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Will the 4x4 get some love vs zombies and off road?


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I was planning to get the 4x4, for carry space / okish speed and what I thought would be good off road which its real bad at and the spikes on the front do sod all to zombies.


I would have thought that you should be able to get a random chance for a random limb to pop off a zombie 1-5 hit and runs could kill 1. However that is not the case at all :( and you cant really enjoy the 4x4 on a horde night + fix up the damages the next morning. The only fun you get is....... fixing the 4x4 from all the damage it took.


Off road... Off roading is a past time for me which is why I was more attracted to the 4x4 (even tho it looks like a jeep eww jk) I do go mudding and some "technical" courses with my pajero 2.8, 2 door, body raised up, longer shocks and a number of other mods :D . Yeah mates have a jeep, jeep likes getting stuck ...... or breaking down...... So perhaps the getting stuck part you kinda nailed it in game :p I know 7D2D is not Mudrunners, yet 4x4's are not slow vehicles too.


In game I would say the 4x4 needs more clearance, more articulation, torque and traction, ability to go up steep hills without issue and the very "jaggered" terrain without hassle or damaged from a pebble :p

I would also thought that even with 64max spawns high game stage that it should last the night munching on zombies and finishing the eve with more than 60% hp. Currently I could not get through 1 wave, as it only killed 1 or 2 zombies and was at 10% hp.


What are the plans for the 4x4? will it get some love ? The 4x4 is not a cheap thing in game, and if you can make it and run it/maintain it, I cannot see why it should not destroy a zombie.

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This is why I loved the mini bike back in the day when that was the only vehicle you had. You could run over the crawlers. They should have given extra XP for head splatters.


People used this for hunting. You could run full-on into a bear and then engage it when it was at half health. Run down rabbits and deer. It made killing animals too easy

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