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  1. The world ran over with creative juices, now a testament to a time of creative thinking, HCLL stands dusty and filled with stagnation of the previous creators. Perhaps you could pay homage to their creative ways by killing them with style... Feel free to add to Any packs. design firm.rar
  2. You have my full permission good sir/madam/attack helicopter.
  3. Some party that was! The rich kids threw a hell of a party but it's time to clean house..... frat_house.rar
  4. Hey guys! here is the coffee shop finally. decided to overhaul it. coffeeshop.rar
  5. hi, imma have to be honest, i kinda made that in world and not in prefab, but will remake it now anyway. i eventually figured out how to. sorry for inconvenience.
  6. No problem! new poi coming soon....
  7. Was it an Earthquake? Was it the bombs? or was it something supernatural? This desiccated ruin holds a dark secret.... Pay homage to the old gods with a fistful of frags. It maybe a one way trip.... CULT.rar
  8. More than welcome bud
  9. The World burned up real quick, the zombies came...Society fell. Your average Joe, turned Mcgyver, slapped together a safe place... Well, As safe as it could be. With no knowledge of cement mixers or making Flagstone, what's a guy to do? This charming little Shanty town was home to the first survivors. it was their last. Mind your step and how the hell did that get up there? shanty.rar
  10. Hi! Ever wondered where all that lovely waste went from the toilets? Into the sewer of course! Explore the murky depths of the sewers and uncover the secrets of the sewers and the survivors that took refuge there. Bring ammo and meds, the sewer bears aren't just a rumor. while your in the area, pop in for a drink at the rooting tooting old west bar and then head over to the donut shop to enjoy a stale apocalypse bagel! sewer depths.rar
  11. Hi There! enjoy cramped spaces, signs of struggle and tons of zombies put into a tiny space? This is the prefab of choice! A delightful little house that features 1 bedroom, entertainment area, unique library, storage attic and delightful roof top patio. Bring a shotgun and a bottle opener! CQC.rar
  12. so i lost my ink pen from the starter kit, is there a way to find one? best places to look?
  13. First time making a poi, here's a little abandoned coffee shop! no zombies as I'm trying to figure out the sleepers and things still.
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