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Sewer system POI


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spacer.pngHi! Ever wondered where all that lovely waste went from the toilets? Into the sewer of course! 


Explore the murky depths of the sewers and uncover the secrets of the sewers and the survivors that took refuge there.


Bring ammo and meds, the sewer bears aren't just a rumor.


while your in the area, pop in for a drink at the rooting tooting old west bar and then head over to the donut shop to enjoy a stale apocalypse bagel! 



sewer depths.rar

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So I just ran across one of these in my current (Nitrogen) world, and holy wow. What I initially thought would be just a quick trip turned into an epic nearly two day crawl through an incredibly fun labyrinthine maze.


Amazing layout and use of space, hands down one of the best PoI's I've ever been through, vanilla or modded.



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