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  1. Can be made using a can of sham and some corn bread And/ or we can also repurpose the old sham sandwiches and with high enough master chef, we can use the chemistry station to turn them directly back into sham sandwiches.
  2. I I hated supercorn when it first came out. 20 food and 10 health was completely overpowered. It made getting any other food completely useless and even made medical supplies useless, plus it stacked to 25 units per stack. A stack of supercorn was better than having a stack of painkillers, medical bandages and aloe cream as it either healed more per stack or it can be used in quick succession. its not even endgame though, I got supercorn on day 1-2 and not that living off the land changed to three tiers, u can craft the seeds at level two. I could easily make seeds before the first day 7. but the nerf was way too far. They need to make slight adjustments to buff it. Make it substitutable for normal corn, buff it’s stats to 5-7 per corn or something rather than 3, or have it be cooked like supercorn on the cob for even better stats, and give it a perk if they want.
  3. By that logic we should also have exploding darts, which I am actually down for. Will make dart traps the only sentry to shoot explosives and a reason to use them over auto turrets
  4. Check the console if u haven’t closed down the game yet, or check the output log under your /programfilesx86/steam... etc. Should be in one of the folders in 7 days to die. theres a chance it will say your backpack has been deleted.
  5. So concrete , reinforced concrete, steel and stainless steel all have explosion resistances, but anyone know how the explosion damage dealt is calculated? Steel has a 50% stated explosion resistance, and stainless steel has 75%- so theoretically stainless steel should take half as much damage as regular steel?- ie steel takes 50% of the damage vs 25% that stainless takes. but in all my testing with dynamite, cops, demolishers and rocket launchers- the damage resisted is reproducible, and scales up with the blocks, but is no where near what they’re stated at. Stainless steel vs normal steel only took 15% less damage compared to the theoretical 50% as explained above. and neither of the concrete blocks are correct. I’ve checked the XML files and they do state a ‘1.1’ resistance value for the regular concrete’s 10% resistance and a ‘1.2’ for reinf. concrete’s 20% and so on. Is this a bug? Or is this an intentional mechanic?- anyone know?
  6. So the existing set will still exist and should have the same difficulties to get and make, but for the end game we can have advanced versions of them that look and perform better. Visual wise-the existing ones should look the same, but the advanced versions should look more modern and sleek design- ie look like they’re made from steel/ metal rather than crude nailed wood and rocks. This should help them blend in when we transition from wood huts to concrete/ steel bases. Performance wise- this is down to discussion: should either perform faster, have additional features such as crafting an additional item at once, it could output a lower amount of heat, or we could have then run on electricity rather than burning wood- this and the multiple crafting could cause a reduction of heat, but if TFP wants to balance it they could make it output more heat than their normal counterparts. names for the new items could be such as ‘advanced workbench’ or ‘electric forge’ or even have brand new names like “induction smelter” for the forge or “lab station” for the chem in addition what about adding something like an ammunition workbench. It could only be found in the world and not crafted, but it makes ammunition faster and slightly cheaper similar to how boxes of bullets currently work. It adds a cost of travelling to destinations for a cheaper cost, and also on servers adds a risk of people stealing them if you just leave them to craft
  7. So Alpha 17 was when the game was pretty much revamped and since then The Fun Pimps has done a great job with a ton of features. But the game feels a little more like a play through game rather than a sandbox survival game now. Like now with the added A19 gamestage linked to looting, all game starts almost feels the same and if you restart, it feels like you’re just playing the exact same again. Now it’s loot, get a 1 quality blunderbus or other low tier and quality weapons, play another few in game days and you get the best 6 quality versions. Then you just progress through game stages and you’re pretty much guaranteed the best 6 quality T3 weapons and tools eventually. Everyone pretty much plays the game the same and is especially noticeable in multiplayer. It seems as luck plays a much lower part in your game play and getting guns and ammo is far too easy once you have the game stage. Whereas back in alpha 15 and 16 days and prior, game starts could either be mediocre or you could have a great start by very luckily finding a assembled gun rather than parts. There was a post from the console community that showed you how different the endgame was back then compared to A19; Finding or making a top tier gun like an Ak47 or an auger was challenging and was something you treasured and you aimed to upgrade it over time to reach 600 quality if you found extra parts. Now since alpha 17-19, you’re literally swimming in AKs, SMGs and M60 and you can’t do anything with them but sell them. Plus you can just craft 5 quality guns yourself. Even the early game you get like 6 blunderbusses before day 7 horde and like 10 primitive bows. The same applies to armour. Both with guns and armour; you have so much that you have no choice but to sell or scrap them. In earlier alphas you can “sacrifice” them and combine them to increase their quality and thus their protection/ damage, or you have the choice of selling it. Most players will have one gun, but now the meta is to fill your hot bar with multiple M60s. The game should incorporate some of this earlier alphas mechanic of weapons and armour, but keep some of the great features the Fun pimps added now. Like the attachment system is great, and we should make it less complicated to to assemble the guns kinda like it is now- tons of gun parts filling up inventory from the earlier alphas was a huge problem. The RNG factor can be modified to reflect an experience stat- like the more you use a weapon class, the better you get at it(but only slightly) or just get rid of it and have it rely on quality again.
  8. So I'm fairly new to modding and I'm messing around with some game files to see if I can convert a prefab into effectively a trader. The prefab is actualy the pseudotrader prefab in the compopack thats almost an identical copy to one of the existing traders My goal is the convert it so that the prefab gets the invulnerability to zombie damage that all traders have, but allows the player to still build and damage it, as well as stopping the teleporting out once night time arrives. I found the code for the traders: <property name="TraderArea" value="True" /> <property name="TraderAreaProtect" value="20,0,20" /> <property name="TraderAreaTeleportSize" value="33, 26, 33" /> <property name="TraderAreaTeleportCenter" value="1, 1, 1" /> and by copying only the first two lines into the prefab file, it does convert it into a trader without the teleporting, but now I can't figure out how to allow the player to still build in the prefab. I've messed around with the "TraderAreaProtect" value but from my testing it only appears that it affects the size of the zone and the numbers relate to the radius and not to the player's status as I thought. Negative values seem to give wierd sized areas. Is there a way to configure it so the area covered forms a border, leaving the middle unclaimed, or is there a way to modify other game files to change the players ability to build in all trader zones?
  9. Steam name: ihatefallout https://steamcommunity.com/id/ihatefallout Hours played: 820 on this account another ~700 on another Started on Alpha: Alpha 14 Discord name: FNWK#1218 Native language: English
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