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  1. The game is stable, but borderline boring now. Sure I can farm a lot of animals and I can even set a base between a forest and a wasteland biome and exploit the early benefits of both. Most importantly no new weapons were added in the game capable of making me enjoy reseting the game. The hammer turret is definitely abusable, once you have it you can just set it outside a rotated door and it'll perma stun any zombie trying to break it. I'd like to be able to get more items irregardless of the levels, or at least have a much lower level gate than before. I think making the skill perks' cost 1 skill point instead of exponential could aleviate that problem. Edit: Also to add, I really like tower defense in this game. I wish we had an option to adjust the drop rate of zombies and just perma camp in our base having to go outside only for hunting and ocassional book looting.
  2. How does this work exactly? Asking the xml expert readers.
  3. Iron tools and steel tools simply need to do a lot more block damage or swing a lot faster.
  4. The repair trader workbenches idea is neat! The fetch quests should repair the workbenches on the traders and other stuff as well!
  5. Ah damn. I was playing with a nice drop rate (about 25% ) and I was really hoping for it to be permanent. I have so much fun with that drop rate , as in I can actually tower defense A16 style. Guess I'll remove it now and check A19 again. Edit: I was about to test the latest A19 starting on wasteland because of the high drop rate I could play high risk high reward gameplay (I got a constant stream of zombie bears just by being next to a hospital) . I'm half dissapointed now.
  6. The default sneak damage is 3.5
  7. I'm getting a lot of loot bags and despite the fact the loot is balanced, I thought I had the bonus drop rate mod on. But I verified the game files and I had no mod on. I'm really bad at reading the xml files (I think they are chaotic) , but I'd like to ask how much is the drop rate now ? I did read that the drop rate increases every bloodmoon though, what does that mean exactly?
  8. I actually never really managed to use wedges in my base. I find them very boring because I'm a melee type character, so I need plate blocks instead of wedge blocks. This changed might have ruined the gameplay for some people but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that horrible. I mean, you still can place plates with water and slow down zombies on corridors right? Or did they change that as well ?
  9. Stealth kill it imo. Stealth now deals 3.5 times the normal damage. Bow users rejoice!
  10. I'm not fond of hospitals, they are just one of the T5 quests you can repeat indefinitely until you get what you want. If we were preA18 we'd be able to construct any items without needing to repeat a quest indefinitely.
  11. Welcome to worst broadband country in Europe. I have 12 mbps (that's why I said 1.2 mb/sec == megabytes per second) . The client doesn't download the map fast enough. Actually I have ADSL but the connection speed is halved.
  12. how do you make turrets target their back ? The zombies are coming for you facing your direction. You place the turrets facing your direction. I don't remember being able to rotate turrets so that you can drop them midair from the back of the zombies. Also blade traps set them off. Edit: What about turrets? Do you hide them underneath facing you upwards so they can shoot zombies on their backs?
  13. I'm just waiting for A19 to be released. Then I'll get a full picture of what the devs really care about. Is it the hardcore basebuilding survival aspect of the game? Or is it merely a looting shooting simulation where ammo and food is plentiful? So far A18 has been clinging towards the second by removing crafting spring,mechanical components as well as oil (oil recipe was necessary in all but the desert biome) but I fear A19 will completely break the game.
  14. If you do not have a base max out looting first. There is a world difference between the first, the third and the final level with loot goggles . At about level 3 you'll start finding pickaxes and goggles and at level 5 when you open chests you'll find huge treasures. As for stealth I suggest sledgehammer build with added mods to cancel your noise generation, then power attack the head for silent instakill.
  15. The worst thing is they have a detonator on top of them as if someone put it on them and set them free. This concept looks like it was made out of a fantasy rpg game like borderlands instead of a survival game like fallout. I'd much rather have a fully armored mutated soldier that occasionally shoots with his rifle, or is holding a huge club of rebar frame with concrete on it. Hell I'd be even ok if they were on fire , had a melting effect on iron bases and would summon hordes periodically. Literally anything that what the demolishers currently represent.
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