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  1. Thanks for your sharing. Maybe it was just me being overcautious and prematurely worried as I wasn't eager to have our first A20 session fall flat: After playing for a few hours with 3 persons, server fps seems to average out in the low to mid thirties, and, what's most important, without noticeable lags.
  2. Hello survivors, I just created a fresh A20 game on a dedicated linux server to check on how well it would run, and noticed that server fps rarely went over 25, at average being ~22. This was just me doing the basic quests and not covering much ground at all - so I am worried that several players at once will render it unplayable. It is a lot less than I got with A19 ( average ~35 w/ three players out in the wild) so I would like to know if others experienced that as well and if, well, I should be worrying about that. I ran pretty much default settings, one of the pregen maps, and max view distance lowered to 8 on the server. Server is a rented VM, 4 cores Xeon Gold whatever, 16 GB of RAM, SSD storage, and the max usage thereof while running the dedi is CPU 0,7/RAM 8 GB. This is from top, thus CPU 0,7 meaning 0,7 cores being utilized. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Every time that topic comes up, after a few pages - when the propositor has backpeddled enough on his initial statements; not ever acknowledging the backpeddling, mind you - it all boils down to "the human rights charta dictates that every choice I make has to result in the same dps by leveraging the same ( very low) level of executional commitment and involvement as a certain other choice. I hold this truth to be self-evident even where perceivedly underpowered choices also offer some of the greatest benefits in the fields of base building, base defense, mobility, medicine and getting to produce my own weapons, ammunition and tools in the first place - all of these ensuring my continued survival to a much higher degree than hitting someone in the head." Seriously, looking at balance is not looking at one aspect arbitrarily chosen; the latter also being common to every argument ever uttered in favor of making INT god-like already. Not saying one could or should not act upon it: I do not care. I just mind the endlessly reiterating sloppy thinking presented.
  4. This is a huge step for immersion. I would so love this. It is no bother at all when building completely on your own because planning is part of the whole building aspect executed properly. In team play, though, your choices may be more limited, and it is sad to see those wires all over - so I usually pass on them, which is even sadder.
  5. Not sure about the boat; never saw one there. But regardless of whether it should spawn when the quest is started, I can confirm that it looks exactly the same as in your screenshot: no boat and also no water. So, that bug seems to be for real, and should it be there is no direct connection to your individual problem mentioned on the first 1,5 pages.
  6. To expand on this, 'rlp' was and still is, I believe, part of Alloc's server fixes. I cannot check right now if it's still in there and in a working state, but provided it is, you might need to update or install the mod in the first place.
  7. The stickied thread tells you how to properly create a new thread of your own as had been suggested... on occasion. To be done in the support forum which had also been linked.
  8. There is a sticky in the Support Forum detailing where logs are to be found: readme If they are not there, or if they lack any useful log details, that is something to start with.
  9. I have been running MP games for 100+ days for several alphas without any of the issues you mentioned, not always restarting for a new minor version. Sure, there was the occasional draught of zombie delivery but never followed by a flood of them. You are confusing protocol and memory standards. Will still vary dependent on manufacturer's go on over- and SLC provisioning, true. Then again, the test result provided is for sequential read/ write which is the prime definition of what seldomly occurs once a program has fully started up. Thus, performance issues are often more a process than something instantly pinpointed. Having said that, do you overclock memory? Especially tRFC provide some range between what seems stable even in the thoroughest of tests but can corrupt your data in the long run, and what really is stable. Had you done so, you would have posted in the Support Forum and not cluttered up the General Discussion subforum. I can, and this is the main point of my post, well imagine you'd reach out to a more dedicated audience by leveraging that netiquette. Me, I do believe that; I have no doubt most of my games could have endured for so long. As others do I just question the sanity of it
  10. Eternal thanks; you're the best. With those three wisdom post points I can finally max that stuff out.
  11. Erm, yes, that would definitely not be false witness. At least, also counting the posts that @uncle.heavy produced. It's complicated - but I already reported myself
  12. Well, you're still the only patient in the therapy session. Maybe the others slept in a bit. Also, you still failed to provide any details that might help to determine whether there are any other cases like yours - at all. Hard supported player limit hasn't changed for ages as far as I know. Everything beyond said limit, which is not 16, is at your own risk, and depends entirely upon your own capabilities and proper assessment thereof. If there was any necessity to reboot servers on an hourly schedule, I surely would not play this game. Hardly anyone would or should, I am completely with you on that. But you have to understand that the forums are not full of this issue - neither this forum nor any others I could come up with. So, what could it be? Either your client is crashing servers left and right, prompting them to reboot - in which case *fanfare* Support Forum is your friend. Or: "Every server out there I've played on" could mean anything, starting with "several servers which are all run by the ever same few people" - who in this case shouldn't be running a pocket calculator without medical supervision, let alone a game server. Expanding on that, every server admin you've played with until now does not seem to fit that role - if they really told you "well, I have to reboot once an hour every hour because of the game design itself". Only, I suspect they didn't. If they did, Support Forum is their friend. Going by your attitude this might well be the last helpful post you get so cherish the wisdom.
  13. Seems to be a common theme as of lately; basically telling science to $%&#@ it and generalizing because 'I'. Any way, are you or the server owner really on an hourly restart schedule, or was that just for the sake of emphasis? If not, how long does it take for the server to act up? In which way is it acting up? Map size, no of players, do these tend to organize, or is everyone rolling on their own? Best answer that in your thread over at Support section.
  14. I guess that would be one ( the?) logical continuation of the idea. I do not know about about the playership in general but I think I felt a great relief in the force when explicit level gates made their good-bye, so cost maybe seems more appropriate?
  15. Me neither but as I had pointed out, that change in its present form would just redistribute the costs. To be equally sufficient with any one weapon as just maxing out its current category and perk, several categories would have to be maxed out - plus the current category and perk. This is just to prevent someone spending months of modding to discover they have gone nowhere at all 😀
  16. I foresee severe copyright problens (cp) in your future.
  17. As in, the players in your group. No generalization is possible here as one single exception kills the theory. *raises hand* my group is an exception We play a lot more unrestricted than I learned we should, although playing the same game - must be, I do not know, some factor other than the game, then.
  18. Edit: TL;DR never mind; forum was acting up for me. When I started this there was not even a page 2, and I am not THAT slow a writer No point to it any more. I have heard people mention that. But pursuing ever more massive fire rates is not the only protective action people take. Some even delve into architecture to counter certain aspects of the game. And is it not a good thing when people feel they should be able to pump out ever more? As in, there is still room to improve in overall game proficiency before one is ready to turn all controls up to eleven. Now, this is dependent on perspective, and this is mine: it does skill every weapon equally. It may even make very little sense at all for some of them but every weapon is assigned the same profit, though they will respond with non-equal dps gains. As the respective impact is broadened, so an overall gain to damage output would have to be expected because mostly any weapon found is instantly of more use to anyone. I will have to expressly withdraw my assumption of maximum damage output for everyone at any time, though. Wow, was I ever off base! I did not take into account the weapon-specific perk remaining with the "original" attribute. Also, the cost of chasing attributes. After all you are still tied to base attributes for weapon-specific skills, so no gain for Team Free Will or your skill point wallet in that respect. And, you are still tied to base attributes for the generic bonuses. Say, I want that faster reload on my hunting rifle because I am a beast with that thing and do not care about any other weapon? Oh, no, you cannot have that: perception - which you need for the weapon-specific skill - gives headshot bonus. Faster reload had been out-sourced to Fortitude. Faster aiming? Agility, second floor. You will have to multiclass heavily just to become somewhat proficient with one single weapon. Right in there lies where I do not see the overall improvement; abolishing limits of choice - not everyone's, mind you; there seem to be several others out there chosing their weaponry based on whether I feel like using them and sometimes quality level - to introduce a different kind of choice limitation and giving it a different name. Then again, to me, your approach feels much more organic because for example I always failed to see the perception requirements a spear asks for which a bow does not - and the other way around for agility.
  19. Not a huge fan of the perk system tied to attributes as it is, neither do I require my tools of zombie doom to be equally perked-into. But I ask myself what exactly is the point of killing faster in every single situation? Actually, making not every weapon equally skillable under all circumstances adds tactical elements and makes choices more meaningful. If it weren't that way, we'd have all Z hitpoints quintupled by A22 because every player inflicts maximum damage all the time anyway. Untying weapons completely without adjusting for that - and as said, the current system is not my all-time favourite - creates a TWD scenario where you zap in for some zombie action and stay uneasily to see them decimated by the dozen by any toddler that happens to throw a fit. I actually like that this is not just another dumb fps game.
  20. I could not tell about the reload animation as whenever it is up I happen to be paying a lot of attention to my surroundings and the friendly neighborhood. But what is it about the clunkyness of shooting? Do you feel positioning of your crosshairs is too bothersome after recoil, or too imprecise? The switching of weapons perhaps? I am afraid I missed out on the last generation or thirty of shooters so might fail to properly draw comparisons.
  21. Had noone in these discussions ever thought to approach the ISO to make good for their obvious negligence in this matter? Apart from that; I never played with deep cuts but would like to thank for the inspiration. Will very much give it a try.
  22. To explain that, you could try to enable fps overlay - Steam's own as 7dtd's will not show up at my main menu. On my computer at least, main menu is pumping out all the fps the card can - ranging in the thousands with the card clocking at its best. It strives to show the memory's total "performance" value - displaying the wrong measurement unit, mind you - instead of the memory clock; because higher numbers prompt heightened attention but seldomly worries 😉 . For GDDR6 memory, that would be, simply put, 8x the memory clock which I think Afterburner does not display at all. Is it wrong? As wrong as it gets! Should you worry? No, it is "correct" for AB representation where GPU-Z would display a non-underclocked ( hint, hint) 1500 MHz VRAM clock.
  23. Nothing new here: The first four would be sexy rex, cardio, miner, chef. Except when in MP and someone else volunteers for mining or cooking, in which case the volunteered-for perk or perks are swapped in and from the following order unless also provided by another ally: archery, engineering, living off the land, iron gut.
  24. A new speccy which includes the fixed RAM might be in order nonetheless. I am specifically not proposing RAM to be the cause though it cannot be ruled out as of yet - memtest mostly lets one rule out faulty sticks but cannot tell whether settings are sane enough to not have it buckle under load.
  25. Last time, those officers were very adamant about how they thought that me 'finding' something at the local trader differed in very specific ways from other ways of finding. Then again, little did they comprehend my announcing the bloodmoon.
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