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  1. oh no, an early access game has bugs.. waaaaaaaah waaaaaah. go play fortnight
  2. similar to mining lanterns. place a light and be able to pick it backup
  3. Ah very nice additions!! loving it
  4. i was thinking.. could you add the wine barrels and the other wooden barrels as storage?
  5. Recent Full Playlist
  6. I mad this video showcasing the mod.
  7. nah i had like 2 container made lol.. and you have those. this mod is what i was going for, so it's all good.. i can use the time for something else. i love the idea of making creative menu stuff available without having to cheat them in. i do survival build series and i refuse to use the creative menu.. so this is perfect. the only thing i suggest is that when you destroy the furniture, that it should return to your inventory instead getting the parts for it.. unless you can pick them up with a land claim block... misplacing them sucks and to have to destroy and rebuild because you cant move it (despite being able to carry around a 4x4 in your back pocket), is a bit annoying.. but thats the only issue. def love this and can't wait for more of your Expanded Vanilla. if you can check out my Curtains and Blinds mod, and maybe make those better.. that'd be cool as well.
  8. i've been working on a mod like this in my spare time and now i have to delete all my work cause this is better lol.. great job. i'm going to use this in my survival build series
  9. it only gives you the skill points when you finish the Tier.. to be clear.. when you complete a quest, and the trader gives you an reward, and then gives you a 2nd reward (indicating that you finished that Tier of quests), this is when you get the skill points. Not when you arrive to the new trader. the mod still works on my end, and i am using this version of the mod. i have not tested the commands recently, so if the quest names/commands have changed.. then you may need to use this on a new world or check the Quests.xml to find the proper names for those quests.
  10. if its suppose to return to you.. then there is a bug. cause it doesn't. at least when i made the dumpster, the dumpster or the deco block didn't return. yeah, i like the non cheaty recipe though.. easy materials.. but its solely decoration. if the block returned to me then i wouldn't have any major complaints about the easily destroyed block.
  11. i PMed VitaminE to let them know. i don't have any Download links for them, but they mentioned that they let a server use their prefabs so i know they have them available. hopefully they get ahold of you, i' would love for the compopak to get more prefabs.. especially since you all have begun incorporating them into the quest system.
  12. i'll send them a PM letting them know you are interested, but i think you were looking at the right person.. they do a lot of medieval Asian builds.. would be nice to make a Asian themed town with all of their prefabs. They have a Thread on the Channels section, in case anyone else wants to take a look
  13. There is an awesome content creator by the name of VitaminE, he posts in the Channel page, but they make very awesome POIs and i asked them if they ever tried to get their pois into the compopak and it sounded like they were interested but didnt want to ask.. so i am making a suggestion that those who have somepull and power, check out their builds and see if they are good enough for your vison of the pak.
  14. yeah, the only thing i dislike about that mod (unless it was updated since i last downloaded it) was that the blocks have like 1 hp or whatever.. easily destroyed and the recipes are a bit cheaty. whic is fine for some things.. but thanks
  15. would it be difficult for you to make it so that we could place wheels and tires down as blocks. maybe even craft a stack of tires with like 3 or 4 tires. i want to build a garage and think that the tires would make great deco items..
  16. looking forward to the mod you make to "correct" that feature once A20 hits
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