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  1. works!
  2. trying mod launcher now
  3. never had issues before downloading from github. I'm apart of the RH test team so i download on the regular from git. lemme try from different browser no dice
  4. rar is corrupt. wont extract. C:\Users\Downloads\Winter-Project-A19-master.zip: Unexpected end of archive. downloaded twice and same thing
  5. @stallionsden Please rectify my name on CQC House. also add these please. Evilracc0on POIS.zip
  6. Hello! Mod looks interesting but my dumb ass is obviously doing something wrong. >downloaded mod from nexus >copied files into "Mods" >created new world >nothing works >reinstalled into files of said names in each directory >nothing Help please. I usually use the mod launcher but this is beyond me. I am using latest stable 19.2 and have used a fresh copy for install.
  7. Modern problems require modern solutions, but primitive solutions work too! time to go clubbing in this lavish modern styled house!cubish.zip
  8. Some men want to watch the world burn and some are just trying cover up their failures.... Add to your packs as you wish. burntshell.zip
  9. so i lost my ink pen from the starter kit, is there a way to find one? best places to look?
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