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  1. It is from another topic, here it is so that you can enjoy the other two graphics that I presented there😂
  2. The typical streamer I talked about is almost always either a schoolboy or a student. And I do not criticize people for not working on "rel jobs", I have no right to do so, because I myself left "rel job" a year ago and now am engaged in my own little business. The words about us, the unfortunate hard workers, were rather an exaggerated joke with a grain of truth in their main message, but everyone took them seriously and rushed to prove something about 50-year-old streamers working at home, which I did not even think about when I wrote about the evil, hypocritical and greedy mediocrities.
  3. Why would I invest in a perk that the game doesn't need? I never need to hide, under any circumstances. Again, I don’t want to play stealth for the sake of playing stealth There was nothing like that in that message. Everything was written as it is. Why are you all so fond of taking offense at the truth? Anyway, I didn't try to insult her If think about it, I would really say that it have to be easy for most beginners. Except for people who are new to computer games generally. I am not passing it off as truth. I think so. The problem with such low difficulty is that you will have little sense of progress. At the start of the game, you can kill a zombie with literally torch by 3 hits like this, check spoilers in linked post: In fact, any difficulty becomes very easy sooner or later. The lower the difficulty, the faster it happens. This is a difficulty design problem. My mega graph about this:
  4. Will Navezgane be updated with all the world generation updates?
  5. The game doesn't get more fun if it's out of balance Once again, the fact of having fun does not confirm the presence of balance. If they like to keep playing with the bow when they have a machine gun, then let them play with the bow, but the fact that there are people who do it does not refute my words that bows and stealth are incredibly weak and unclaimed in this game. You yourself admitted this, and even the developers wrote that the bows will be strengthened. What can you argue about, I don’t understand. I don't care about your philosophy of permissiveness, I really don't care what others do. Again. I declare that bows and stealth are useless. You assure me that this is not the case, because you and 2 other people on the forum are using it. But here the logical connection is broken. Just because you enjoy using the useless does not turn the useless into the useful. This is easy to understand with an example. If you do not improve perks at all, then the unallocated perk points will not be useful. If in this case you say that the unallocated perk points will become useful because someone has enjoyed playing with them, then I wash my hands. He lied. I have never stated this I did not offend anyone in this thread. The fact that you are offended by the mention of bad players is your personal problem. And this despite the fact that I did not call any of you bad players. Has he confirmed that the entire balance is directed only to the Adventurer? Show me where.
  6. These pages are not about that, you are mistaken.
  7. I would not say that I was speedrunning, but yes, I wasted no time (mostly) Where did I write that I have 8k hours? You are sick? Stop wishful thinking, that's ridiculous I did this race specifically to test my words after the recent controversy about the trader. Is it stupid? Do you seem to judge my "playstyle"? Oh oh oh how toxic Another answer without regard to context. This was said in response to the words that the power of the bloody moons allegedly scales with game progress.
  8. Can't they have benefits? Can't they live off their parents? Can't they live on the scholarship? Can't they have savings? Are people either only working 9-5 or just streaming in your opinion?
  9. If I were minmax, I would abuse all the exploits that the game teems with, but in many ways you're right, it's impossible to look at a bad game The funny thing is that the conversation initially began with a discussion of how useful the bow and stealth perks were. The funny thing is that the conversation initially began with a discussion of how useful the bow and stealth perks were. I have proven that fun is not proof of utility. After that, we could close this discussion. Not about whether the developers should do something about it. Reread the thread. You say "by your criteria", then tell us in what criteria they are balanced This is not "my definition", these are facts. If a player plays badly, makes bad choices, dies on low difficulty, builds a bad base, sorts things badly, or plans his actions badly, then this is a bad player. I do not humiliate anyone with this, it is a fact. If a person does something poorly, then he is bad at it Stop pulling phrases out of context and read in response to what I wrote this. The person said that all difficulty settings that go beyond the standard are not something to focus on when balancing
  10. This phrase does not mean that these mediocrities earn substantial money.
  11. I don't want to play stealth for the sake of playing stealth. I want to use stealth as a tool for further development and survival at a distance What "derogatory terms and similes" have I used? I dont understand I'm afraid to say for sure, because you can request new statistics, but it seems to me that this is not the first time you do this. And not only you. I didn't say "ALL", I didn't even use the plural in "newbie". But from my experience it is
  12. Your reaction to my phrase that, IN MY OPINION, I am far from being alone in my perception of endgame (which is not unreasonable) was really very funny and stereotyped. You triggered and, according to a pre-prepared template, began to write about the fact that I use "WE" to prove something there 😂 It is very interesting from what you have drawn such conclusions. And how someone's "fun" can be related to balance. In addition, I am sure that bow lovers would have a lot more fun in a balanced game. I myself would not mind playing with the bow, if that made sense. Improve perks of a certain type of weapon is self-limitation, I very rarely do this ? What is impolite? They don't get stronger. If you are talking about blood moons, then they also scale very badly. I played until day 14 and both blood moons were almost completely boring and easy. Because I was a newbie not too long ago. The ones I play with in the group too. Don't you think it's ridiculous to demand research and statistics on every opinion expressed? It seemed to me that multiple statements about the different games we play are a sign of distrust.
  13. Heh went to see what has changed in DF. Launched the pre-generated medium world, it seems First t1 quest i got With When u play default settings LOL Good luck using the compack
  14. Expected, stereotyped answer, I did not expect anything else, lol I only explained why I think that we are discussing an important issue, that not only about me, and not why I am right. It is obvious
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