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Snow Storms tank fps


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I get around 60 fps generally everywhere at least in the previous a19 release, this one. 1.7.3 seems a bit worse.  But what has been constant are snow storms destroying fps.  I was in the snow biome yesterday doing some trader quests and a snow storm rolls in.  I went from a steady 50-60fps to 11fps and even down to 7fps when I jumped on the minibike to get out of that biome as fast as I could.  Once I got into the forest biome I was back up to 50-60 fps.


Considering the snow storm reduces visibility to just what's in front of your face you'd think it would improve fps but it has the complete opposite effect on me.


Anyone else experience this?  I did a search for Snow Storm but seems the search just found a lot of nothing referencing it.


Hopefully, this is something the pimps will address.


Also as a side note after updating to the latest experimental anytime I'm around water it drops too, around 25-30 in the previous experimental it was fine.


ryzen 2700x

gtx 1070

32Gigs Ram

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I had the exact same thing happen to me.
In a snow biome with a smooth 60 FPS, doing a trader quest, get the job done, jump on the minibike, my view pans forward towards the incoming storm --> boom, 9 FPS.
I then put terrain quality to "Low" and my FPS shoots back up to ~50.

The visual difference is so negligible between low and the other settings that I highly recommend it.

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Hey all, there's a report about this that is confirmed, in the meantime, you may lower the intensity / practically remove these effects for now if you wish.


In biomes.xml (in /data/config), find and replace the "7" value of the ChunkMargin with something higher, "99" will effectively remove them.


<ParticleEffect prefab="ParticleEffects/p_snowstorm1" ChunkMargin="7"/>

<ParticleEffect prefab="ParticleEffects/p_sandstorm" ChunkMargin="7"/>

<ParticleEffect prefab="ParticleEffects/p_smokestorm" ChunkMargin="7"/>


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