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Lockers placement follows the ground level - Why?


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Ohhhhh...I see now, duh. They are snapping at 1/2-block heights, or so it seems. They are 1x2x1 multi-blocks and I tested with wood stairs w/railing which are the same size. Only the lockers did this weird partial-block stuff.


I actually have a theory about this that I need to go test...





Edit to add: Theory confirmed. The problem is that the lockers blocks inherit from block "cntLockersShortOpen" which has this property:

<property name="IsTerrainDecoration" value="true"/>

If you comment out that property, then the lockers stop being stupid. (Note I did not remove and re-place these; when I reloaded the world, they had been snapped to full-block heights already.)



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