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Tech 3 workstations


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Now that we got tech 3 weapons it's time for tech 3 workstations. Campfires and forges are fine but now that we got gyrocopters, robotics, turrets and solar panels its time to get upgrades for our workstations. All tech 3 workstations would need electricity and some expensive parts to make plus probably level 3-4 in advanced engineering. Here are some basic ideas:


1. Electric oven ( lvl 3 advance engineering)

-faster cooking

-small reduction in ingredients needed

-medium power consumption

- ability to cook 4 items at the same time


2. Electric Furnace ( lvl 3 advance engineering)

- faster smelting

- extra smelting slot

- high power consumption


3. Modern workbench ( lvl 4 advanced engineering)

- faster production

- ability to make 2 things in same time

- medium power consumption


4. High tech chemical station ( lvl 4 advanced engineering)

- faster processing

- getting % of ingredients back in bulk processing (above 500 process can't be cancelled)

- low energy consumption


5. Industrial cement mixer

- much faster mixing

- medium to high power consumption

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This is an interesting idea. Without thinking too hard about balance or interaction with other aspects of crafting and resource usage, I like it!

Wouldn't mind if the high-tier cement mixer was actually a drivable cement truck. Drive it to the mine, load it up with rock and sand, drive it over to the base and get 10,000 concrete mix out of it. 🚚

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Yeah I like the idea too. I played last time “Darkness Falls” in A17 and it had some of the workstations you mentioned. I really enjoyed it. I will never say NO to more endgame stuff. Its better than to have multiple workstations running because they are too slow.

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I am a big fan of compact bases so yeah I though reducing gazillions of workstations with better tier would feel more natural. Things like multiple firecamps can be an eyesore if you try to make modern looking base.

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