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  1. Perhaps there was a glitch in the display in the browser. When hovering over both download links, the server download was shown. Now everything is ok )
  2. Is it as it should be that the client download link leads to the server version download?) And another question. If I have a client version and a friend also has a client version, will they be able to connect to me? Or do I have to have a server version?
  3. В 3.02 версии русский перевод в основном поправлен, остальные дополнительные небольшие правки (ошибки, недочеты) делаются по мере прохождения. Времени, к сожалению, в последнее время было мало, чтобы играть. Если есть какие-либо замечания по переводу, то пиши в лс. Гляну, поправлю
  4. Will localization be done entirely into Russian? Or can you only dream about it? 🙂
  5. Please tell me, if I play solo, then I need a client, do I understand correctly? Do you need to install the server if a friend wants to connect to me?
  6. Перекачал уже свежую версию, все тоже самое, при генерации городов в консоли ошибки префабов
  7. Приветствую. Заинтересовал твой мод, захотел поглядеть, но при создании рандомной карты всплывают такие ошибки на моменте генерации городов, так и должно быть?)
  8. Yes, the feedback here is just fire 🔥
  9. War3zuk, Have you tried making updates a little bigger? In terms of making a bunch of changes at once, and not riveting 2-3 changes every day? Or is it more convenient for you?
  10. I'm tired of starting a new game every time) I rolled back to the previous update, I'll check it in the evening
  11. Thanks for the update, but after that I caught a bug. According to the quest, he must clear the area of zombies, and here the marker points to the last zombie, but it is not there xD Before that, he ransacked several houses and did not meet a single zombie, it seems that they also did not respawn. Either there is some kind of delay, in general it is not clear. Also in the trailer, out of nowhere, a zombie bear appeared behind me, almost crap. Maybe it's not about the update, of course, but just the game glitched. God knows
  12. At high settings, I have 55-60 fps, there are drawdowns up to 30 fps looking at buildings from compopack, as I understand it is normal at the moment. If you look through msi afterburner, then the processor is only 50% involved. So this processor has never let me down in 4 years. But about the RAM, I was surprised to be honest, 15.5 GB is eaten by the client. I decided to order 2 more slats of 8 GB each. In the end, I don't know what exactly helped me. I updated all the drivers that were slightly outdated (there was also an update on the processor), removed 7dtd, cleaned all the settings, reins
  13. I have an engineering version of the skylake processor, overclocked to 3.6 mhz. It's not about the processor, I think so. Since the rest of the games are running smoothly.
  14. Unfortunately, it did not help, everything also crashed. Either at the beginning of the game, or after 5-10 minutes. There are no logs in local \ temp this time, I post output.log, I don't know if it will help anything https://yadi.sk/d/GX_sl959r2M6Wg
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