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  1. They are getting merged into the same biome in A20 that will be a mix of burning and radiation hazards. Now as for the dog model I'm looking forward to them as they are far scarier then what we got now. Also looking forward to what they do to bears and zombie bears along with the other animals.
  2. Now that's a well done zombie dogo.
  3. The perfect tool to really wreck bambi.
  4. Level by doing only makes sense if doing not only takes time and resources but also cannot be easily repeated safely. In other words you have to attack/interact with enemies, break things, move between areas, and all around cannot simply hide in a hole some where and spam do something. Basically the game will have to have a whole array of systems to ensure that you cannot just run/swim into a corner for a few hours to get better at doing them or gather a ton of resources to sit around all night crafting then destroying something. If what your doing is meaning less on its own beyond watching a number go up then why in gods name are you doing it as you might as well be playing Cookie Clicker or some other mindless game.
  5. Ideally for a really good locking picking mini game it needs more challenge then just having to worry about your pick magically getting weaker the tougher the lock is and instead actually change the lock to be tougher. For example altering the mechanics of picking it similar to real world lock picking where the number/type of pins is what matters and the locks design. Edit - Yes I watch way too much of the Locking Picking Lawyer on Youtube.
  6. They are replacing all the gear slots with a new 4 slot system so the days of wearing cloths under armor are gone. As a result the outfits they shown and the many others not shown yet will be all your character will be wearing. So if you want the complete set bonus for a outfit your going to have to deal with all the down sides of wearing it. Such as being forced to deal with freezing or over heating or radiation or light vs heavy armor for getting the perks that you want. As a result adding way more importance to the armor mods that help in dealing with all that.
  7. Get rid of the Batter up perk book and move its perks to a baseball/athletic outfit. While replacing the perk book with something that combines clubs and sledges. This way to get the insanely over powered Home Run perk you have to wear a outfit as a soft nerf on it.
  8. If they have enough head room in the texture/model/POI files they could add decorations and different versions of the trader POIs that are swapped in between certain system clock dates. So if you load the game between those dates the trader POIs are swapped with ones decked out in decorations for the major holidays. Also in addition they can have them sell decorations and other items during these times. Even better would be adding special quests during these events. In other words load the game during December and some traders will have Christmas trees out with lights while others may have Hanukkah decorations. Now if you talk to the trader they will give you a quest that rewards a present based on the max tier you have unlocked with them. Which will reward different items from a special limited loot table. Grant it I wouldn't want them to do any of this until after the game has gone gold or have enough free time for it. Which wouldn't be too hard if it just repeats the same exact event every year as many of other games also do this even for single player.
  9. For future versions of the game would you consider the possibility of re-adding cosmetic mods. Like the current hat mods for helmets to make them look like a cowboy hat, baseball hat, etc but for all 4 gear slots. In order to allow us to swap out the look of our gear to further diversify our characters appearance beyond the dye system. As one of the main complaints about the new gear perk system is that everyone will end up looking identical when doing a specific role.
  10. Not so much don't care and more like the company they were doing the console port with died. Which naturally creates a lot of issues of continuing support for something when said company responsible for most of that support no longer exists. Especially when you consider all the time and money that it costed them to ensure that a future console port would even be possible. Also that the Fun Pimps are not a console gaming company and lack the ability to develop, maintain, and update one. So they would need to risk tons of money and time to partner with a new company that may very well go belly up as well landing them back at square one again. In other words it makes no sense for them to even think of a nother console update or port until the game has gone gold and no longer needs updates.
  11. I would rather them making it so swapping full suits is not worth it by having the full set bonuses be nice things to have but nothing that you must have to do a role. So at most all you will need to do is swap out one or at most 2 pieces of armor to go from adventuring to mining for example.
  12. Just wait for Bandits to get added since they will be living people with guns to go up against and later all the NPC that are planed to get added. Also we already have plenty of nonzombie enemies in the form of hostile animals.
  13. Considering that Blade Traps used to set them off and were specially changed complete with a mention in the patch notes I doubt it. Other then maybe Dart Traps getting nerfed to set them off in the future as they are by far the most effective trap when used right. As they excel when used in a corridor or other tight spaces where you can ensure that all darts hit the mark with trip wires or pressure plates to trigger them only when needed. Edit - Forgot to mention that Blade, Dart, Spikes, and Electric Fences are not effected by Game Difficulty while all the other traps and player damage output are reduced the higher your Difficulty is set to. So at Insane a gun/turret that does 45 damage will only do 25% normal damage aka 11.25 but a Dart Trap that does 45 will still do the same 45.
  14. Blade, Dart, Electric fence, and Spikes will not set off a Demo no matter what. However SMG Turret, Shotgun Turret, Junk Turret, Sledge Turret, Thrown objects(Grenades, Molotovs, Pipebombs, Rocks, Snowballs), and Player Melee or Ranged attacks will if they hit the Demo in the left chest region where the blinking trigger is located. So if your using Turrets it is always best to position them to ensure that they are always attacking the back right of zombies and never the front left to minimize any risk of setting off Demos.
  15. On that note will we ever see the ability to make basic logic gates for the electrical system like and/or gates and such.
  16. Zombies will always target the shortest valid path to you with the least block hp in the way. So if one way will require doing 15,000 block damage and another will only need 1000 the zombies will pick the lower number every time they can. The same occurs if your walls are all the same with no gaps but you forgot to repair one of the blocks so its hp is lower then the zombies will target that block as it is the path of least resistance for them. Lastly the zombies are aware of support loads and are able to zero in on support pillars or structures to bring you down to them if they cannot find a valid path to you.
  17. Just grab a Stun Baton of any quality and as long as you have Tech Junkies 6 (1in4 normal, 1in2 power attack to charge) you can take her out easy naked. I've soloed 2 zombie bears at the same time easy with nothing but a quality 2 Stun Baton and that book. Basically Tech Junkies 6 makes the Stun Baton overpowered as it is trivial to not only stun lock anything but also melt them with the electric damage over time. Sure time to kill is not as good as a Club but it more than makes up for it with the stun lock.
  18. The chickens wondering around everywhere want a word with you......
  19. I admit that I over dramatized it but that is the general gist of it. As every second your not doing something you might as well not be playing.
  20. Unfortunately a large amount of players believe that if they cannot just hold the mouse button down while looking at rock and endless mine its simply unplayable. Hence all the players moaning about every second they aren't mining as if it's the end of the world. Aka how dare the game interrupt my quest for perfect efficiency as every second must be life or death. Which is why we get so many people complaining about stamina use and going crazy for getting the Auger ASAP.
  21. Of course since it's the reject dumping ground for the dev diary thread for all of us to have fun in while waiting for A20 news.
  22. The very first computer bug that ever occurred was a moth that flew into one of the early computers and shorted out a circuit to produce a error.
  23. Are you on "None - Opt out of all beta programs" as that is the only way to get a19.1 for everyone.
  24. Okay your talking about where it says "Alpha10.0 - Alpha 19.0 Stable" no one should be on that as the default is "None - Opt out of all beta programs" for everyone unless they manually changed it. Which anyone that has the default set will automatically get a19.1 as a normal steam update to the game with out ever needing to do anything. In other words the only point to ever set that to anything but "None - Opt out of all beta programs" is to opt into a beta by picking "Latest Experimental - Unstable" or pick a specific version to tell steam that you never want a automatic update.
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