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  1. It really sucks to not have a door type that we can shoot through. Why were they removed? Can they please be added back? Also, can we please get steel bars that are an upgrade to iron bars?
  2. There is a persistent bug (still not fixed in A19) whereby you can perform basically any type of action while stealthed (open containers, bash on metal, etc.) and your stealth meter does not change. This means you can clear entire POIs with relative ease even on your very first day, and it gives stealth builds a huge advantage throughout the entire course of an MP game. Is this ever going to be addressed?
  3. I like the slower progression early game, but I think exceptions to it need to be made -- if I take a huge risk and take two days to clear out a large, high level POI early on, then spend another half day smashing the chest open with my stone axe, the loot shouldn't be a level two blunderbuss.
  4. Wow, how did you become a moderator with awful, bad faith responses like this?
  5. The real question is why are these powerful mobs spawning so early in the game? Is "gamestage" not a thing anymore? I was level 7 and I got ambushed by a bear right as I stepped outside a trader compound. It killed me before I could run back inside.
  6. I think it's pretty ridiculous that I spend several (in-game) hours digging up a treasure chest, then proceed to break FIFTEEN lockpicks on it, and end up having to then smash it open. Please either turn it into a minigame so there's a skill component, or make it so that each container requires a hardcoded X number of lockpicks, with stronger containers requiring a greater number.
  7. That sucks. At one point they said smaller and more frequent content patches might become a thing...
  8. With the ongoing lockdowns, I've been itching to sink my teeth into this game again. Are there any time estimates for A19 alpha release?
  9. Can lockpicking please be redesigned? It's way too annoying, and has zero player agency.
  10. Yeah, you should make a mod where players only have wooden clubs and nothing else. You know, a REAL challenge! What? You wear armor? Why do you not like challenges? Are you some kind of crybaby?
  11. Like I said, the problem is that it stops being a challenge, and starts becoming tedious once you gain even a shred of understanding about how BMs work. What I'm saying is, to offset that tedium, add some sort of reward to them, to make them stay relevant for the player. Nobody on my server (~20 players) deals with blood moons anymore, I'll be honest. Most people just log out (except one person who volunteers to stay logged on so time passes).
  12. The entire purpose of good base design is: the zombies will cause the least amount of damage, and you will dispose of them in the most efficient way possible. I don't understand what you're trying to argue. Would it be more "fun" and "exciting" to engage the zombies down at street level while running around and kiting? Sure, maybe?
  13. I mean, this stops being a challenge once you figure out how zombie pathfinding algorithm works. And it appears to be a super simple algorithm - not like it requires rocket science to figure it out. There are some interesting and fun things you can do with traps and turrets and electricity, but that path is only available if you spec in Intelligence, or if you get lucky with schematic drops. Demolishers are an interesting curve ball as well, but they appear way, way later. I'm currently level 60, game stage 170, and have yet to see them. Again though, based on videos I've watched, it looks like they will make the aftermath of a BM way more tedious than it already is (where you need to go into your gauntlet/obstacle course and painstakingly "scan" every block with a hammer/nailgun and repair any damage). - - - Updated - - - It doesn't. I'm an experienced player (500+ hours played since A16) and BM stopped being fun once I figured out that zombies basically beeline to you based on the path of least resistance, and you can just lay your traps and whatnot along that path and shoot down at them from above. Shooting fish in a barrel. Not fun or challenging in any shape or form. I mean, maybe the issue is that POI dungeons are way more interesting now, especially with the loot pinatas at the end. It's far more efficient to spend your ammo in those dungeons, than at BMs.
  14. Yes, but you lose time, which matters. (And lowering the game stage can be a bad thing, since loot quality is (AFAIK) based on it, so it'd be another cost.)
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