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  1. Ok, so I tried my best. I found first tree stump - 1 honey - cool! Infection reducing... Searching more tree stumps.. hey, where the Buck are all the tree stumps in this huge pine forest. Wait, there's one! running (losing stamina).. ok phew - chop, chop, chop... NO honey! Running all over pine forest, no more stumps infection back to square one. LAME!!!!!!!
  2. Hey All, thanks for the advice! The tree stumps! ok, i had no idea. I thought they phased out the old lootable ones and did not know can harvest new ones! The missing puzzle piece. I may just survive yet! Wish me luck - logging in now with 96% infection...
  3. Also, in the old Days we could try to hunt Nurses for antibiotics. That still was not a guarantee, but now they are pointless!
  4. I can't find enough antibiotics. I know there was an effort to reduce meds and make infection a real survival threat. And I like that. However, it's almost too much now. I got infected on like Day 3, caught off guard. Ok fine. Went thru like 3 POIs - no antibiotics. Finally even found a Pop-n-Pills and cleared it. The enitre POI had 2 antibiotics but my infection was enough that they did not fully cure it! ( I had stacks of splints, bandages, painkiller, grain alcohol, etc) Then - 3 airdrops - NO anitbiotics! Come on Man! I an can't find any berries to make the herbal ones! And, what ever happened with Honey?? None in the loot! Was it removed?! Please, give me some advice.... after those 2 antibiotics, my infection went all the way down to around 10% and now went all the way back to 95% already. I cleared like 5 more POIs - nothing, and Pop-n-Pills is all emptied out! Now what??
  5. I quite enjoy using the stun baton. At first it's a little clunky like using a wiffle ball bat. But, as you perk and mod it, it starts hitting really well, and love when it zap stuns them! Then finish them. Of course the turrets are great too.
  6. Quick note on new tool art: Iron pick should have rusty look. Steel pick should not, would not rust, right?? I'm not expert though.
  7. Hey, did Iron Ore get removed, in recent update?? When I logged in and started mining Iron, it was dropping only scrap metal instead of iron ore. I guess it would be a "sharp sticks" argument right??
  8. So, I am quietly crouched inside my base. Flip on my head light... Heat goes from 2 to 70 !?! Is it way too much heat?? I am inside the base - I'm not flood-lighting the whole front yard!
  9. My node is big and has some veins. Do you have a big veiny node, too?? Wait... wtf am I saying here?? I just creeped myself out...
  10. What is up with screamers?? Out of control! Keep coming and I have no Forge or Workbench, couple torches. I cooked some stuff - not much. Then she sees me when she "can't" see me!! Then calls zombies and another screamer - pretty soon it's like all hell broke loose. I would expect that if I had like a wall of Forges and Mixers running. Are torches calling screamers?? Does Heat follow me from the Forge running at the Trader far away?? Is code borked?? Am I just really unlucky?
  11. Guys, what do you think about the Trader offering a quest to fix each of his workstations that are destroyed?? E.g. - "go Fetch me the Forge repair kit...and I may even let ya use it too!" Or, how about for like a few thousand Dukes, it will get repaired? Orrr - how about he charges a rental fee per so many resources... I mean, he does take the extra zombie heat to his base instead of yours.
  12. The best part of a18 is clearly the new wrench sound! Thanks for helping me not go nuts from the old horrible wrench sound!
  13. I think it's just the artists having some fun guilding the lily.
  14. Here is an idea I would love to see for the Trader Joel's workstations (workbench, forge, chem station, cement mixer). Pay Trader Joel some Dukes to fix those broken stations, or which ever ones you want working. Sure, sometimes you get lucky and get a working forge, etc. - but how about, if it's broken, at some point you can pay him to fix it! Heck, I'm sure he would appreciate it too! "Sure son, if you help me fix up that old Forge, I'll even let ya use it!!" Maybe it can even be a quest line: "Have any jobs??" [Go retrieve the Forge repair package from POI-123]
  15. I like it, but I think it should not happen on the first couple days, during the "safe" time when you are just starting. Kind of like how temp and hunger don't really start right away on you for Day 1
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