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  1. Oh they are there~~ Thanks so much! XD I was looking at the wrong folder! I was usually using the 3rd party world generator that I forgot to look here for the Generated Worlds.
  2. How to use the world of the A20 RWG for hosting server? Is it workable or no? I might be a dummy for asking this... But I can't seems to find the file in data>world to use the unique worlds generated with A20 for hosting server. Some help guys?~ Thanks!
  3. Kinda managed to fix the error but does not remember what I did. The game is able to load up... but in between there are still red errors when playing =( What puzzles me still is why the very same files on solo does not work when hosting on the server.
  4. OMGosh!! Hope you are not injured during the fire. I would love to help out in ways that I can. >__< Welcome back! And thanks for all that you do. 😃
  5. Hello guys can you help me with this? I can load and play with no errors when I host but when I upload it to our server. The game just will not start and keep prompting a whole few rows of this error : 2021-10-24T00:54:13 25.600 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'recipes.xml' failed 2021-10-24T00:54:13 25.600 EXC No item/block/material with name 'modDyeJawoodlePurple' existing Exception: No item/block/material with name 'modDyeJawoodlePurple' existing I tried commenting out recipes.xml that has modDyeJawoodlePurple or replacing it with vanilla dyes and the next ReachGreen dye came up then DistroGold and then the Melee Sledge HammerT3 error came up. That is tedious work. Please advise. Thank you.
  6. Awwe, a bummer then. Would hope to get it working and play around with it... Thanks, Andrew. Thought I could look around more to see how to get that to work. =( Have not had much luck with it
  7. Heya, feel free to join us if you wanna~ Check out the Server - Zomberito. ( n _ n ) hehe.
  8. I am embarrassed for replying so late! Haha. Got busy and we kinda did some reno on our server so in between it was messy. The client side mods are a beast! I do quite enjoy the Zombie Resurrection (it is interesting), Return of the hornet and Return of the behemoth. I have yet to try Titanium. Sadly we could only use that on private game and not on our server. Most players just dread client mods. =(
  9. Maybe I missed out some information online and all but I have downloaded the Neopolitan Collection Mod (Single Mod Version).... I am having issues with the item combiner. Do advise me where to look and upgrade to get this to be working... I keep getting the message "Your crafting skills only allow you to improve this item to 2". I have : Strength > miner 69 - maxed Agility > Gunslinger - maxed Intellect > Advanced Engineering - maxed All books read. This might be a dumb question. But where do I go to upgrade the crafting skills?
  10. Sorry for late reply. I did have null reference coming up too. =/ The recipes requiring real life specs to craft is pretty cool. The damage is higher, the weapon sounds are pretty cool. Personally, I am not a gun enthusiast. So the variety of guns and the ammo was a little confusing. However, it is more towards client side and some players do not really know how to do the installation hence most probably I will not be adding it on our server. It is pretty cool to check it out though.. Do you have any other mods that you would recommend? 😃
  11. Oh, heck yeah. I am already using that mod. It is awesome, I love the mittens and the sharkie! I would love to have more varieties to play around with. But definitely been loving the Snufkin's serverside zombie that has the Archer Geist, Tipsy squatch. Hmmm, interesting. I will check out Harry's new calibers mod! Thanks for letting me know!
  12. Thanks Andrew for the information! Aww, would have loved to see the Giant himself in action! May I know which zombie mod are you using then? Thanks!!
  13. Custom Zombies Mod by Robeloto ----------------------------------------- I seems to be having issues with the “Predator” and “Cloaker” spawns, it give me error of null reference. And for some reason... The Giant skin does not seems to be working for me...? Correct me if I am wrong but the Giant suppose to look like how it is in the Videos posted right? Real slick and all... But mine is just a bigger scale of the Biker Zombie. Kinda bummed out. Any updates/ idea on if it's compatible with A19.4 / A19.5? Thanks guys!
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