement from the first 10-15 hours. And, like the OP, I now avoid looting boxes and chests until I'm level 20 or so, because it feels like a waste otherwise. Maybe we need additional quality tiers? It's clear 6 tiers is not enough. Increase the max to 10 and spread out the rewards a bit more throughout the progression spectrum. That way, you ca
  11. Here's a list of things I keep wishing the game had: A UI overlay that highlights damaged blocks inside the land claim. Would make it much easier to make repairs after horde nights. 25% EXP bonus when killing zombies at night (since they become more dangerous). More difficult/rare zombies that appear only at night, and drop exclusive loot (to encourage going out at night rather than sitting in the base). Night-only quests (no time limit, but quest progress can only be made at night). Folding ladders: Same concept as drawbridges, but vertical. 4x1 or 6x1 placement,
  12. It really sucks to not have a door type that we can shoot through. Why were they removed? Can they please be added back? Also, can we please get steel bars that are an upgrade to iron bars?
  13. There is a persistent bug (still not fixed in A19) whereby you can perform basically any type of action while stealthed (open containers, bash on metal, etc.) and your stealth meter does not change. This means you can clear entire POIs with relative ease even on your very first day, and it gives stealth builds a huge advantage throughout the entire course of an MP game. Is this ever going to be addressed?
  14. I like the slower progression early game, but I think exceptions to it need to be made -- if I take a huge risk and take two days to clear out a large, high level POI early on, then spend another half day smashing the chest open with my stone axe, the loot shouldn't be a level two blunderbuss.
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