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  1. im trying to convert an already in game block / decor item (actually a Furniture) into a workstation, i have everything working, except that when i go to "use" it (it tells me to press E to use), nothing happens. I tried this with other blocks (containers and lootables), and it works perfectly. the only difference is that the other blocks are lootable, and the one i'm trying to use is not. How do i make it lootable, i assume that is the only thing since by default the block has no function so "using" it (pressing E) does not trigger the container UI.
  2. i know what you were meaning, and i'm wasn't trying to police you, in case you were thinking that. i was giving you a friendly heads up, so you don't make that mistake again, cause if YouTube does find out, they will delete your channel or worse yet.. they won't delete your channel and will blacklist you form being monetized.. i understand you were just offering to support others while asking for support yourself.. but the wording of it actually matters.
  3. careful. you are suggesting Sub4Sub by saying you will sub back if we sub to you. that is against YouTube TOS. may want to re-word your statement
  4. thank you, i was told that by someone else too so its good to have a confirmation.
  5. This is the first time i have played a non-permadeath playthrough of this game in years. I'm very excited to get to have a build series that i hope my viewers will partake in. Suggestions of things to add or buildings to reconstruct/flip while we rebuild the Burnt Forrest of a 10k Nitrogen generated map. This will truly be the Build, Play and Explore series that i've been wanting to do. The following restrictions are set in place, in order to give me the challenge that i crave, and a reason to explore: 📖📖Legacy Guidelines📖📖 All skill points must be spent on Fortitude Tree After Fortitude and all of it's skills are maxed out, Other skills are available Fists and Knuckle weapons are the only Melee weapons allowed Machine Guns are primary ranged weapons Primitive Bow and Blunderbuss can be used as back ups Pistol can be used if I have no other firearm available (If you know of a Pipe Riffle mod let me know, i'll use that instead of the above two) Delete all on Death. No Traders No Air Drop No Blood Moon Bigger Wandering Horde All Zombies walk all the time Instead of screamers, I get an automatic horde 10k NitroGen Map Purely Burnt Forest Biome with Wasteland as Border of Map 📖📖Mod List📖📖 EpicSpire's Quality ModSlot Boost More Windows and Doors More Wood Shapes Bigger Wandering Horde 3 slot forge lockable inventory slots zombie stutter stop (improves frames when zombies spawn) Craftable log spikes Paint Job More Containers Bigger Vehicle Storage (lite version and not the OP size) Riles Hud Increased Stack Size Playlist:
  6. i'm working on a gameplay series that has no traders on the map, but i would still like to do the challenges that i find in loot. i have tried the following 2 lines of code, and they both do not seem to work. i have tried them together and i have tried them individually <remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/property[@name='completiontype']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/objective[@type='InteractWithNPC']" /> using the following challenge as an example: the property of "completiontype" value= "TurnIn" i was going to use <set xpath> but there is no other completion type for me to set it to. the basic survival quest (which is completed without having to turn in or return to trader) does not have a completion type. does anyone know how i can achieve this? <quest id="challenge_silenceofthelambs"> <property name="name_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs"/> <property name="subtitle_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_subtitle"/> <property name="description_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_offer"/> <property name="icon" value="ui_game_symbol_zombie"/> <property name="repeatable" value="true"/> <property name="category_key" value="challenge"/> <property name="offer_key" value="challenge_silenceofthelambs_offer"/> <property name="difficulty" value="insane"/> <property name="completiontype" value="TurnIn"/> <objective type="RandomGoto" value="500-800" phase="1"> <property name="completion_distance" value="50"/> <property name="nav_object" value="quest" /> </objective> <objective type="RallyPoint"> <property name="start_mode" value="Create"/> <property name="phase" value="2"/> <property name="nav_object" value="rally" /> </objective> <action type="SpawnEnemy" id="zombieScreamer" value="2" phase="3"/> <objective type="ZombieKill" id="zombieScreamer" value="2" phase="3"/> <objective type="InteractWithNPC"> <property name="phase" value="4"/> </objective> <reward type="Exp" value="500"/> <!-- You can define a range of rewards like <reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="200-500"/> --> <reward type="Item" id="casinoCoin" value="350"/> </quest>
  7. i can make the scout spawn a horde.. but since they were spawned by the scout spawning system.. they will all be scouts. the screamer does not have the ability to summon more zombies.. the scout class gives it that ability. so if your scout command calls in 6 crawlers.. all 6 of them will call in their own screamer horde if their alert goes off... lol
  8. i did. i get no error and the quest says "return to trader" after i kill the zombies that are spawned. this is the code i used.. so let me know if the code is wrong <remove xpath="/quests/quest[contains(@id, 'challenge')]/property[@name='completiontype']" />
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