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Run dedicated on one machine, client on another with same copy?


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Is this possible? I couldn't find much trying to search this so i apologise in advance if this has been covered.


This is my situation, main pc is an

i7 9700, 16gb 2666, 980ti 6gb.

Secondary is

Fx8120, 16gb 1333, radeon 7850hd 2gb

(Don't make fun of me lol)


I know i can host through the client but i don't want to sacrifice performance and was losing frames while just playing with one other person.


So my question is, can i run a dedicated from my secondary machine on the same game copy? Will performance be better or worse? Would just running the client and dedicated on the same machine make more sense? I just don't want to leave my main pc on and running 24/7 either that's why i bring this up. I'll buy another copy if i have to, if it even makes sense to.


Thanks a lot for any help on this matter, much appreciated.

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your secondary machine will be enough. but i suggest you get a ssd for it, it will help the dedicated server alot.

i have an old guide i made a during a17, the set up is basically the same.however you need to make sure you have a good upload speed as you will be the host and you will also be playing, also take into consideration what else is going on in the house. Netflix on tv game console phones etc. they all take away from this.


another thing is you will need to have a static ip if you are using a home service ISP. some allow it some don't.

I can only help you with windows instances as this is what i use in my gaming group and host service i provide for 7 days to die.


I am willing to help you through this process if you need help.

I am sure someone will chime in about linux and other ways to host the dedi. i will leave that to them as i know nothing except ease of use with windows server and any windows version period.


if you want my help goto my website and join my discord i have my own support team and i am sure we can help.




the video i talk about is here, since i have made it there has been a few changes with the server config but that is easy enough to set and understand on your own.


I use the name Noobs Inc. in steam and discord. stuck with it almost was beheaded when i tried to change it lol.


I hope this helps.

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