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Gentlemen, I present to you.


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The bane of sleepers ** :


Rotated Doors.



  1. Can easily hit zombies through
  2. Easy to craft early on
  3. very cheap to upgrade and repair
  4. does not block unlike silly cubic blocks and traps
  5. can stack in front of each other
  6. Easy to mass product iron doors end game
  7. You can make a quick wall and confuse the hell out of zombies

**and quite possibly tier V quests



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They don't break the door down?


Of course they do. But until they break the door down you can hit them with relative ease from the rears. They won't pass through if you smack them down.


I play with sledgehammer which means zombies get stunned. When zombies get stunned they sometimes clip through the door. I haven't tried it against dogs yet. I'm currently slaughtering a hospital at warrior difficulty and I'm level 10. It's quite hilarious really.


You can do it with hatches, but hatches are hard to lock and unlock and also hard to place and require a foundation or they break. Doors on the other hand do not have those restrictions.


I also have a feeling the zombies go directly for the iron reinforced door even though there are wooden blocks for them to break easier.


I'm starting to believe the door strategy is kind of OP...

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I often carry a dozen or so spike traps for this purpose. What does this mean?


I mean , of course you can pass through traps by dying to them. With doors you just open and pass through the door.


I'll try to upload a horde day in the hospital without traps and see how it fairs.

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I'm going to upload two videos in early bloodmoon, warrior difficulty, 300% experience inside a hospital base. In the first bloodmoon I died but in the second I managed to finish two blood moons without dying. I'd like to share with you some interesting discoveries I've made so far :

  1. Wooden/scrap and iron doors are an amazing strategy for early,mid game POI storming (haven't tried late game but I suspect the steel doors are best for end game).
  2. But having scrap door as a protection is a horrible idea for bloodmoon
  3. Placing multiple parallel doors will make the zombies spread on each door . This makes it harder to play defensively.
  4. The doors must have plates or other open blocks in the rear so you have better access at striking the zombies. Poles are a very bad idea since the zombies can pass through the rotated doors.
  5. Doors are best placed one block closest to the entrance.
  6. You can add at least two (maybe more?) rotated doors one in front of each other and the zombies will still try to pass through them.

I'll post the video links as soon as the videos are uploaded.

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Sorry for the third bump but it took dozens of hours to upload two videos.


In the first video I was messing around with scrap doors and had simple sledge hammer to fight off zombies. I failed to stay alive more than a few minutes:



In the second video I was more prepared and had upgraded the scrap doors to iron variants. I also got myself some nice beverages and an iron sledgehammer. I restarted the game to get a second harder bloodmoon:



I think a spear or even a knife would be better in this situation since zombies tend to stack in a line trying to reach the door. I've also tested the rotated door strategy on a pvp server on a survival difficulty and I am still impressed on how helpful it is on protecting yourself against zombies.

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