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  1. Any news on A20.1, and what will be in it?
  2. Strength: Pack Mule: In addition to its current benefits, it should also increase max stack size by 5/10/15/20/25%. The reason is that otherwise, it becomes completely obsolete later on as you start crafting pocket mods. Perception: Animal Tracker: Combine this with The Huntsman skill from the Fortitude tree and make it also increase the amount of materials you harvest from animals. Infiltrator: A nearly useless perk IMO, or at best very situational, since land mines are trivial to notice and avoid, and loose boards are also not a huge issue except in a few POIs. Consider buffing this skill, such as by adding the ability to detect zombies through walls within a certain radius. That would fit the theme and purpose of the skill, and would make it useful. Treasure Hunter: Another situational skill. Not a terrible one, but useful only when doing buried treasure quests and digging for treasure maps. Perhaps it should unlock additional (and more interesting) treasure hunt type quests at traders? Fortitude: The Huntsman: Remove and combine with Animal Tracker from the Perception tree. Alternatively, make it actually about fortitude, e.g. do more damage to animals (including zombie dogs/bears/birds) and receive less damage from them. Well Insulated: Unless things like heat and cold are planned to have a much more major impact on survival, this skill is quite useless. If a total rework is not on the table, it should at least be buffed to remove severe weather effects at level 1, ALL weather effects at level 2, and provide a stat bonus at level 3 when in hot/cold weather. Living Off the Land: A lot of people have provided feedback about this skill, but reworking it depends on an overall rebalancing of food/water as a whole. Rule 1: Cardio: A very weak skill. At the very least, it should also improve stamina regeneration when walking, and perhaps provide an even bigger bonus to it when standing still. I don't feel strongly about this skill either way though. Might be safe to remove completely and replace with something else. Agility: Having Hidden Strike and From The Shadows as two separate skills doesn't make a lot of sense to me, because there aren't a lot of situations where you're sleuthing around but not killing stuff. I would rework stealth so that the bonus damage you get from stealth strikes depends on your stealth meter: the lower it is, the more damage you do, and points in the combined skill would also improve your damage (albeit indirectly). This means that, for example, if you see a sleeper and want to maximize the damage you do to it, you'd first seek out a dark part of the room, or quietly take out the light sources, which would enrich the gameplay. Intellect: This tree is in a good place. I think we're still missing a tier 3 baton but that's not skill related.
  3. I think it's a bit silly that zombies apparently take no fall damage. If they did, it would open up additional possibilities for base defense, such as cliff-side bases. Thoughts?
  4. They had to heavily nerf farming because it was trivializing the food situation. And the only reason that was the case is because TFP has kept insisting on not adding a food decay mechanism like people have been asking for years now. If food decayed as it should, players wouldn't be able to hoard it like they do, and would need to keep track of it regularly. Take a look at how the game Don't Starve does it. It goes like this: Every unit of food has a shelf life, depending on type of food. Raw foods spoil twice as fast as cooked foods. Foods spoil twice as fast in hot weather. Foods spoil half as fast in cold weather, or when refrigerated. When you combine stackable food items, the game calculates the new average of the stack, weighed based on quantity. So you can take one unit of berries that are about to spoil and mix them with a newly harvested stack, and the freshness of the stack decreases a little. I think refrigeration could be an immersive gameplay mechanic here too. Early on you could build insulated chests and keep their interiors cold with regular supplies of snow, and later on once you have electricity you could craft a proper fridge that requires no maintenance.
  5. I agree that triggered encounters inside POIs are intensely annoying. I don't understand why the zombies fall from the ceiling the moment you enter a room if you're stealthed and they wouldn't otherwise be able to hear you. Same with them falling out of wardrobes or any other nonsense. It completely ruins the stealth experience. I understand the need to add some color to the gameplay, but perhaps these encounters should get triggered only if the player makes a mistake such as accidentally step on trash or kick a can. In those cases I wouldn't have an issue with zombies coming crashing through walls — it would actually feel immersive.
  6. So when is A20 coming out? Is it still "when it's ready" or is there an actual release date now that official streams have started?
  7. Any updates on A20 release date? On Twitter they said it will be "much sooner" than Christmas, but would be nice to get a bit more specific (at least tell us the month).
  8. so when is a20 coming out it is july, guys
  9. INT builds in general are underpowered as hell IMO.
  10. Any news on A20 release date? Or are we still doing the "when it is ready" song and dance?
  11. So is there an ETA for this? I ask because the plan after the last major update was to have smaller content updates because the devs realized having six plus months between each update wasn't ideal.
  12. I like the slower progression early game, but I think exceptions to it need to be made -- if I take a huge risk and take two days to clear out a large, high level POI early on, then spend another half day smashing the chest open with my stone axe, the loot shouldn't be a level two blunderbuss.
  13. The real question is why are these powerful mobs spawning so early in the game? Is "gamestage" not a thing anymore? I was level 7 and I got ambushed by a bear right as I stepped outside a trader compound. It killed me before I could run back inside.
  14. How come this fan-made RWG is astronomically better than the dev's own RWG (which they boast about having spent so much time developing)? Not only are the generated worlds interesting, stunning and realistic, they are also generated much faster.
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