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  1. Hi is there any way to change the 0 on numpad button from showing info on Zombies? can this button be changed to something esle ? I dont jusdt want to turn the numpad off as i use other keys on there thanks. Im left handed and use alot of gutton s in the bottom right of the keyboard 0 is my jump key.
  2. HI sometimes I have to go into Admin mod with friends to help them out when I do i can see loads of text above anything in the games name , can i turn this off as its extremely annoying even after exiting Admin mode it still shows. Thanks
  3. Does anyone have a list of waht names of Seeds actually work please?
  4. Does anyone else run a sevrer and find that up to level 70 people love the game they loive the fact thewy can level up and enjoy the buzz but at 70+ especially over 100 people just get bored? I can advertise and start a new server and get 10+ plyaers to come on and play but after about a week they just dont bother any more is it just me or?
  5. Hi Id love to get the guys in my community to do some trials for you I have about 7/8 players who would trtial it for you/ I am Jammymutt 1794 hours ALpha 12 ish i think when i started Sticky English Windows 10 .... Steam Name Tyrionas, Hours Played 3100 hours, Started alpha 6 i think, Discord name Tyrionas, Language English, operating system windows. .... There are several more I am waiting for replies on our Discord https://discord.gg/K4gPRy5 7DTD has always been our top game we play others but always come back to 7 days. W ecurrently run a server called Just Gamers Im more thna happy to share full access with you or if its on your servers thats fine just let us know and i can get all of us onto it if thats any good.
  6. You must have Discord we have had players join us before who havent been fair people, we have had hackers and idiots and we want top avoid these people . We have an 8k nitrogen map with loads of new buildings we can also give you some help with your first base and a care package if you want one. We run a few small mods like larger backpack , Vehicle respawns , nothing too serious just to help us enjoy the game. We are currently about day 120 we reset at day 300. Join the Discord for the server password. https://discord.gg/4pxNDpS We play PVE but do have some PVP events occasionally.
  7. No idea how to install ive copied before but never worked out how to paste them
  8. Pretty sure this is possible as ive done the same in the past make sure you make your config and admin files though.
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