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Why do they always know where I am?


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I just started A19 experimental with a buddy, and I have been noticing that we get way more run-ins than we usually do- that is, wandering zombies or wolves that spawn outside of buildings coming inside the building straight to where we are. I first noticed it when we were on the second level of a factory and a dire wolf came out of nowhere. I went to test this more in single player (this time in scavenger mode, because yes, I am wimp). While sneaking through a fire station, on two separate occasions a zombie from outside started bashing on the walls to get to me. When I left the building, it tracked me and came around to meet me. I had been stealth killing everyone inside, so there is no way it would have been alerted by noise. I don't understand what may be tripping off their tracking. Could this be a bug? I suppose it might a possibility that I need to put points into sneak to stop alerting every non-sleeping zombie with the clap of my dummy thicc @%$*#! cheeks.

Any advice on how to handle this would be appreciated.

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