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Game won't update to 17.4


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I have heard whispers on the wind about A17.4 being released a few days ago is this true? Nothing has come to The Canadian Region of Steam. So it must just be a Tall Tale. I say this because I have been reading update news on Steam and on the news page says it was released.565942517_2019-06-0114_29_52-Greenshot.jpg.39b1f07bfaba8070fa9945f957f8b44c.jpg

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Steam version is stuck on 17.3. I tried verifying files, restarting steam, nothing seems to be working. I have my Steam client setup to auto update.


I'm having the same issue, except mine is stuck on 17.2. I can update to 17.3 via the betas tab in properties, but 17.3 is the last stable version listed. There is no 17.4 stable in the list for me.


UPDATED: NM, I got it working. Switched to 17.3, then opted out of betas and version now says 17.4

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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