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REQUEST: Stop cop spit and demon spit (Darkness Falls) from passing through bars


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I like to have a fun safe area for my players for horde night. Some use it, some don't. For the ones that do, I would like to have iron bars that don't pass through cop spit. Or demon zombie spit in Darkness Falls. I already have my own custom blocks for the horde area, I just don't know the modifier for the bars.


Like, you have: <property name="Collide" value="movement,melee,rocket"/>


For cop spit in A17, you just had to add a "missile" in there are it would stop it. Has it changed? How to do I stop the demon zombie and boss zombie spit from getting through in Darkness Falls?


Thank you for your time,




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OK, it appears I just spelled missile wrong. lol Oops.

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Vomit uses the Arrow hitmask. So try arrow as in <property name="Collide" value="movement,melee,rocket,arrow"/> or try removing the arrow hitmask from the meleeHandZombieCop in action1


Can you be more specific on how this works?


Action 1 on the zombie cop has a "<property name="Hitmask_override" value="Arrow"/>" does that make the vomit collide with things an arrow would collide with? If removed would that attack then collide with nothing?


I would like to mod things so that solid blocks such as Bulletproof glass stop the vomit from passing through and damaging things behind it.


The goal is to put motion sensors behind bulletproof glass, which I have also not figured out yet because the sensors inexplicably do not work through a transparent block in the same way they do behind bars.

Is LightOpacity the issue? I notice bars have "<property name="LightOpacity" value="0"/>" and motions sensors work behind them, but bulletproof glass has <property name="LightOpacity" value="2"/>

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