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  1. Hello there! I'm a returning after a while. I wasn't a fan of the direction the game went in after A16 and lost interest. I've tried with A18 but I really am not a fan of the skill and progression system. Are there any mods that bring back the learn by doing and action skill points system? Thanks.
  2. I think it's time for some video of alpha 18...
  3. Will C4 be used as a raiding tool? As in can we place it in someones land claim area? I've spent the bulk of my hours playing 7D2D on PVP servers and I love everything about it except for the 8 hour long auger raids where you spend 10 minutes per steel block watching the HP go down :-D
  4. Seriously?! Wow that's exciting!! Think I got a bit of a stiff on.
  5. To be fair I haven't played the last two patches, I'm waiting on Undead Legacy mod to land as I wasn't a big fan of the new perk system. I wasn't intending on triggering anyone I apologise, The focus of my post wasn't really on how to gain xp but on first person animations.
  6. Will we be able to use C4 like a raiding tool? This got me a bit excited because I played quite heavily on PVP servers but one of the things that put me off was raiding. No kidding one night me and the team that I was playing with spent 8 hours augering steel and concrete blocks to get in somebodies base. It would be good if C4 was balanced into the game so that it was rare and hard to craft but could be used to penetrate walls more effectively than the current tool set. Also we'd need to be able to place it within somebodies LCB :-D
  7. Do you ever plan to do some changes to first person animations? You mention Fallout 4 and it made me think of little things like the way guns swayed when you turn and your weapon lowered when you ran. Relatively minor things that really add to the immersion and make you feel connected with your character as well as make combat feel more fluid and organic. The power of animations is something that quite often gets overlooked, even in Fallout 4. I'm not sure if you ever modded it but this one hunting rifle animation changed the whole experience and made it my go too weapon (I never liked it before). I couldn't play without it once I tried it for the first time and it made me realise how bad some of the animations in Fallout 4 were as well as how much of a different good animations added to the experience. It felt so satisfying chambering a bullet. If you guys truly are making combat the main source of XP and levelling then everything that can be done to make combat more dynamic and satisfying should take priority.
  8. It would be nice better to have more zombies that deal less damage
  9. caatalyst

    True Survival

    Sounding good Spider! I really hope you find a way to get progression through doing back. Looking forward to getting stuck back in! :-)
  10. Will there be an increased number of zombies spawning in the world and will the breadcrumbs system be introduced in a17?
  11. Yeah my question was what are the chances of them doing a hot fix for it for alpha 16? The reason I ask is because Alpha 17 is still pretty far from completion.
  12. I know you guys are pretty balls deep in Alpha 17 right now but what are the chances of a hot fix for 16.4 that corrects the micro stuttering? It's really been one of the big put offs for me in alpha 16. I wish I could show you how bad the micro stuttering is for me. Literally like every 2-4 seconds I get a half a second freeze, sometimes i even get longer freezes. It doesn't matter what graphics settings I use or where I am on the map. That's on an i7 / 970gtx / 16gb ram / SSD setup. If Alpha 17 is still a while off it would be great to see this looked at.
  13. Jeep looks amazing! Looks like its going to be really fun to drive. I hope the collision on road objects gets looked at though... It got a bit like bumper cars at times.
  14. The new animations are coming along so nicely! Can’t wait to see more and I hope we get some more advanced movements along with them (prone, climbing etc) New POIs are also looking so good. One big no for me is the new targeting system. This is a big immersion breaker for me. I’d rather discover the toughness of an enemy through engagements and surely bosses can be identified by their character models / sounds / behaviour or even a sound queue. (When you engage in combat with them it could play an alerting SFX or even some power metal)
  15. I have to agree to some extent that in a16 the AI is really bad. I’m just not feeling challenged at all by zombies considering how easy it is to exploit them. I really would love a AI fixing patch more than anything else.
  16. Hey MM, Will animal farming be added to the vanilla game? All i want from the apocalypse is to have more pigs than everyone else. Also, with the new weapon attachments will there be any new guns brought into the game? Cheers!
  17. Can every block that appears on roads also be given ragdoll properties so they get knocked or destroyed by incoming vehicles depending on speed? The vehicle / player could take some damage depending on what vehicle and how hard the obstacle was hit. Maybe they can even knock the player out of the vehicle in some instances? Feels like we should also be able to knock down trees and smash into buildings if we go fast enough. Kamikaze Duke's castle? Also on the subject of killing zombies with cars... The weaker zombies should surely be getting killed or dismembered at the very least. A penalty to constantly killing zombies with the vehicle could be that the vehicle takes damage from the impacts. Maybe it ♥♥♥♥s up the wheels constantly getting bones and brains clogged inside? If the vehicle repair system is made to be somewhat deeper than simply using a repair kit then players will be much more reluctant to go carmegeden constantly, especially if some parts are rare or hard to craft.
  18. caatalyst

    True Survival

    Thanks dude! :-) Do you know if there are plans to bring in animal farming?
  19. Man just doing my first run throw of this mod and i have to say - amazing! Even stuff like putting kettles on the cooker and how they appear - great immersion. My only comment would be; - Quest chains that unlock new items and recipes. Currently it's a bit overwhelming as you have a lot of the modded content available from the get go. It would be nice to be taught about the new cookers, recipes and stuff. - Make some of the modded item recipes a bit more interested. I some how managed to make a blender / kettle / meat grinder all in my inventory with just the resources and no need for tools ha! A least make me use the anvil :-) Amazing work!
  20. caatalyst

    True Survival

    Hey @Spider, Few of questions; - Is animal farming in True Survival (If not it would be really cool) - Is there a way to set the zombie movement speed to always walk (day and night except for ferals and boss zombies like in vanilla) - Is there a way to run vanilla style RW - Will you be updating to 16.4? Many thanks.
  21. Lots of different guns in there too by the looks of it. Is this mod available?
  22. This is disappointing. I really thought the short render distance was a temporary thing while they got everything in. Well... I guess one can still hope they find a way to render things further away. Space engineers seems to do a good job of it with their voxel Planets.
  23. Is it not likely that they will increase the render distance of players and zombies during the optimisation phase of development?
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