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  1. Also note that the game doesn't tell you the real numbers that it is using as it rounds the decimal place in the display but is actually using a much longer number in the calculations. Which makes checking the math very hard for the player to do plus some of the stats work in very odd ways. Basically the displayed stats are just the semi user friendly version of the real ones used on the back end.
  2. In my experience they GPS to your general location when they aggro but quickly loss track of you afterwards. Which results in them pathing towards where you were when they got triggered to spawn in. But if you get far enough away to a safe distance they will begin to break aggro and go into search mode until they fully loss aggro or get close enough to redetect you. Now while in search mode they will head in the general direction of where they last saw you and can be distracted by throwing rocks. Lastly the higher your From the Shadows is the faster they will give up and fully loss aggro.
  3. It means Random World Generation which will result in a unique map based on the Seed Value that you provide and no two RWG worlds are ever exactly the same. Which is the preferred way to play for most long time players as you literally never know what you'll get instead of a predictable pre-made map that is always the same.
  4. But most importantly your integrity........
  5. It is true that predator animals only spawn in the forest at night beyond the very rare day time wolf. However the exception to that is the random horde mechanic that can spawn a wolf/bear/zombie dog horde on you at any time or just spawn a bunch of zombies in your general direction. During the experimental patches for A19 while they were still fleshing it out they played with having predators spawn in abundance 24/7 in the forest but decided to tone it down to only at night. Now as for the number of expected deaths in the first week that is always zero as I always prefer to play very cautiously as if it were hardcore.
  6. Not a fan of it as well along with the forum redesign. As for blocking ads the best is setting up a PiHole to filter all the ads out at the DNS level before they even reach your browser. Which has the added bonus of fooling websites into thinking the ad loaded despite it no longer appearing on the site due to being chucked into a black hole.
  7. As I said before zombies only exist in POI after you cross into their 3d box shaped spawn volume that the level designer intentionally draws around where they want the encounter to happen. In this case that box is specifically drawn to stop just below the floor of the room above with the floor acting as a barrier to restrict line of sight into the room below. As it is intended to act as a trap by the level designer to increase the difficulty of the POI. A big note with the game is that every POI has a intended path and way to go through them that is designed so that the player almost never need to break a single block. Which the spawn volumes are setup along this path to carefully block the player from directly seeing the zombies pop into existence as they travel a long the path. Which creates the illusion that the zombies were there all along and aren't just popping into existence seconds before you see them. However the second the player starts breaking or placing any blocks this illusion quickly crumbles as the player can easily see the truth. The reason the system works this way is very simple as the whole game is designed to carefully limit the number of active entities in the world to maximize performance. With the idea that your playing on a computer that meets the minimal requirements of the game which are the equivalent of playing on a potato by today's standards. Combined with how insanely taxing the rest of the game is due to its voxel nature it only leaves a razor thin amount of head room for game play that devs are trying to squeeze the most out of. Edit- Going back to that specific trap room. Any competent stealth player upon seeing that the level designer wants them fall in a room without a clear escape path would ensure that they had blocks on their bar. So that they could quickly build their way out of the room in the advent that it was a trap. Also note that the level designers cannot use the Auto Aggro mechanic on any zombies that the player can see. So it is not possible for zombies that you see asleep to be Auto Aggro. Since the Auto Aggro flag only comes into the play the exact second the zombies pop into existence and will cause them to target/attack the player the exact second they are spawned into the world. Which works the same way as the Bloodmoon horde, minus the constant gps as they only know where your at the second they aggro and you can break aggro with them. So as a result if the level designer wanted the zombies in the room that you need to fall into to be Auto Aggro then they have no choice but to spawn them after you've already entered the room. Otherwise they would have to be normal sleepers who may or may not wake up when you fall in or awake zombies who would literally rip the poi apart even with out being aggro on you. (hence why they are so rare)
  8. I am talking about rows directly next to one another and especially if you embed the farm plot into the ground so that your walking on your plants as your harvesting. pppppppppppp pppppppppppp Aka no walkway between rows or any from of buffer which makes it very hard to harvest specific plants. It is much better to do it your way with a gab and the plots sitting on top of the ground so that the base of the plant is at eye level.
  9. Each plant has its own hit box that is roughly shaped like the plant it self. In other words you have to point the mouse right at the plant and when you attack it should hit it. Note that putting rows of plants next to one another is typically a bad idea as it is really easy to hit the hit box of more then one plant.
  10. Actually it doesn't matter if you touch the floor in the room at all. Since all you have to do is go down one or two blocks to enter the box shaped spawn volume the level designer drew in the room below. At which point the zombies will get triggered to spawn into existence. Which is the same exact mechanic that every single zombie that exist in a POI follows and is perfectly consistent with the established structure of the game. Also note it doesn't matter how you cross into the box shaped spawn volume as the same exact thing will occur no matter the angle of your approach. Which the same is true with every single room/area in any POI in the game as they all use the exact same mechanic. As not a single zombie exists with in a POI until you some how cross into their spawn volume box. Which is tightly drawn around the specific area the level designer wants the encounter to take place at. While normally they include a wall/barrier to block line of sight of exactly where the zombies spawn at.
  11. Well it is the intended way for stealth players to deal with these rooms and any other time stealth fails as indicated in the help tips that appear while loading that point out the rock mechanic. If I'm not mistaken it was also confirmed by the devs as being intended behavior so it is not a bug at all and the way we are suppose to handle these rooms if we're not geared up enough to take them directly. Note that Agility has Pistols and Knives for a reason a long with tougher armor that trades a bit of stealth for better defense. It was also confirmed that this is not nor is ever going to be a stealth game and stealth is nothing more then a tacked on mechanic to pad out diversity. So do not expect anything beyond minimal effort from the devs in regards to stealth and a less is more approach of making small low effort changes to get the most bang out of the smallest of changes.
  12. Even in cloth with your only weapon being a bow it is trivial to deal with these rooms as the key is to never stand your ground and to instead run away while tossing a rock in another direction. The zombies will ignore you and go for the rock making it easier to stay far enough away for long enough to break your aggro on them. At which point they become standard unaware awake zombies that will path back to the room they came from and be fully open to sneak attacks to pick them off. Now sure it is far faster to just stand your ground and kill them but doing so normally takes better gear/weapons than your average stealth player.
  13. You do realize that they specifically coded the spawn flags for the spawn volume system and intentionally included the auto aggro flag by design. Which they didn't use at first when it was added until if I'm not mistaken A19 when the POI designers started using it in new POIs as well as flipping it on for a few older POIs. Note that auto aggro is a flag that the designers have to intentionally enable for the specific spawn volume or otherwise have on. So no developer oversight is possible beyond the rare chance that they forgot it was on while making a POI and in those cases every spawn volume will be auto aggro as it is for one of the fire stations and a few others.
  14. How about Bloodmoons as they disable stealth as well and do so to a far greater degree then these rooms. As unlike auto aggro rooms it is actually impossible to use stealth at all during them. So in effect these rooms prepare you for the inevitable fact that this isn't a stealth game as confirmed extensively by the devs themselves. Stealth is nothing more then a situational tool to safely take out unaware targets of opportunity and nothing more. Now these auto aggro rooms are designed specifically to not fall into that category. However you can still deal with them via stealth but in a indirect way by breaking aggro with them first via running away and swinging back around to sneak attack them. Note before you go on and on about then why do we have stealth perks it was proven that From the Shadows is one of the most over rated perks in the game. As it really does very little if anything for direct stealth game play and instead its most important benefit is speeding up the time it takes zombies to forget about you to break aggro faster. As it's fully possible to stealth every single POI in the game even while literally using a shotgun for all sneak attacks only with out a single point in From the Shadows. Edit - For more clarification the shotgun stealth runs were done via shooting zombies in the face while sneaking and very few would ever wake up. Which when they did rarely wake up all the tester did was run away a few rooms till they broke aggro to allow them to restealth and continue blasting unaware zombies in the face with a shotgun. Sure it took longer then it would of if they just blasted them in the face regardless of if they knew what was coming or not but that was expected.
  15. Even better the 7 Days equivalent of a Death Claw from Fallout in the form of a zombie with big armor shredding claws. That always runs and has a lot of hit points a long with natural armor to effectively be the worst nightmare for anyone to run into while in a POI. Which is naturally easiest to kill via sneak attack or as far away as possible.
  16. That is from a ton of extensive testing and reverse engineering that occurred in this very thread a long with info from the devs. Also note that auto aggro was added a few updates ago but was not used at all until recently. So very few if any of the older POIs have it and that this also includes the modded ones a long with just about every tier 5. What your describing sounds like awake zombies(rare in dev made POIs) or a unlucky detect/wake up roll on standard sleepers.
  17. The game is designed so that all you have to do is run away far enough to break aggro then you can swing back and restealth to take them out with sneak attacks. In other words no need to change your play style or load out at all and instead you just need to plan ahead just enough to be able to run away in the event they aggro. Which is no different then any other time that normal sleepers decide randomly to wake up after ignoring you for a uncomfortably long time.
  18. Which is actually wrong as the auto aggro flag only comes into the play the exact second the zombies spawn into the world. As a result it's impossible to see auto aggro zombies in a sleeper state and the closest they can come is the awake state if your able to break their initial aggro on you. The way zombies work with in POIs is that none exist until your just about to enter the room/area the level designer wants them to exist at. At which point they will spawn into existence according to one of three flags the designer can place on that encounter. Which are the default sleeper, very rare auto aggro, and lastly the almost non-existent awake flag state that is the rarest of all. Now as said before the zombies act on their flag the second they spawn into the world and do not change their state with out player interaction. Lastly the level designers tend to do an amazing job hiding the spawn in mechanic and breaking the players line of sight of zombies literally popping into existence. As for how they do it the system uses a 3d box that is drawn over the whole encounter area and encompasses the intended a long with some of the unintended path to it. So the second a player enters the cube the zombies with in spawn into existence. Also note that no other triggers exist or come into play after the zombies are spawned in.
  19. The perfect tool to really wreck bambi.
  20. As we learned in this thread if the zombies exist and can be seen before they aggro then they are not auto aggro sleepers. Now if they popped into existence and immediately the whole room of zombies tried to maul you with out delay or any sound on your part then that would most likely be a auto aggro sleeper room. But even then it can be hard to tell with out repeated testing or looking at the POI in cheat mode to see how that room was flagged.
  21. It could be lumped into a new death penalty difficulty menu that goes from none to permadeath with persistent injuries in between with the current default death penalty. So it will be None, Current XP penalty, persistent injuries, and lastly permadeath.
  22. Luckily sprains are very minor and main draw back is a higher chance for a break.
  23. Thinking about that I am reminded of Joel mentioning a special infected that I think was called the Reaver when he was hinting about them. But he didn't go into any details about it at the time unless the Gasser. However it makes me wonder about a special infected with huge claws that have a very high chance to cause bleed and lacerate. AKA 7 Days version of a Death Claw.
  24. I'm pretty sure that most stealth games have scripted events and/or cutscenes that are designed to pull you out of stealth. Grant it in most cases the games are far more polished with built in hand holding to soften the blow but they still pull you out of stealth when the game designers decide that they don't want you to use it.
  25. Zombies have always been able to break your leg by hitting you especially crawlers. As for the new system just wearing any type of armor significantly reduces the chance of getting a injury.
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