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A17 - Backpack Buttons (Stash All, Stash All But First Row, Stack All, SDX)


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This has been a little bit of a pet project of mine for the past few months, just to learn how to use C#. Back in A16, Manux created a mod to add extra vehicles to the game. That mod came with 2 buttons for the player backpack, Stash All (moved the entire contents of your backpack to an open container, including vehicles) and Stash All But First Row (Same thing, but ignored the first row).


I decided I wanted them in A17, so I've been working on converting the code over, and it finally works. :) It is an SDX mod, but I believe the launcher can do the compiling for you (sphereii is working on adding it to the launcher). Here's a screenshot of how it looks in-game.




And a video for folks who want to see how it actually works. Ignore the fact it's running on my overhaul mod, the functionality will still be the same, just a different UI.



Of course, this mod wouldn't have been possible without various folks, so here's the thanks section.


Manux - For the icons and the original idea in A16. His code gave me a base point to start from and learn with.

Sphereii - For helping me mute the sound so we don't have a RIP eardrums moment, and answering my dumb C# questions.

Mythixdino - For help with the Stack All button, bug fixing and spitballing ideas.

Jax & the RH team - For the IDEA of the stack all button in the first place (was requested by my DF players who have also played RH)


It should work with most UI mods. I've tested it with my 60 slot and 96 slot BBM's, and the SimpleUI 120 slot backpack. Those all work fine, but I make no promises with regards to other UI mods. Since I'm only changing the controller and adding some buttons, it SHOULD be ok... in theory.


Download link is here for folks who know how to use DMT and want to manually patch it in. For anyone else, I believe it is now on the launcher.


Have fun. :)




This is an SDX mod. It will not work on existing overhauls like Ravenhearst (which has this functionality anyways) and Darkness Falls (which will be getting this integrated). It SHOULD work on War of the Walkers since that does not use a modded DLL.


You WILL need to have EAC turned off to use this mod. If installing on a server, clients WILL need the modded DLL's, and those are different from server ones.

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Small heads up.


The STACK ALL button may have issues with vehicle storage. I shall be looking into that over the next few days. For the moment, don't use it to move stuff to vehicle inventories. Stash All/Stash All But First Row work fine.


Pretty sure I tested it on my car in DF, but I'm hearing the bicycle is an issue.


EDIT: Confirmed with a mostly vanilla install. Stack all DOES NOT work with vehicles. Stash All/Stash All But First Row are working fine.


Will do some digging. :)


EDIT 2: Temp fix pushed. Stack All currently does not work on vehicles (it DOES work on storage containers), but no longer causes an NRE.

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Hm... Not sure what is causing it, but doesn't seem to work with my current mod layout (the buttons are there, and make the activation sound, but does not do anything).


Mods I have:

Remove Player Level Gate

Backpack Buttons

Basic Elevators

Drconfused Oil Extractor

Drconfused Power Series1

Auto Stone Turret

Milestone Zombie Killer

Zombie Loot Drops (10%)

KH Lockpicks

Legendary Quests

Meat Fix

Realistic Hunting Harvest

S420 Simple UI: Compass

S420 Simple UI: Crafting Queue

S420 Simple UI: Forge Input

S420 Simple UI: Left HUD

S420 Simple UI: Toolbelt

Vanilla Ammo Recycle



Edit: Nvm, didn't realize this is a SDX mod (something completely new to me...), will see if I can get it working with that...


Edit #2: Yeah, once I figured out how to proper SDX installation, it is now working perfectly fine~ But this little addition is a god send~

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