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  1. Yes, randomly last week my server started throwing a texture error for the XUI on this mod. Can't get into my server because of it. Had to remove the mod.
  2. Nice mod, works well. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Are we supposed to have to reset game files every time we want to rebuild? Bc I can't ever seem to rebuild. I always get the error
  4. Have you tested any single items? Maybe its a specific item that is doing it... This never happened back in A17 for me and my server. But that was before he added the rocking chair, hot tub, showers, the dinner table, GoT Throne etc. So to me, it seems to be a problem with a single or set of new items added after the initial mod was released.
  5. Ah okay. What about taming them, or trapping? My players are still trying to figure out how to trap animals.
  6. jerseyetr

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    I don't have a log from that incident, but I do have to say, only with the NPC mod do I get this error, and this is also causing issues currently on my server.. Used the same mods in A17 and got the same error. We actually had to remove the NPC mod because of it. Wandering trader and Bandits mod works just fine. Removed this mod, error gone. Put the mod back. turn on the server, error is back. EDIT: Server is having the same issue we had back in A17.. players can't join after a certain amount of time, and our server hangs saying a player is still there, when they are not. Happens when they get around NPCs. A player said they hired an NPC for bloodmoon, and then the server crashed and kicked him off, but the server was still on, and unable to have players connect. Also, this spam in log makes it extremely frustrating to debug any errors we may have... 15min of my server being on and my log file size is 12,623,245 bytes......
  7. jerseyetr

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Having an error on my server in which, I spawn an NPC, hire him. Command him to stay, and a few things happen. Placed bar stools... didnt see them.. killed the NPC BAM. Stools appear. Friend walks into our Community Center bar, I spawn another NPC, hire him, command him to stay. Friend is unable to jump, crouch, or sprint. I can hear him walking around, but only see him walking in place. He says he is right in front of me, but I see him very far away at the bar, me at the door. Kill the NPC, and BAM were staring at each other face to face and he regains full movement again. Happened earlier, but I actually blamed another mod for it. Seems it was this one.
  8. Im honestly not even sure how to turn that on/off EDIT: nvm duh. that scroll lock. EDIT again: Dude.... I love you again.. Thank you so much. Spent almost 3 hours trying to figure out what is wrong... Never knew about that scroll lock feature.
  9. Really odd bug now after several hours of playing. My server crashed while I was playing and my game seems to be very borked since. Server is fine, all players connect fine, but I cannot get onto my game at all. I sign in with DMT and my game Immediately open a SP game... if I quit VIA the pause menu it goes directly to desktop. uninstalled 2 times and retired still same thing. Installed in new spot same thing. Completely wiped all traces of 7dtd same thing wiped via game launcher same thing Uninstalled, DIDNT use DMT, and it works. Build with DMT, doesn't work. It seems once adding the rebuilt assembly dll, i get the error, deleting, and verifying clears the error. But the issue is now, I can't get on my own server and all my players can.... No matter what I try I can't play with DMT.. All im using is Animal Husbandry, Bandits, Traders and NPCS and its 1 dependency.
  10. how exactly does the animal husbandry mod work? im very confused on how to actually get an animal to breed.
  11. Wonkiest rocking chair ever... but i love it.. and this mod. Amazing work. Jealous of it actually. The PC is awesome, the hot tub, the carousel, Great man. Just great. Now my Community Town feel real! EDIT: Sad day.. have to remove the mod. Spamming the same error mentioned above... also gave some severely ♥♥♥♥ed up bugs on my server Once getting off a hammock, it made my server unplayable. I saw players moving in place, then couldnt jump. Couldnt use DM or CM to fly. Removed the hammock, ZOOM we all fly across the map and then are stuck again. Remove a chair, ZOOM again. Big bug... really hope it gets fixed. EDIT again: I think it seems to be the rocking chair. The bug only happened to me directly after using a rocking chair, or while a player was.
  12. Thats what I usually do as well. Thanks for the swift reply. Love your mods and all the work you do!
  13. I remember with SDX tool to mod a Dedi, you had to install a dedi on your PC, and build that way, then copy over the dll and mods folder, im assuming its the same way for DMT?
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