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  1. Only other source would be chopping up burnt wood blocks from burnt out POIs and fire place ash piles to get coal from POIs. As he said the devs replaced the coal ore gen with oil shale and the POI he mentioned is a coal mine.
  2. Robotic sledges are only really effective at choke points and when zombies have to slow down to jump or stop to beat on a door/bar/wall. As a result the ideal way to use them is at the top of a block stair way so the zeds have to jump up each block only for the sledge to knock them to the bottom to repeat the process. However just make sure the sledge always hits the zeds from the right and never front left to minimize the chance of setting off Demos. As any time the sledge hits a Demo from the front left it has a very high chance of triggering them but said chance is vastly reduced from just about all other angels.
  3. The chickens wondering around everywhere want a word with you......
  4. I think what is going to happen is they will tone down the vulture spawn but will have their vomit melt vehicles by causing a ton of critical status effects to disable them. Similar to how their melee attacks cause a ton of status effects on players. So If you try to run from the horde on a vehicle as long as you dodge their vomit your going to be mostly fine.
  5. I admit that I over dramatized it but that is the general gist of it. As every second your not doing something you might as well not be playing.
  6. Unfortunately a large amount of players believe that if they cannot just hold the mouse button down while looking at rock and endless mine its simply unplayable. Hence all the players moaning about every second they aren't mining as if it's the end of the world. Aka how dare the game interrupt my quest for perfect efficiency as every second must be life or death. Which is why we get so many people complaining about stamina use and going crazy for getting the Auger ASAP.
  7. The devs did indicate that they may tone down the anti vehicle vultures once the vehicle critical system is in place. So instead of getting swarmed with murder birds your vehicle will just magically break down. They also indicated that in the future the Auger will drain stamina and simply be a faster pick/shovel that burns fuel with no other benefit.
  8. I like the anti vehicle vultures as they make it easier to cheese the horde. Just build a box with a bunch of traps on its roof and a hallow room with a bike in it. If the horde is too much just hop on the bike and 50 percent of the zombie spawns will be converted to vultures that will quickly die to your roof traps as long as your on the bike regardless of if your moving or not.
  9. Dart traps are very powerful especially at higher game difficulty levels as their damage doesn't scale. Since the higher your game difficulty the more the game lowers your damage output while buffing the zombies damage but their health stays the same. Which actually results in Dart traps being worse then shooting the zeds at default difficulty but at max difficulty are far superior than attacking them yourself. Note that the same most likely applies to Blade Traps and Electric Fences but does not apply to Turrets at all since bullet damage gets scaled lower the higher your game stage is. Now the down side is that Dart Traps are very and I mean VERY iron hungry so expect to be mining a lot to keep them topped off with darts.
  10. The same also applies to Electric Fences, Dart Traps, and Blade Traps as well since they all are treated as Electric traps by Advanced Engineering.
  11. Only the owner aka the person that placed them will get XP from them and only if your Advanced Engineering perk is over 3. Now if your in a party that XP should get shared just like all other XP but naturally you would have to be on and in a party with them.
  12. The game kinda already does that as using a silencer automatically lowers your damage unless you have all the Urban Combat books. As for all noise is emitted form the player that also includes any cabinet doors that you shoot off and the sound of any grenades that you throw. Since the game always treats it as if it occurred right at the players exact location including the sound of explosions. For example seeing a car in the distance and unloading your gun into it until it explodes will be treated as if you were standing in the car when it exploded regardless of how far away you were from it. Now as for waking zombies in my experience the way noise works is like a light map. When you makes a noise it is as if you turned on a light of a different brightness for each sound type and said light diminishes for each block it travels while ignoring any blocks in its way. Now Zombies are set to look for certain intensity ranges and when their threshold is exceeded they wake up. In other words say you make a noise and it emits at level ten and reduces by one for every block so that one block out it is a 9. Now lets say zombies are looking for any value over 4 so any zombie with in 7 blocks of you in any direction will wake up. However lets say your in stealth so that same noise now will only emit at level 6 and as a result only zombies 3 blocks from you will wake up. Naturally we do not know the exact values at play and it would make sense for them to vary the numbers a bit by using random numbers with in ranges to add a bit of randomness.
  13. I'm sorry to say that is intended currently and no way to change it as the quest system is very crude right now in the game. Hopefully in the future that will be improved as it is very annoying at times, especially if the game crashes mid quest.
  14. When screamers are spawned they are actually locked onto a heat source and will ignore the player as they try to get to the heat sources location. Once they get into sight range of the location they will scream regardless of the player being around. However if on the way to their target they see the player they will lock on to them instead and scream. So in your case the screamer was locked onto a heat event/source toward the top of your mine and found it before finding you.
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