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  1. But that also applies to every single other POI, and to avoid “free stuff” we can easily code in formulae or multiplier where the chances of a high game stage loot spawn is drastically lower in the early days, plus the good thing about having all game stages unlocked for hidden stashes, is that as you progress to a higher game stage, the loot actually can get worse as you are potentially looting at a lower game stage, which by that time should be less of a concern as the end loot would compensate for that easily. meaning it’s should be a good early day boost so that you have a (small) chance of no longer getting stuck with 10 blunderbusses and primitive bows that everyone is complaining about.
  2. They're below average for loot despite being so rare and hard to find. They were decent back in alpha 16, but now if were going to continue the gamestage tied to loot mechanic, I say Hidden stashes should be buffed so they they offer loot that ignores your gamestage or offers loot between your current gamestage to the max and at all qualities. So if you just started the game and are on game stage 15, a hidden stash will offer any loot between gamestages 15 to gamestage 200+. Or alternatively, the other mechanic could randomly choose a single gamestage between 0-200+ upon opening and offer you loot only in that bracket. We could leave loot bonus currently as it is, OR Loot bonus could also be maxed so that lucky looter or eye kandy has no effect. Eitherway I think this is way better than parkouring or digging yourself to find a hidden stash only to find bullets that a kitchen sink can also give you.
  3. So im trying to add AOE buffs to the explosive barrels in the game. I can add the molotov burning buff/effect to some of the barrels, this was simply done by adding the "<property name="Explosion.Buff" value="buffBurningMolotov"/>" to the list of properties. I have also added radiation damage so when you blow up one of the radioactive barrels, you get hit with the radiation damage over time similar when you walk out of the map- this was done by replicating the code "<property name="Explosion.Buff" value="buffRadiation03"/>" and changed some of the values to increase damage etc and duration etc.... But I want to utilise the "corrosive" damage type that the game has pre-programmed for the acid/plastic barrels by using the built in "<damage_type value=""/>" code they suggested in the buffs.xml file. I also want to implement a armor piercing variable that either ignore or increases damage dealt to armored targets, both of which I have a part working code but always ends up with errors, anyone how to add these properties to the explosions?
  4. I I hated supercorn when it first came out. 20 food and 10 health was completely overpowered. It made getting any other food completely useless and even made medical supplies useless, plus it stacked to 25 units per stack. A stack of supercorn was better than having a stack of painkillers, medical bandages and aloe cream as it either healed more per stack or it can be used in quick succession. its not even endgame though, I got supercorn on day 1-2 and not that living off the land changed to three tiers, u can craft the seeds at level two. I could easily make seeds before the first day 7. but the nerf was way too far. They need to make slight adjustments to buff it. Make it substitutable for normal corn, buff it’s stats to 5-7 per corn or something rather than 3, or have it be cooked like supercorn on the cob for even better stats, and give it a perk if they want.
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