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  1. Wait! This just in... Trader Joel is now offering a Food Assistance Program, where you can acquire Food Stamps for being such a Wuss, but then you have to go and fetch his coffee, do his dishes, and clean his Terlet and can't leave the compound until you work off your Trader Joel Food Stamps. After leaving the Trader compound, you will get s "Shame" Debuff for 1 game day, until you can learn to survive. Zombies will leave you alone out of pity for your lazy @%$*#!. [Zombie be like] "Look.. Braiiiinnss!...mmmmmmm" "Wah, nooooo... Lazzzzeeee Braiiinnnsss
  2. I have an idea... Instead of whining about the food, and the fact that you didn't use the Perks, Traders, etc. to your advantage... Just go mod the game how you want it, and let The Fun Pimps balance the game that they want to play. You can mod the game into Pokeman, or Easy Peasy Non-Pocalypse, Minecraft endless farm, if you want! Try that instead! Let the rest of us actually play the game that was meant to challenge your resource and time mangement, and ability to customize your Perks, and buy critical items at a Trading Post.
  3. So many posts, can't read them all, but maybe some of you agree with me... Yes, too much eating - exactly. You are supposed to spec into Perks to either eat less, or gain more meat, or grow more vegs, or make hardier stews to cook. That is what perks are for. OR... you can buy the Trader and Vendor good foods, if you don't want to spec. I mean, that is the point of Perks! You know what breaks the "immersion" for me?? people who keep whining about their "immersion" getting broke! LOL Use the Perks dingle-heads! I have so much food that I can't eat it all!
  4. I used to hate them!.. now... I LOVE to Hate them! Yes, they are pesky and like to irritate us. That is precisely the point. What else should you expect in a zombie apocalypse?? Look, keep a pistol or club ready on every roof top, and have same equipped on your bike ride thru Wasteland. Kill the @%$*#!s fast - harvest lots of that sweet rotten meat (for Hobo Stew!) and feathers and bones!! I welcome them now. [wow, the forum censored me above and it wasn't a swear word... lol]
  5. I think so. I noticed my perks are all lower. Some other threads ppl saying same. Devs used to tell us if we need to start a new game, but seems like they didn't tell us this time. Experimental, I guess we can just expect it.
  6. If you guys don't like tower defense games, play something else. With tower defense, we want challenge, we want some curve balls thrown at us that challenge our design, and we want it to get progressively harder so that we can build up bigger, meaner bases!! Remember, this game is a trifecta mixture of Survival, FPS, and yes... Tower Defense. If you just want FPS, there are games that only do that. If you only want survival there are games that only do that. The game can always be improved, but we don't need some hand holding tutorial about building our base to beat
  7. So, I love A19 so far. Love the new zombies, look amazing. Everything about this version seems really well put together, imho. It's like the whole game is finally what we all dreamed it would be. Sure, can always improve, etc, etc... but so far I love it. Any who... so I notice this one funny thing. The new zombie in the yellow shirt - I think he is maybe asian guy looking. Well, that bruce lee guy loves to kill wolves!! LOL It's kinda hilarious. In my small town area, I have seen this play out now like 5-7 times at least! I am coming up to a POI. Then I hea
  8. Guys, I'm reading this thread and not sure if you snowflakes are playing the same game as me :) Is this like the millenial generation of 7D2D players who can't figure out or build anything that is "too hard"?!? The devs made the AI harder to predict the behavior because a couple versions back, it seems, there was an entirely different sentiment of people whining because the AI was so predictable, that horde night was too easy if you built one of 2-3 types of bases. For example, one type is the base raised on columns with all spikes underneath and you have iron or wo
  9. Ok, so I tried my best. I found first tree stump - 1 honey - cool! Infection reducing... Searching more tree stumps.. hey, where the Buck are all the tree stumps in this huge pine forest. Wait, there's one! running (losing stamina).. ok phew - chop, chop, chop... NO honey! Running all over pine forest, no more stumps infection back to square one. LAME!!!!!!!
  10. Hey All, thanks for the advice! The tree stumps! ok, i had no idea. I thought they phased out the old lootable ones and did not know can harvest new ones! The missing puzzle piece. I may just survive yet! Wish me luck - logging in now with 96% infection...
  11. Also, in the old Days we could try to hunt Nurses for antibiotics. That still was not a guarantee, but now they are pointless!
  12. I can't find enough antibiotics. I know there was an effort to reduce meds and make infection a real survival threat. And I like that. However, it's almost too much now. I got infected on like Day 3, caught off guard. Ok fine. Went thru like 3 POIs - no antibiotics. Finally even found a Pop-n-Pills and cleared it. The enitre POI had 2 antibiotics but my infection was enough that they did not fully cure it! ( I had stacks of splints, bandages, painkiller, grain alcohol, etc) Then - 3 airdrops - NO anitbiotics! Come on Man! I an can't find any berries to make the herbal ones! A
  13. I quite enjoy using the stun baton. At first it's a little clunky like using a wiffle ball bat. But, as you perk and mod it, it starts hitting really well, and love when it zap stuns them! Then finish them. Of course the turrets are great too.
  14. Quick note on new tool art: Iron pick should have rusty look. Steel pick should not, would not rust, right?? I'm not expert though.
  15. Hey, did Iron Ore get removed, in recent update?? When I logged in and started mining Iron, it was dropping only scrap metal instead of iron ore. I guess it would be a "sharp sticks" argument right??
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