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  1. I agree with everything you said but I read Unreal supports GC too.
  2. Yeah I haven't touched the multiplayer since A20. Used to play a lot of funny PvP servers where I'd construct nice defenses and zombie-to-player traps.
  3. This is a very serious post. I'm merely asking a question if the devs considered it. I even provided an example of a massive performance improvement. You don't have to be negative about it, especially since the devs keep reworking the same components (namely graphics) .
  4. I agree it's not a small task. But unity engine doesn't seem to progress as fast as unreal not to mention the IDE lags more with each version. I personally consider checking unreal 5 when I'm done with my demo.
  5. Hello everyone, long time no see. I've been waiting for A21 to fall before I posted but as a small unity dev I came across this video. I know 7 days to die is made in Unity and that the devs have a hard time balancing the graphics of the game. It's only fair as unity does not offer great solutions to multiple moving entities. URP despite being more polished still lacks in terms of performance. The 2022 Unity version also has significant loading times when trying to compile or import code (over a minute importing packages!) Have the devs considered migrating to another more powerful engine like unreal which can handle thousands of moving entities? I personally wouldn't mind having a couple orders of magnitudes more zombies on screen without the fps dropping bellow 120 😛 :
  6. I actually never really managed to use wedges in my base. I find them very boring because I'm a melee type character, so I need plate blocks instead of wedge blocks. This changed might have ruined the gameplay for some people but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that horrible. I mean, you still can place plates with water and slow down zombies on corridors right? Or did they change that as well ?
  7. how do you make turrets target their back ? The zombies are coming for you facing your direction. You place the turrets facing your direction. I don't remember being able to rotate turrets so that you can drop them midair from the back of the zombies. Also blade traps set them off. Edit: What about turrets? Do you hide them underneath facing you upwards so they can shoot zombies on their backs?
  8. The worst thing is they have a detonator on top of them as if someone put it on them and set them free. This concept looks like it was made out of a fantasy rpg game like borderlands instead of a survival game like fallout. I'd much rather have a fully armored mutated soldier that occasionally shoots with his rifle, or is holding a huge club of rebar frame with concrete on it. Hell I'd be even ok if they were on fire , had a melting effect on iron bases and would summon hordes periodically. Literally anything that what the demolishers currently represent.
  9. It's the 24 hour cycle from the options. I've tested it again and it seems that this parameter does affect heat map increase rate . Having twice and thrice the day duration will require twice and thrice the amount of heat required to summon hordes. In contrast having half or one third of the day duration will also mean having twice and three times more screamer and hordes appearing in your base. Which means on 180 hours per day cycle servers I'll need three times more burning barrels to summon hordes... Maybe I'm wrong but shouldn't this be a bug? The trees and the farms crop cycles do not scale with 24 hour cycle so why should the heatmap?
  10. I'd like to add a very simple yet very hard way of increasing the difficulty of the game. Decrease day time to minimum (10 minute days). By the time you cut your second tree and because your campfire and forge are running, you'll get at least one wondering horde heading to your location. I think, but I'm not sure, it's because the heatmap scales with day time. Is this correct? Would that mean a 180 minute day server will require 3 times more heat to send screamer/horde?
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