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  1. Oh sure, I never even realized that. For the time being could put a double door on the end, perhaps? Not sure if it fully matches up I guess.
  2. There isn't any reason it couldn't function the same - player 2 just uses a controller, same as a console player would. And yeah - TV screens typically bigger, but I could see it on my PC with a 32" monitor. I sit close to it since it is a desk.
  3. I don't want to be a nay-sayer, but my guess is if the PC build doesn't support it - it is unlikely that the console version would. I could be wrong and I hope I am wrong.
  4. I don't want to pretend to know how to mod this game... because I don't. But, I could see this as some sort of extension of the existing vehicle system. The biggest difference is that you don't really have control on turning, instead the direction of the 'vehicle' is tied to a 'track' in front of it. The other part would be figuring out how to chain two or more vehicles together. This idea sort of assumes you can't move around the interior of the train, though - since everyone is a passenger. But, maybe there is a way for players to control turrets while in passenger seat to make it more interactive. Have a large amount of storage too.
  5. I have a RX6600, AMD 5600 CPU and 32 gigs of ram. Pretty middle of the road. I run with most settings on max and get average of 80-90 fps in cities.
  6. Bandits would be great for thisโ€ฆ defending a supply drop or something.
  7. Not sure if this has been brought up before, but any chance weโ€™d ever see shipping containers with working doors? i want to build something like this in game!
  8. First, I will admit I didn't read all 7 pages of comments. But, the whole 'realism' thing is thrown on so many fronts, I don't think it is that strange that they did away with the containers. Like, my guy can run around with 17 tons of concrete in his backpack... Yes, I do see the OPs point, where did it go?? But, I think some of these stretches are here for the sake of gameplay overall. Like, now we don't need to haul around empty cans, jars, etc... we can just think of it as a one time use item. You get the water, you use it and it is freed from your inventory. Make more room for concrete anyways ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Long thread here, tried to read a lot of it. I personally play the game for the mood I am in. Sometimes, I play where I just do trader quests for my progression. Other times, I make a conscious decision to just live off my own gains and crafting. No trader quests, just work through the world like they don't exist. Whatever items I find, I do a quick glance and stats compared to what specs I am moving towards and decide if I want to use it. Sometimes I just chose the weapon I am having more fun with, even if it is technically weaker than something else I just found. Or sometimes my crafted items are my best bet. Rarely do I consume myself so vehemently with how to min/max every aspect of my character. That seems to honestly be the biggest problem overall. It is never going to be totally balanced for every style of gameplay. Perhaps there are some more game options the Pimps could add to try and please all parties. One suggestion I saw Roland give earlier might help. After playing for like 6 or 7 years now, I do have to say I am totally pleased with A21 so far. Not saying it is complete, not saying there isn't room for improvements, but it is a fun new system overall.
  10. Ooh, that would be cool - I hope it happens. And in real time, like you can ride in the helicopter and survey the land from the air.
  11. Do we have any idea if the helicopter pads in new trader locations have an intended usage in future versions? Having an unlockable (or purchasable) ticket to ride from trader to trader would be kind of neat (i.e. fast travel).
  12. True. It would need some nuance to not be completely annoying. Funny thing is I am pretty sure an older version of the game did this, lost quality levels on repair (or something like that). Ultimately, I don't think this is the path at all - better to balance the loot availability (both from trader, quest and loot boxes) to severely limit how much high end gear you can get. Or better yet, block the high end stuff behind crafting. For example, You can only get a 4+ tier piece of gear if it was crafted by a player. Or maybe the player crafted gear gets extra bonuses. Basically, they need to entice people to craft stuff to make the whole system of magazines and learning to be worth while.
  13. The other road to take this down for balance would be to go BOTW and break gear with no option to repair. I really don't support this idea, but it would help balance out the fact that you can get 'end'-ish game gear from trader in the first week or two in game. Sure, you may get lucky and got a steel pickaxe on day 6... but when it breaks, you are back to whatever you can craft (or hope to get lucky again from trader). Again, I don't support this specific plan, but it might help frame it from another perspective for those not seeing the problem at the moment. (this is also hypothetical, based on others responses. My first couple games, I have two ongoing, I have yet to get anything tier 6 from trader and I am in to day 8 and day 10. I am getting better gear than I can craft, though - so I can see the issue.)
  14. I totally hear you, but I think people like variable levels of challenge. Perhaps these options need to be game settings to account for everyone. Like "Max Item Level from Traders" or something.
  15. I am still getting my feel for A21, so please take this with that in mind. But, I do like Roland's idea of only level 1 stuff. Or a modification on that being maybe max level is half of the tier of quest you are on. So, if you are on a tier 1 or 2, the best you will see is level 1. Tier 3/4, level 2 is the best possible, Tier 5/6, level 3 is best. It still gives some benefit to players getting going, but also sort of caps out driving you to want to craft tier 4 and up. I don't fully understand the logic on what they sell, so I can't comment super strongly on what to do there. But, I think there should be a cap on quality of what you can buy too. Basically, tier 4+ needs to be crafted. Possibly make 4+ very rare random drops too in high level POIs - but really very very low chance. Like, you would be lucky to see one 4+ item out of maybe 100 loot rooms that were eligible.
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