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  1. it is not clear only why it glows from the inside. is he a demon or a lava golem or is he still on fire? I think he must just be burnt like a coal in some places
  2. at the moment, their main problem is that they appear only when the player is tired of playing (he has all the best items etc)
  3. I think the fence should just have a trigger limit or not stun for that long. Darts should shoot much slower and deal less damage.
  4. but dart trap and electric fence can easily cope without a player
  5. The game already resembles Tower Defense considering AI zombies and the extraordinary power of traps
  6. They also need to add the need to urinate and poop, if you don't do this in time, you can crap during a fight with a zombie and get minus hygiene and plus psychic problems
  7. Thank you. In fact, the classic version of the icons is enough for me. It's just funny that i, like many, as a beginner, did not notice the difference between the icons of a read and an unread book
  8. This is not luck, these are the usual rewards. When was the last time you played a new world from day one?
  9. Sure? Look, Vanilla New world One day Four level 1 quests Default loot/exp etc Screenshots for you: Total 120 bullets 7.62, 150 bullets magnum. I also bought a level 3 baseball bat and a level 2 hunting rifle (for which I had 120+ ammo) by the end of the first day. 9mm are not caught, but the trader gives two hundred pieces. Pipe bombs and molotovs gives twenty pieces
  10. It is more correct to ask which is better than 200 bullets or 20 grenades after killing two zombies in lvl 1 POI on the first day 😝 It's also funny that by spending an unimaginable number of skill points, you will not craft an item of the grade that you will be given for the quest
  11. Maybe so that everything except quests is not a "waste of time" we need the balance of the trader's store and the trader's rewards, and not the variety of his quests?😂
  12. I didn't say that there should be only LBD. I like the current perks. But it would be better if we took the best from each system. If they combined them wisely, the result would be great i think I thought it was called 2C-B ... I agree, the game shouldn't imitate anything else, but being unique in the name of uniqueness is also not the best way.
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