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  1. It works fine, lol, just figured out my problem. I assumed it filled with a right click like all the rivers, lakes and puddles in the game. It fills with the left click. 😅
  2. Yeah, I unzipped it. The oven is in there, but the only sinks I can craft are just huge storage. I'm supposed to be able to fill a glass, right? We had a different mod once called Indoor Plumbing and that one doesn't work anymore either.
  3. Yeah, I've tried multiple sinks/faucets, right and left clicking, aiming at various parts of the block. I even tried uninstalling all my other mods in case there was a conflict. I am using version 1.0, maybe there's a newer version?
  4. Sinks in Working Ovens and Sinks not giving water, can't figure out what's wrong...
  5. He Riles, just downloaded the mod, digging it so far. We also run PaintJob by Ericbeaudoin and I've noticed your mod doesn't work with any of the colored cars (each one is a separate asset). I've figured I can copy and paste your code over and over and replace the name in <append xpath="/vehicles/vehicle[@name='vehicleMotorcycle']"> with the name of the colored motorcycle. It works. I was just curious if there is a cleaner way to do it. Like, can you list multiple names in that one line of text? LOL, I'm a total noob at editing xml.
  6. Have you considered purple vehicles? My cousin and I tend to color coordinate with our outfits. Lol. I'm always in black and red, so I'm solid, but she's black and purple, so she's pretty bummed her vehicles don't match her clothes. Alternatively, I'd also be down to try my hand at modding her some purple vehicles if you could point me in the right direction. (I'm pretty new to editing xml and whatnot)
  7. First off, love the mod. We're making beautiful bases with this stuff. I've been tweaking a few things (HP of the double doors along with more expensive recipe to match) and getting by well enough with my meager skills. I am trying to tweak the fridge storage capacity now though and can't for the life of me code pertaining to it. Can you point me in the right direction? Also, I'm still using 1.3.0, did I understand correctly that there are workable cooking items in 2.0.0?
  8. I had some issues after the recent update too. I went to 7DtD in Steam, then to Properties, Betas, and selected None. Then while still in Properties I selected the Local Files tab and clicked Verify integrity of game files. After that I went into the Mod Launched and uninstalled and reinstalled the mod. Works now.
  9. KhaineGB, first off, appreciation for all you do. I'm playing the Romero Mod, loving it, but noticed collecting plants with E doesn't apply the Living Off the Land multiplier. Is there a way to fix this? I'm down to edit the XML myself, but might need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks.
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