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  1. Not sure but if an output folder with that name already exist, get sure that you set this option: Otherwise the generation will be aborted. Or try to change the map name.
  2. Either overwrite the original prefablist.txt or rename and add the file to the configPrefablists.txt. btw. if you overwrite the original prefablist.txt you have to chose the vanilla option in NitroGen.
  3. I posted a list here: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?114207-Tool-NITROGEN-a-random-world-generator-for-7DtD&p=1061251&viewfull=1#post1061251
  4. ♥♥♥♥, just started a new game... stupid that I didn't check earlier....
  5. Yeah, I noticed the same and most likely I ♥♥♥♥ed something up while editing the file, sorry for that. I can take another look in the next days but right now I have a damn strong hangover.
  6. I was bored so.... A18.1 (b8): https://www.mediafire.com/file/8kp2lhldyazipwp/Assembly-CSharp.dll/file
  7. My guess: different "engine"/coding language and much more experience than the game devs. Overall it doesn't seem that the game devs have much experience at all. Just my opinion after "reversing" (reverse engineering with some "friends") the game and lurking this forum for several years.
  8. Well, that would be amazing! If you need help in any way just let me know. Seriously, great idea and would make the game even more fun and amazing. Pretty hard to do all that stuff with the prefab and/or in game map editor.
  9. Sorry, "spawn point" were the wrong words... My question was all about generating a prefab where you want to have it. Hope it was not misleading. My bad english.... Personally I don't like the lobby close to cities so, an option to get a prefab as close to the center of the map as possible, independently from cities, would be great in my opinion. A marked area for spawns is not needed in my eyes since you can set the spawn position in the spawnpoints.xml or, like in my case, with Botman (bot to manage servers).
  10. @Damocles Is it possible to set a "spawn point" for a prefab before generating the world? Like: I have a lobby for a server and I want that lobby at the X and Z = 0 position. So, is it possibly to set it and that the world gets generated "around" that prefab. Right now I just hope it "spawns" close to the middle of the map or I try to adjust the prefabs in the 7d2d world editor before I upload the map to the server.
  11. Yep, that's right. Should work then.
  12. Glad you got it working. It's a great tool. Yeah I wondered the same, regarding an error message. There was just none and nothing happened.
  13. Would look like this in the console: Warning, maps above 8k are just experimental ! They will take very long to generate, and might require higher memory allocation. set prefablists to I:\7d2d\NitroGen_WorldGenerator/resources/prefablist.txt creating output directory: NitroGenMap I:\7d2d\NitroGen_WorldGenerator\output\NitroGenMap output directory created running generation thread ... running terrain generation ... image saved: I:\7d2d\NitroGen_WorldGenerator/output/NitroGenMap/radiation.png 102 ms place: 57 flat , 24 rough, 37 desert, 26 mountains exporting (1/3) exporting (2/3) image saved: I:\7d2d\NitroGen_WorldGenerator/output/NitroGenMap/genHM.png 6904 ms exporting (3/3) image saved: I:\7d2d\NitroGen_WorldGenerator/output/NitroGenMap/biomes.png 4191 ms ... terrain generation ... DONE ... ... running world mapping ... gen custom settlements custom_town_size_15 (1/151) (2/151) (3/151) (4/151) (5/151) (6/151) .... .... .... (142/151) (143/151) (144/151) (145/151) (146/151) (147/151) (148/151) (149/151) (150/151) (151/151) exporting (1/3) exporting (2/3) I:\7d2d\NitroGen_WorldGenerator/output/NitroGenMap/biomes.png not TYPE_INT_RGB, copy type 6 -> 1 exporting (3/3) ... world mapping ... DONE ... FINISHED GENERATING NEW WORLD Total time taken: 3 min 41 sec I had the same issue when I used Prefabs with the UNIQUE entry in the prefabslist.xml. After removing it, every map size was possible to generate.
  14. CompoPack 40 prefablist.xml Here is an updated list I made for CompoPack40: [ATTACH]30531[/ATTACH] All the "Asian" buildings are spawning in their own city so, if you don't like that, you've to change it. Yes, works great! @Damocles Works great as always! Would be nice to have a drop down list for different settings like you did for the prefab lists. Do you think you'll add that at some point? Thx again for your greaat work! prefablist.txt
  15. Made a few pretty nice looking maps with the newest build! Streets/Roads seem to be even more "natural". Great work. What I noticed is, that the spawn (if setted to "single spawnpoint CO-OP") is often on mountains or trees, broke my leg or died several times. Also, cities are mostly generated at the outside of the map and not so much in the middle. Example: https://i.imgur.com/c5eP1hC.jpg It would be really cool to have an option to save settings under different names. Right now I'm just doing my "setup" in the GUI and save the configUI.txt, so I can use it later again if I want to. It's no big deal to save a bunch of .txt files and copy them to the resources folder if I want to use a specific setting but would be easier to have an option build in. My ♥♥♥♥ty english... I hope you get what I mean.
  16. Well I was on 0.440. Will try the new version now. Thx. EDIT: oh, btw: I updated the prefablist.txt for Compo-Pack 40. Maybe someone needs it.... [ATTACH]30318[/ATTACH] prefablist.txt
  17. Just want to say "Thanks" for this great tool! Also: with the last update the "generating speed" is just awesome. Went from 45-60 mins for a 12k map to 10-15 mins. Almost the same settings regarding city sizes etc..
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