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  1. Are there plans for the radiation suit to have set bonuses?
  2. Those new screen shots you guys are posting on Twitter are awesome. You should definitely update the steam page with them. The ones you have now are old. And I don't even know how old that trailer is that is on there.
  3. What is the revenant? I visited the forums everyday and that is new to me.
  4. 7 Days 2 using same engine or unreal engine?
  5. How's the progress on the flying junk turret coming along?
  6. I hope this means we can invest in a blade and bow bleed build soon.
  7. How come we can't use a splint or bandage to heal our sprained ankle faster?
  8. MM, when do you guys start adding in the main storyline? That's something I'm really looking forward to.
  9. Haven't chimed in here for many months, but wanted to get out a few thoughts of my experience so far in A19. Overall, the feel of A19 is really good. I'm playing on all default settings right now, and it feels more difficult than A19. I feel like I'm constantly being swarmed by zombies wherever I go. I couldn't even set up my first stash spot without a steady flow of zombies coming at me. Loot feels OP. Even though guns aren't in the loot table early on, everything else can be found in abundance. I have unlocked so many schematics, books, found all the good mods,
  10. Hell Yes. I've requested this back in A17.
  11. How about the pyramid slopes people are using? The zombies attempt to walk up, but cant and instead of attacking the block they just walk in place.
  12. Wait...in A19? Or is that for a future Alpha?
  13. Any plans to update the power attack animation for the machete? The current animation is so unnatural for how someone would swing a machete.
  14. I would love it if Perk rank 5 of the stun baton shocked all nearby enemies when you hit the closest zombie.
  15. which of the 1-3 old zombies are being replaced?
  16. Madmole, are you working on a book series for the junk turrets and stun baton in A19?
  17. Madmole, with the desire to have 3 tiers of all weapons in the game, do you have any plans on making it harder for the player to acquire the highest tier of each weapon type? For example, would the Desert Eagle have a much lower drop rate than a regular pistol?
  18. How is the junk sledge going to be powered? With gasoline or car batteries?
  19. Does it only attack straight ahead or does it spin 360?
  20. How's work going on the legendary items going?
  21. What does a typical meal day look like for you when your lifting?
  22. Madmole, are we getting any new trader quests in A19?
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