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We should change the weapon system to more like earlier alphas


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So Alpha 17 was when the game was pretty much revamped and since then The Fun Pimps has done a great job with a ton of features. But the game feels a little more like a play through game rather than a sandbox survival game now. 


Like now with the added A19 gamestage linked to looting, all game starts almost feels the same and if you restart, it feels like you’re just playing the exact same again. Now it’s loot, get a 1 quality blunderbus or other low tier and quality weapons, play another few in game days and you get the best 6 quality versions. Then you just progress through game stages and you’re pretty much guaranteed the best 6 quality T3 weapons and tools eventually. Everyone pretty much plays the game the same and is especially noticeable in multiplayer. It seems as luck plays a much lower part in your game play and getting guns and ammo is far too easy once you have the game stage.


Whereas back in alpha 15 and 16 days and prior, game starts could either be mediocre or you could have a great start by very luckily finding a assembled gun rather than parts. There was a post from the console community that showed you how different the endgame was back then compared to A19; Finding or making a top tier gun like an Ak47 or an auger was challenging and was something you treasured and you aimed to upgrade it over time to reach 600 quality if you found extra parts. Now since alpha 17-19, you’re literally swimming in AKs, SMGs and M60 and you can’t do anything with them but sell them. Plus you can just craft 5 quality guns yourself. Even the early game you get like 6 blunderbusses before day 7 horde and like 10 primitive bows. The same applies to armour.


Both with guns and armour; you have so much that you have no choice but to sell or scrap them. In earlier alphas you can “sacrifice” them and combine them to increase their quality and thus their protection/ damage, or you have the choice of selling it. Most players will have one gun, but now the meta is to fill your hot bar with multiple M60s.


The game should incorporate some of this earlier alphas mechanic of weapons and armour, but keep some of the great features the Fun pimps added now. Like the attachment system is great, and we should make it less complicated to to assemble the guns kinda like it is now- tons of gun parts filling up inventory from the earlier alphas was a huge problem. The RNG factor can be modified to reflect an experience stat- like the more you use a weapon class, the better you get at it(but only slightly) or just get rid of it and have it rely on quality again.

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I kinda agree with what you're saying. I did like the quality ranges from earlier alphas 1-99 was tier one, 100-199 tier 2, etc.


Also I liked the "the more you do, the better you get at it" leveling, it made more sense. 


I didn't like all the gun parts though. I was so glad they did away with that, think finding whole guns is more "realistic" and less time consuming putting all those parts together to see what quality you could make, although that did have it's perks too I guess. 

Good points you made though.

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