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What will it take to get the user, the power to delete the posts they create?

or at least be able to change the heading of them at the very minimum.


This is my problem i have so many changes incoming for my gaming group.

my posts are needing to be constantly changed.


if i start to update with new posts i will have well over 8 posts for game servers on top of the 4 i am trying to maintain.

I am constantly changing host systems to find and test the best possible systems i use for my gaming group.


I am about to expand. i do not want to end up with 15 + posts in the servers area. even if i post them in one post per location

i will still end up with alot of posts from my supporters and server owners that use my service i offer.


This has happened once before years back.

and it is about to happen again in the weeks to come.

I have been building working and testing my new rental service i offer to players from my gaming group.

game panel is ready, new host system will be running and set up in a matter of days.

starting with 2 locations and i will expand to 4 locations over time.


if this doesn't matter too anyone then i will carry on,

i just want to be able to edit or delete my own posts.

even if it is the the headline. this would solve my issue.


SMS Group Leader,

Noobs Inc.



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I will try to keep it within reason.

i change servers like i change socks.

it is not that i can't afford them it is because something better always comes along.


and i am aware of that.

Sylen and me go way back lol, i used to bug roland before that.


looks like it is your turn.

after 5 years of hosting 7 days to die i have always had this issue.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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