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  1. We have a double Int game running because we wanted to do "trap only" horde nights without shooting. Just sit back, relax and do some trap repairing from time to time. Both have Advanced engineering 5/5 to get max exp. The problem is: Only the player who's trap does the kill gets the exp. Maybe there could also be some other options: - Share upgrade exp - Share mining exp - etc.
  2. See this archived thread. Are there any news about this important topic? Very sad if you go Int/trap build in multiplayer while playing with your friends / wife / etc. and xp with trap kills is not shared at all.... Wish we had this info earlier... So traps in multiplayer games are just useless for now... Maybe make this a multiplayer option "Share trap XP" or similar (could be turned off by default).
  3. You are right. Got the quest after 10 trading quests. /Closed
  4. Hi, I started a new random map 4096x4096 and did about 9 lvl1 quests. No trading route quest opened up until now. When do these quests normally appear? After 5 successful quests I thought? Or does it depend on game stage? I died on very first trader quest if this info is relevant.
  5. How about this idea: Give us the ability to build a skateboard with 1 wood (1 iron) and 4 plastic (rolls). No items storable but a little bit faster moving at beginning without blueprint.
  6. So we played a random 8k map and had the impression that we got T2/T3 loot much faster than in Navezgane or one of the pregen worlds. Is this true? Or just lucky RNG? Should we play Navezgane only to properly slow down loot progression? (don't want to find a M60 in the first loot container...) Next random try: - Loot seems ok but trader's inv is MUCH too high! - Buyable Iron knuckles, military gear, pumpgun...
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