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  1. I can order a drone which heals me if I feel sick!? Great, link pls, I need that!
  2. Flying Drones!? Did I read that right!? Why is every developer adding such bull♥♥♥♥ (my opinion, no offense) to games I love. Rainbow 6 Siege with their "high futuristic" crap, now we get these kind of things here as well... I hope it's just a joke. Well at least we can mod it out of the game if it's no joke...
  3. I don't have so much time today and I'm out of the house later until Sunday, otherwise I would have made a video for you to explain each step I did. If you want I can still do it once I'm back home. I can also upload all original game textures if extracting is a problem on your end, just let me know what you prefer. I uploaded an updated version of your mod to one of my Google-Drives and sent you the link in a PM. Let me know what you think. As said above, not so much time today but the first tests are looking cool in my eyes (great texture btw!):
  4. Yeah, completely unnecessary to change the font at this state but I guess it's just a FunPimps thing (like many other things they do and I don't understand...). I just updated the HUD to the new font and it was a pain in the ass since it's a lot of work and I'm still not satisfied. "Everything" is different, like the position and size.... and that was just the in-game HUD, don't want to know how much time it will cost to adjust everything of SMX (UI, HUD, Menu,....).
  5. I tried his mod and yeah, it would be a nightmare, believe me! His rabbit is much more aggressive than the one I made and its (no) fun to meet it. Sure Mumpfy, you helped me a lot to understand the Unity things so, go ahead. But I also have to say that I don't want to hijack this topic of doughphunghus because he made a great job with his rabbit. I bet you know what I mean. @doughphunghus if you have questions regarding the extraction or creating of the textures, feel free to contact me.
  6. I extracted the original game textures and worked with them.
  7. Finally figured out how to add custom skins to animals. You've to create the texture in a graphics program of your choice (e.g. Photoshop, Gimp or whatever). Then you've to create a Material out of it in the UnityEditor. I named it Rabbit. Save it as Asset-Bundle and then you can load it like you are loading your textures now, just from your new created Asset-Bundle. Example: Folder structure: In the Resource folder is my new created AssetBundle named: ZTextures.unity3d And loading the texture is as easy as before: <property name="ReplaceMaterial0" value="#@modfolder:Resource
  8. Yes, I combined them. Here you go: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1S_Cd6p7Ql-9l1tLeWZIKnRnugGQ6XPxq/view Let me know if something isn't working/missing. btw. All credits of course to Xtrakicking and DUST2DEATH (https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?86145-HDHQ-Textures-Lighting-Environment), I just putted the mods together.
  9. Since I can't get custom textures/materials to get loaded for Zed's and animals for now, I used these 2 ways: 1. Replacing the texture/material in the resources.assets file. I use that method only if I play SP games since it would be a pain to provide that big file to everyone just for such small changes. Anyway... 2. Just linking another texture/material to the rabbit, one which is already in the game: <property name="ReplaceMaterial0" value="Materials/RadiatedUMA"/> ^^That's what I use for my killer rabbit and it looks like that in game: If you want to see it in normal
  10. I can offer you the file for A18.2 (b5). I like both mods/edits as well and update my files after each patch so, since you're on A18.1 (I don't have that file anymore) but if or when you upgrade to 18.2 just shoot me a message and I'll upload the file. As said above, made it for 18.2 but there is also the HDHQ Lightning "mod" included.
  11. Not sure but if an output folder with that name already exist, get sure that you set this option: Otherwise the generation will be aborted. Or try to change the map name.
  12. Either overwrite the original prefablist.txt or rename and add the file to the configPrefablists.txt. btw. if you overwrite the original prefablist.txt you have to chose the vanilla option in NitroGen.
  13. I posted a list here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?114207-Tool-NITROGEN-a-random-world-generator-for-7DtD&p=1061251&viewfull=1#post1061251
  14. ♥♥♥♥, just started a new game... stupid that I didn't check earlier....
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