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  1. I am actually trying to make this item more rare and trying to figure out if one probability is used or both and how they stack together.
  2. Thank you. I understand how the range for the count of items works, but I was wondering how the prob="0.1" for the diamonds stacks with the prob="0.05" chance of getting rareOres to begin with.
  3. Say you want to add some uber-rare loot to the game. Maybe you want to add it as a rare drop to the Hero chests are found at the end of most POI's <lootgroup name="groupHeroChestLootSub"> <item group="groupWeaponsAllScaledTPlus" prob="0.4"/> <item group="groupArmorScaledTPlus" prob="0.4"/> <item group="groupModAllScaled" prob=".2"/> <item group="rareOres" count="2,5" prob="0.05"/> <item group="booksRareOnlyScaled" count="1,2" prob="0.015"/> <item group="perkBooks" count="1,2" prob="0.015"/> </lootgroup> Take rareOres for example, assuming that "0.05" is a percentage, then you have a 1/20 chance of something from Rare Ores being found in any chest that pulls from the HeroChest loots above. But then within rareOres, there are more potential items, 1-5 Silver Nuggets have a 100% chance anytime rareOres comes up for loot, but then you have a smaller chance of getting Gold Nuggets or Diamonds. For example, a 1/10 chance for 1-3 Diamonds. <lootgroup name="rareOres"> <!-- 907 average --> <item name="resourceSilverNugget" count="1,5"/> <!-- 250 --> <item name="resourceGoldNugget" count="1,4" prob="0.3"/> <!-- 700 --> <item name="resourceRawDiamond" count="1,3" prob="0.1"/> <!-- 1500 --> </lootgroup> The question is, how does the game handle nested probabilities on loot tables? What is the total probability of getting the 1-3 diamonds possible in a hero loot container? Is it 1/20 to get Silver Nuggets and 1/20 * 1/10 = 1/200 for Diamonds?
  4. I was revisiting this issue as I updated my little pack of personal utility modlets for A19. After rereading your earlier comments, I noticed something I had previously misunderstood. If the block will not override the opacity of the material, then I should make both the collision and opacity changes in Materials and then add in the collision filters back in at the Block level. So this is what I came up with, I will test it later to see if it works. <!-- This should make motion sensors see through bulletproof glass --> <set xpath="/materials/material[@id='MglassBulletproof']/property[@name='LightOpacity']/@value">0</set> <insertAfter xpath="/materials/material[@id='MglassBulletproof']/property[@name='MaxDamage']" > <property name="collidable" value="false"/> </insertAfter>
  5. Thank you. Block "glassBulletproofMaster" already has those collide settings, and I modded the corresponding materials.xml to turn off collision as Xyth suggested, but the glass still blocks line of sight for the motion sensor. <insertAfter xpath="/materials/material[@id='MglassBulletproof']/property[@name='MaxDamage']" > <property name="collidable" value="false"/> </insertAfter>
  6. Ok, I will give it a try. What is the property to set the other collision types?
  7. As title suggests, I am trying to get motion sensors to work through Bulletproof glass as they do through bars. I am also trying to figure out why cop vomit seems to travel through solid blocks to hurt things underneath. The goal is to make bulletproof glass a viable way to protect electronics such as the motion sensor from being barfed on and damaged.
  8. Seems to work well enough, but I have not tried the excavators yet.
  9. This does not seem to be working in A18 even though it really looks like it should be, any idea how to fix it? I am not even sure what settings it changes.
  10. This does not seem to be working in A18 even though it really looks like it should be, any idea how to fix it? I am not even sure what settings it changes.
  11. In several different maps I see a bunch of spiderweb roads running parallel routes to POIs that are right next to each other instead of using a common road to access the area. I feel like the road generation would benefit from code to strongly encourage the roads to seek and connect with other nearby roads whenever possible.
  12. This is an impressive RWG. Is there a way by chance to adjust the average surface elevation/depth to bedrock? Since they moved bedrock to +3, I feel like I am missing 50+ blocks of tunneling room and I cannot dig the super deep tunnels I was used to doing in previous builds. For example if the "sea level" of the map is currently at 35 meters, is there a way to make that more like 50? It would make the average elevation higher, valleys deeper, and mountains less high relative to the average. What category does the Indian burial grounds fall under? Outback POI?
  13. Is there a way to adjust the level of the surface relative to bedrock? I want the ground to be deeper so there is more dirt/stone/ore between the average surface and the bedrock without making everything into a mountain range.
  14. I like the concept, but that is the purpose of the tire once you get one?
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