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  1. We have recently removed the password for Server #1 The only requirement now is the Mod Pack. No pw needed!
  2. Bump. Always have room for more! We are also looking for another Moderator to help us out!
  3. Can we have more zombies in the wilderness again? Dealing with mainly Sleepers, and a few stragglers on your way back home from a loot run is kind of dry. Would be awesome as hell to be on your last leg from a loot, on the way home BAM, giant horde blocking your way to base. Currently, it feels like the same thing over and over. Go out, loot, kill sleepers you KNOW are there, because hell, we have seen all the spots already, loot, exit, make way back home, Kill 1-4 zombies on the way, or don't its whatever. Kindddd of stale. I have made a modlet to increase zombie spawns in the wilderness for my Server, but still, it doesn't feel like it used to at some point, long ago.
  4. Mods being run on Full Moon server (Server #1) Bdubs Vehicles Manux's Vehicles Weaponry Beta Test (formerly Firearms 2) FarmLife Mod (updated for A18) Fun with Flags Guppycurs Misc Blocks HH All cars respawn HH Casino HH More Seats Sittable Furniture Zombie Pinups
  5. Midnight Slayers Midnight Slayers has been around since 2015! We just recently opened a 2nd server to accommodate our players that no longer want to play with mods, and extend this to anybody new as well! Welcome to our Family! We are Heavily Community Oriented and most of us have known each other for several years. Our discord is the place to be for all things Midnight Slayers. https://discord.gg/gtGXhbB Full Moon (Server #1) Modded (mod pack required) Extra vehicles, weapons and more! IP: Port: 14072 Live Map Half Moon (Server #2) Newly wiped Same settings as #1, just with Server-side ONLY mods (no download needed, just connect and play) IP: Port: 7160 Live Map All of our servers feature: Active Discord -- Moderated 24/7 bot a Custom Coded bot Bridged Discord and Game chat with CSMM Daily Backups CSMM in Use for fun commands (teleport, home, lobby, and more. Purely optional) WEEKLY City and Town resets (resets back to day 1 status, respawns all cars and all lootboxes fixed etc) Settings: Difficulty: 4 Day length: 90 min Daylight length: 18hrs Zombies speed: Run only at night Max Zombies: 180 Max Animals: 50 Loot Abundance: 150% Loot Respawn time: 7 days Drop on Death: Backpack only Airdrop: 3 days Claim size: 82 Claim amount: 2 Deadzone: 250 Claim Duration: 21 days Party Shared Killed Range: 250M Mods Used on Server #1: CCTV [www.nexusmods.com] Sittable Furniture[www.nexusmods.com] Hot tubs, Beds, couches, chairs, tables, toilets etc. Weaponry (formerly Firearms 2)[www.nexusmods.com] Farm Life2 Mod[www.nexusmods.com] More Vehicles[www.nexusmods.com] (helicopter, Quads, Muscle Cars, Jeeps, More Motorcycles, Box trucks with massive storage, and MORE) More vehicles!![7daystodie.com] 4x4 6 Seater Mod (plus all other vehicles have more seat) More craftable working lights More Creative and decorative blocks --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tweaks to All Servers (Server #2 mods) Zombie Range lowered slightly (no more getting hit from 2 blocks away) Zombies don't dig as quickly Some item stacks have been increased Radiated Zombies Drop loot 50% of the time (loot reworked to be less OP) Bikes spawn in Dumpsters Ui Modifications All cars respawn - - - Updated - - -
  6. Btw, this still doesn't work. Now after Stable, nobody is showed as an Admin, not even me or my Moderators. I have added myself via the serveradmin.xml as I always do when starting any server...still not working.
  7. Doesn't work on either SP or Dedi. Once an item is held in the hand, I can not do anything else. Can't swap items in hotbar, select items in inventory etc. Only way to clear the error is to die or clear BP with Creative menu.
  8. jerseyetr

    DMT Modding Tool

    Are we supposed to have to reset game files every time we want to rebuild? Bc I can't ever seem to rebuild. I always get the error
  9. Bump. STill here in A18. We have a community town center that has a bank, 2 traders and plenty of other buildings to use that actually serve purpose. Store special items at the bank along with money, and or just hang out at Town as its 100% zombie free always. EVEN during Blood Moon.
  10. Have you tested any single items? Maybe its a specific item that is doing it... This never happened back in A17 for me and my server. But that was before he added the rocking chair, hot tub, showers, the dinner table, GoT Throne etc. So to me, it seems to be a problem with a single or set of new items added after the initial mod was released.
  11. Ah okay. What about taming them, or trapping? My players are still trying to figure out how to trap animals.
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