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EpicSpire's A19 Trader Reward system


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EpicSpire's A19 Trader Reward system


The skill points you receive are for after completing each Tier, not after each quest. 

I've seen a lot of Mods/Modlets that increase the number of skill points per level, but personally think that this is more balanced for my style of play.  I'm not trying to dis on those mods, we need more skill points in the game, but i think earning them is a bit more balanced. 

Tier 1 =3 Skill Points
Tier 2 = 4 Skill Points
Tier 3 = 5 Skill Points
Tier 4 = 5 Skill Points
Tier 5 = 6 Skill Points
Tier 6 = 8 Skill Points

For Games already in Progress.

If you do not wish to restart your world, and have already completed some Tier quests for the trader, type the following lines into the game console (Press F1 in-game)

For each tier that you completed:
givequest quest_tier1complete
givequest quest_tier2complete
givequest quest_tier3complete
givequest quest_tier4complete
givequest quest_tier5complete
givequest quest_tier6complete

Then go talk to any trader. You'll get all the rewards including the skill points.


EpicSpire's Trader Tier Reward System A19.rar

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20 hours ago, Herr_Lutter said:

For some reasons mod doesn't seem to work - especially the commands. Even tho they give objective to go to the trader, after talking with him it doesn't give any skillpoints sadly.

it only gives you the skill points when you finish the Tier..

to be clear.. when you complete a quest, and the trader gives you an reward, and then gives you a 2nd reward (indicating that you finished that Tier of quests), this is when you get the skill points. Not when you arrive to the new trader.

the mod still works on my end, and i am using this version of the mod. i have not tested the commands recently, so if the quest names/commands have changed.. then you may need to use this on a new world or check the Quests.xml to find the proper names for those quests.

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