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  1. This 100%. At this point it is UX/UI type stuff vs actually changing the systems greatly.
  2. It happened on restart and after I started a new RWG game. I exited cleaned my game files (in the launcher) and now it seems good.
  3. Just fired up my SP game that I started the other day. Has anyone seen this occur? There is literally a clear line in the sky where half is blue cloudy sky, other half is like gloomy weather. Looking at my debug menu and I see this: The lighting is all messed up too. My guess is I need to start a new game, but thought I would point it out.
  4. Just checking in, loving A20 so far. I saw a big performance jump when I disabled Dynamic Mesh all together. Until then, it was really bumming me out how bad the game was running. My CPU is older (AMD FX-6300), I suspect that is why it was hurting me so bad. And since I am coming in after a full line of complaints and suggestions, I have a couple small ones. Does anyone find it weird that you walk around with one hand in view when you aren't carrying anything? Like imagine a regular person walking around with one hand up? And on the same note, could you add a little movement to whatever you are holding? It feels very stiff, like if I was walking with an axe up, it would be swaying a little bit.
  5. Why can't anyone of the mods answer this seriously?
  6. You understand how marketing works, right? They are allowing some to preview the game in order to build a little hype for it. Think of it like AAA companies sending their game to Kotaku to review a certain period before release. Of course, different medium than a written article, they are opting for a more modern approach.
  7. I know this is 23 hours later, but damn I hate this comment. The game wouldn't be what it is if it weren't for this specific dev team and their commitment to the game.
  8. It is exactly that. (Except way more effective than sending to washed up review sites like that )
  9. That is a pretty epic base @Allgudmate! I don't have any screens for any decent bases, the last couple months of play has been a little sparse (waiting for A20) and the bit I have been playing I use existing POIs to survive the horde nights. The big church has been the best!
  10. Do you realize that this game has continued to receive the support and development it has over the years because people continue buying it? Part of why people are buying it is the exposure it receives from streamers. Without that continued enthusiasm for the game, they would have likely wrapped up years ago, half-assing all the 'goals' to a state that they could call it official - but move onto another game that would make them money. By offering this to the streamers early, it gives the streamers unique content to share which gives them views - so it is a complementary relationship. Not every person out there streaming 7DTD is going to have access to A20 early, so those who do benefit from the content. As much as this is a passion project for parties involved, it is also a business and if they aren't making money - it won't keep going. Calm yourself, you will get it shortly after the streamers. (NOTE: I am just as excited for this and I am very anxiously awaiting when I can install it. But, the level of illogical entitlement from some people is getting absurd.)
  11. Does that mean a few weeks before experimental or stable? 🧐
  12. Did you not stream last night? I don't see the VOD.
  13. My two cents on the weather conversation (though I haven't actually seen it in action yet). But, I do think it should be limited to 1-2 shifts in a game day at most. I recognize that time passes faster in game - with 60 minutes real time being a day in game (swaying a bit on settings of course). But, from a 'feel' stand point, I think if a 'day' was a rainy day, it would be better in the long run. I don't like the idea of having it shift 5+ times in a game day, that sounds really weird feeling.
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