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    hi is there way to play only horde mode? i mean tower defense with vanilla recipes, zombies, etc? btw I was discouraged by one-shot full hp spitting birds on the second night how i have to play this?:D difficulty 2 haha
  2. Since there are a lot of recipes and books in the game, I propose to make such a feature, this can add convenience in a team game and I think it's not difficult to do - when the recipe / book is not learned - when the recipe / book is already learned Besides, I don't think that checking at the skill menu or recipe book every time you find a book or recipe is the best part of the gameplay
  3. Hi Im new in this game but i have qustions 1. Are you sure its balanced? Basic recipe of gas is 1 shale, so its 1:1, but learning mechanic skill allows you to craft 10000 gas for only 800 shale, so its 1:125 So dont you think 125x gain is too broken? In fact we get infinitely much gas just learning 4 lvl of mechanics 2. I would also like to say about the drill, this is an absolutely imbalanced thing, it completely breaks the game. I actually have unlimited resources like I'm in creative mode, thats sad 3. And where is hardcore mode with 1 live
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