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  1. I found some on Nexus https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/919 is the vehicle storage https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/912 is a bigger backpack that also increases the storage container ones both claim to be A19. i have downloaded the vehicle one, since i never liked the bigger backpack (a little too cheaty for me). hopefully i can find just a storage container mod.
  2. i remember talk about ammo for the shotgun (Dragon Breathe i think) that deals fire damage and sets creatures on fire. that was about A16 or 17.. i wonder if that is doable now?
  3. I do not have a lot of experience, but i am willing to learn, and the best way for me to learn is by actually doing, so if anyone needs help with modding or Poi making or if they want ideas for mods and are wiling to either help me do it or take over and make my ideas into mods,.. let me know. I love this game and this community and i want to help in some way. Modding is great for us creative thinkers to have an outlet and this game and the little bit of modding i have done has helped my depression greatly. so either respond to this thread or message me if i can be of any use.
  4. ah yes, i see it, thanks.. i dropped it from a max of 10 to 2.5 and seems to be perfect, for me at least. and i may boost the damage they deal back up slightly.. like maybe to 5.. i was mainly wanting no digging and no jumping, but this is a good start. Thanks for the mods!
  5. in the Zombie Modification 2 (the one with Rage), how do i reduce the random get up time from the zeds.. it seems a bit cheaty when i beat a cop to death with a level 2 club on warrior difficulty because he won't stand up... i like the randomness,.. i just want to lower the max time down.
  6. ok, thanks a ton. it seems to be working now.
  7. ah ok... i see the txt files in that folder now. thanks. is this step listed anywhere that i missed or is it one of those "dumb people shouldnt play"
  8. ok, thanks.. where do i put them? I see a folder called Nitrogen files (i feel stupid that i overlooked that last night), but i dont see in the install instructions where i am suppose to put those.
  9. i installed the CompoPak44 as per the instructions there, and when i go to create a new map, the only options for the prefab lists are: A19 vanillia (default), A18 vanillia, A18 Compopak, and Custom. is there a file or something i need to add to the Nitrogen files in order to get the option for compoPak44? The only thing i have done is copy/paste the prefabs from the folder into my main 7days to die prefab folder.
  10. This Modlet increases the number of ModSlots that each weapon/tool has, by 1 per Level. Tier 1 = 1 ModSlot, Tier 6 = 6 ModSlots also, check out my Trader Tier Reward System: Here (Still on Forum, not an external link) EpicSpire's Quality ModSlot Boost.rar
  11. EpicSpire

    Trash Slot

    could there be a slot, possibly on the right side of the inventory opposite the crafting que, that you can place an item in. When an item is in that slot, you cannot pickup that item. for example, if you put plant fiber in that slot, then when you dig, you plant fibers won't fill up your inventory. if you put glass in that slot, then breaking windows and such wont put glass in your inventory.
  12. ok, thanks. but now im pissed because the s**t head at best buy lied to me. i just bought this PC 6 weeks ago and he told me the graphics card was intel, but that it was rated similar to gforce 1080. i'm about to go (redacted)
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