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Your Base Core in A17

Royal Deluxe

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After arround a Dozend bases i build in A17 i decided to make a Base core i can use in all future bases (no fun to get used to a new layout all few days)


So here it is

7x7 Room the corners a my SI mainpillars what result in 5 Broad walls i can use


Base from Outside



From entry



Next to the door my "in" boxes i can free my inventory during day (and sort it in night)

The Vending machine i use to store guns and bows, nice sideeffect is that ammo is unloaded when i put them in


5 Stone Forges are rough the amount you can hold busy during gameplay with much focus on mining




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Thanks, maybe one idea i do not use as Singleplayer/Death is Death player


Before that i had 4 Container with a full equipment for the case i died (specially because of a PVP raid)

Means next to my Bed i had 4 Wallsafes with a Armor, weapons, ammo and heal stuff.


So that i was a few seconds after death again ready to fight



Ahh and btw i had now enough space for all crates, what many miss is that they can use these crates as Floor or ceiling too

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In A17, i'd normally start with a pillar base of 4 hollow pillars of 3x3, 8 or 7 tall.

I'd use one pillar for hatch-elevator entry, and another with a haybale at the bottom as exit.

Atop of those pillars i construct my early base room, 2 blocks high.

For defense, i've been using centre pole loops in the early game, meatgrinder

of bladetraps as soon as i can craft them. And no, i don't mind using loops. I use

them while i can, knowing they will one day be history.




Later on, as i get more materials, i will often add another floor and some more pillars.

Tend to put a bit more work into that upmost floor.





And that is pretty much it. Eventually, i tend to make a perimeter walk, high up. I started

doing those in A16, mostly to access my turrets in an easy way. I might experiment a bit

with spiked defenses, or use a dart-trap+electric fense corridor in newer builds.


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My buddy builds a nice house, while i build a base that is just for horde night .


I dig down a few levels, then dig a long distance to the flattest land I can find . Connect the tunnel from the top, build iron bar cage around one entrance . fill surrounding area with traps.


BM horde spawns too far away from entrance to see tunnel . Shooting gallery.

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I like this base except the falltrap with hoovering poles.

They are a bit immersion breaking (i mean really only a bit)

So maybe (if you perceive it the same way) try one of these 2 Fallholes

Both work very well. A rombus of Ramps or centered poles Horizontally hold by Plates

Look Physical possibel and you can maybe run over the sides during zombies fall running more towards the center


Really only as tip (because the rest of your base look nicely RP whise usable)


I decided finally for the Rombus expanded with plates to be 3 broad (symetric base)


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made a new screenshot of this fallhole broadened to 3 Blocks




Btw the ramp dont hoover, its hold by the walls + a plate



But the defense part i still develop further (even if it works flawless, but i want it ready for bandits and more stupid hordes of 64) 2 broad because i lost one lootbag and one dog that have fallen down during hordenight



But thats the point of the standardized Base core. No matter how the defense develops, in my next base i will know blind what is in which container

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I'm in this lodge for three blood moons now. It's the most time I've been in one single place.




I have a dozen pictures to show of the inner gauntlets, but the forum has a maximum of 5, so let's leave it at that.


As for the "base core" OP asked us to post, I suppose the fireplace room fits the bill.




I'm getting the urge to go hiking, and leave the safehouse for some weeks. It's lovely to work on your place, it really grows on you, but I don't want to smother my explorer side. There's so much of the map to explore.

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