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My first prefab


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Hi.Here is my first prefab "The Maze". It's nothing special, but how to start to learn creating prefabs, if not by doing.



*delete* cause overwork... download avaible at new post


2 questions:

Is it easily possible to make generators keep the motor and fuel?

And what happens if i wire things, will it "stay wired"?

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Congrats to your first prefab release! Regarding your questions - You cannot save electricity related data in a prefab. So, no generators will lose their engines and fuel. Wires will be removed from the poi.


It might be possible using mods though. I don't know.

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As a small tip for a new prefabber. Be carefull with water. It can screw your game. Had big problems in A16 and today A17 tried to screw me again.


a little add:


Waterblocks are fine IF THEY HAVE THE RIGHT ATTRIBUTES !!!

But Prefabs that were saved with the ingame-editor have strange Values on Meta and Rotation after saving !!!


This is why all Vanilla-Prefabs that contain water are secretly corrupted.


To fix this problem u have to edit and clean the waterblocks with pilles editor

U have to fix MetaValue to 0 (instead of 2) and RotationValue to 0 (instead of 8)


Just be sure to not save the prefab with ingame-editor again or u have to clean it up with pilles again !!!


I reported this Issue in detail already in A17.0 - but got no Response (like always LOL)

It causes to force strange terrain-errors, waters not showning, water can have wierd gfx-glitches, and more


This Issue not only belongs to RWG - the corrupted prefabs do spawn in Nave too.

IMO this is a nasty mayor bug - I wonder why the devs dont care about that?

(it took me about 5 mins to cleanup all waterblocks in all CP-prefabs with pilles editor)


btw there are several kinds of waterblocks:

256 : terrWaterPOI

257 : waterMovingBucket

258 : waterStaticBucket

259 : waterMoving

260 : water

Idk which is the best One - Iam using 256 (sometimes also 260) in the CP and think they are OK

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