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  1. Delside


    At high settings, I have 55-60 fps, there are drawdowns up to 30 fps looking at buildings from compopack, as I understand it is normal at the moment. If you look through msi afterburner, then the processor is only 50% involved. So this processor has never let me down in 4 years. But about the RAM, I was surprised to be honest, 15.5 GB is eaten by the client. I decided to order 2 more slats of 8 GB each. In the end, I don't know what exactly helped me. I updated all the drivers that were slightly outdated (there was also an update on the processor), removed 7dtd, cleaned all the settings, reinstalled it, dropped the mods, updated The CreaturePack to the current version, recreated the map and played for 1.5 hours, luckily did not have. I hope it will not continue. Thank you all for your help
  2. Delside


    I have an engineering version of the skylake processor, overclocked to 3.6 mhz. It's not about the processor, I think so. Since the rest of the games are running smoothly.
  3. Delside


    Unfortunately, it did not help, everything also crashed. Either at the beginning of the game, or after 5-10 minutes. There are no logs in local \ temp this time, I post output.log, I don't know if it will help anything https://yadi.sk/d/GX_sl959r2M6Wg
  4. Delside


    In the antivirus, the steam folder was added to the exceptions, but I forgot about the firewall from the system, turned it off too. The space was freed up additionally on disk up to 50 GB. Tomorrow then I'll test it, I'll unsubscribe based on the results. Thanks for the advice
  5. Delside


    Thank you, I found it, I looked before that, there were no logs, apparently a failure was not recorded. I posted the logs https://yadi.sk/d/mS1ZWi7q9lV9dA?w=1, who can tell you why the crashes happen?
  6. Delside


    How to find out what causes crashes from the game? Are there any logs to look at and find out the reason? On 18 alpha, no such problems were observed. Computer characteristics, if anything, meet the requirements
  7. Can you please tell me, can you create a map through Nitrogen? In the same place, you need a prefablist to create all the buildings from this mod? Or how to set the settings correctly? I would be grateful for the answer. I am writing through a translator, I apologize if it is written incorrectly)
  8. I installed this mod only today, I decided to look for the first time. In the end, I am delighted with the work done, thanks. But there is one moment, I met a small bug, namely, I can not activate the quest. Came to the right building to clear the area, but there is no exclamation mark to use it. The building is called "War3zuk_cliff_house
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