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  1. For average players, sure but not new players. Most games I've played with difficulty settings will tell you normal difficulty is for those with experience with the game or games like it and recommend new players start at a lower setting. Even with 2000+ hours in when it began, Alpha 18 was still a huge PITA when I started it. 18 is harder, especially since zombies are apparently bullet sponge psychic architects who can tear through steel with ridiculous ease. I wouldn't recommend normal difficulty for anyone who hasn't played this a lot or is playing with someone who has played a lot and helps them understand what's happening. A tip that may help you and your less experienced friends, raid POIs and get the loot. Don't use guns at the beginning, you should be able to kite the zombies with bows or melee when you first start looting. Save the ammo you get from the loot piles for horde night. Use different weapons so you can split the ammo. Even with 4 of you, your first 2 horde nights shouldn't be that hard on default if you aren't wasting ammo.
  2. A friend and I play this game a lot and I saw something tonight during the blood moon I've never seen before. I had a generator hooked up to a switch that was hooked up to a relay hooked up to a trap. The generator, switch, relay, and trap were all intact but the connection between the switch and relay got broken during the horde. All i had to do was reconnect them and the trap started working again. I've played this a lot and have never had a connection broken unless one of the parts broke. Is this a new mechanic? The wire was exposed and there were cop zombies spitting at us. Can they break exposed wiring now with spit? I know we had a small update with no notes a week or so ago, was this a change put in on purpose or did we happen upon a bug.
  3. There's something cute about someone who complains about cheats and cheese when they admit to using an actual exploit like hatch elevators. I have no issue with the turrets or using pathing to wrangle zombies so I can kill them on horde night or any other night. Jumping on your bike during the blood moon and riding away from them is no less cheese than anything else mentioned in this thread. And yeah, there is a reason my motorcycle is always parked close every 7 days and I have an escape hatch leading me to it. I'm not above running away. The objective is for them to die and not me. I'll do whatever it takes to accomplish that and as long as it's not an actual exploit, I'll use it without shame.
  4. We use this. We use it in a 4 player game and I've built it in single player too. We eventually upgrade all the floors and walls to steel. It can get a bit hectic on horde night in a solo game so I just leave the dart traps on but in multiplay one person mans the electric trap repairs and the dart trap switches.
  5. Not that anyone asked but just gonna add my opinion to this thread. I'm not a big fan of A18. Part of it is Too Much Of A Good Thing syndrome. I loved when the dungeon POI were introduced and I was excited to see more with A18 but it quickly became apparent that almost all POIs are dungeons now and they're becoming a bit of a chore. I miss having some regular houses with some zeds hanging out in there. The new skill system is great but again, too much. I realize they are trying to justify having so many skills is so many trees but a lot of it just feels like they did it so they could have skills to add rather than them being logical decisions, the way making guns works now comes to mind. The resource thing is also an issue for me. I know it's random and all but it seems so out of whack now. I have a better chance of finding an auger in a random location than I do in a hardware store. Our group has yet to find a nail gun, auger, or chainsaw in a hardware store and we have 8, 4, and 3 respectively. Why would I ever search a hardware store when, if I'm lucky, I might find a stone ax in there? But my biggest issue is that I realized I'm not playing against the zombies, I'm playing against the Fun Pimps. No matter what ways we find to stop the hordes, the Fun Pimps will nerf it somehow. If I woke up to A18.4 and flying teleporting zombies who could walk through steel walls and could only be hurt by every 12th bullet fired, I wouldn't really be shocked. I still love the concept, I want to still love the game, but if it weren't for the group I'm playing with, I'd have quit A18 already and just waited to see what A19 holds. I can see why some love it, I'm just not one of them.
  6. I love the POIs but I do think the scaling in A17 is off. My friend and I steam this game every week and between us we have well over 4000 hours in. And if we're being honest, A16 was way too easy for anyone beyond beginner. Our last A16 run we didn't even pay attention to the Zs unless we wanted the xp. The only real issue was getting a pack of wolves or dogs on day 1. In A17, holy crap, it should be nicknamed the feral alpha. I like that the Zs take more damage and that often you just can't ignore them, especially since looting is such a big part of the game now but running into ferals in every new POI regardless of my level really puts me off even wanting to explore them. It's why I haven't run a single player game in this alpha. Early on it doesn't feel like risk/reward it feels like punishment/reward. I can't count the number of ferals we've run into before day 14. Just saying, it seems like the scaling is just off a bit.
  7. I think you hit every issue we had found so far. I hope you figure out the remaining hit on placement issues but hot damn, this looks amazing.
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