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  1. Any sort of flamethrower would be cool but then wood physics might be hard and system heavy Maybe vitamins would give resistance or something. And ranged weapons are still an option as well as straight up just tanking the damage luckily. If it was an instakill aura with only one way to fight I'd agree with you, but at least there are several options/possibilities
  2. New special infected that takes 90% reduced damage from non explosive projectiles
  3. You're totally right, I can see it now😆
  4. I will give you that, I've only played one game in A19 so far but looting isn't really redundant early at all as long as you aren't playing on a very small world. I was skeptical of the system and the rumors of hundreds of blunderbusses early on made me believe this system would suck, for me I'm at GS90 right now, only ever saw one Blunderbuss. Main merits with the new system for me is an increase in the value of early points in crafting (not that it increased much) And a prolonged struggle to get desired equip like guns. Also it seems gun parts and such drop more frequently early on than they used to further increasing the value of crafting. Parts of guns and such are the biggest hurdle of making crafting valuable now. You have a point where the game might feel more samey now early. Notice no one said they loved the system enough for it to stay the same, people that like the direction are hoping for more variety of loot to decrease the samey experience you're getting. That was just my bark at "anyone that likes this has no idea what they're talking about" basically
  5. Maybe old vets shouldn't be answering the polls because their views are clouded by what they're familiar with instead of the actual merits
  6. Though special undead are cool I really hope you guys dont make it a fart.
  7. I hope there's no annoying gassy effects like that one boss from killing floor. Kinda just gross humor that doesn't fit well into a horror theme
  8. You need to stop watching and start playing, I've seen 1 blunderbuss my entire run and at gamestage 80 now. "I like it. I really like the direction this is going and the future sounds even better." Voted this however, it could go south if they make zombies and items scale too directly so that you don't feel more powerful. As is luckily regular zombies still spawn at higher gamestages and I hope that remains in the future to build a foundation for the sense of becoming stronger. If both loot and zombies scaled entirely in power with gamestage you'd be left with a game that feels samey regardless of your equipment.
  9. Te candy that makes criticals heal faster does not fully work it seems, a wound of mine was at 14minutes as candy wore off then it became 33minutes. And is it true that you lose water and food faster if you overfill it? It seems to be
  10. Really enjoying the new hunger and food mechanic changes, I think that's my favorite part of A19 so far. Feels more realistic for trying to live in the apocalypse, I can't survive days with 1 or 2 bacon and eggs anymore.
  11. Sounds like your zombies are way too slow, in only 10 hours of playtime I've experienced a large amount of crits. It tends to only happen if you get hit 2 or more times in a row, I could imagine you could avoid getting hit more than once in a row on slower speeds.
  12. I'm just wondering like, what's different between that and a club besides what I'd imagine is a little more range?
  13. Seems like overall this update is no big flashy changes but many subtle things and a heavy increase in survival elements that make the character's diet seem relatively more realistic and immersive. All of the changes so far I'd say are for the better.
  14. The new melee range feels a lot better than previously while crits make the game significantly harder. Really great work. Seeing a visual bug where sometimes blocks don't change visually when upgraded and sometimes bushes don't disappear when picked, ect. Not sure if I can send logs or something
  15. there seems to be a bug where if you exit the game too fast upon starting, you permanently lose the starting quest. Also the survival mechanics seem overhauled extremely well, this is a big improvement Saving int run for A20 then
  16. Wonder if we're getting close to A19 Stable, seems like last patch note was significantly less than the rest. A good sign. Not that I don't want more content but just good that stuff might be stable. If you guys do another patch for Junk Drones during A19 would new world creation be required again? I am unfamiliar with how the A18-A18.4 cycle was
  17. My take on recent topics: Item Degradation: Just play with item loss on death instead, item degradation adds some extra annoying micromanagement and doesn't really reward playing well Not being able to cheese horde nights by driving around in a vehicle is pretty undeniably a good thing, not sure why anyone would say otherwise. Game literally says "Tower Defense" in the descriptions, building a fort for horde night is fun and definitely the intention, then spending a week exploring/rebuilding/reinforcing ect Legendary Items: Should certainly be rare but not overwhelmingly so, should definitely have an impact when you find them, I would say whoever's suggestion of "probably not finding one in 100hrs" is a bad thing but maybe 24-50hrs on average, of course GS calculations would come into play. If anything it should certainly not be timelocked or else you'll have people afking for days to find one. Overall I really like most of the game design philosophy of TFP. Another thing I will never understand is why people would want zombie ai to be exploitable. Anyway thanks for doing your best to make it not exploitable as much as possible while keeping building a well designed base important.
  18. You are completely right. Games should be fun (including difficult=fun in many cases)
  19. I wonder when junk drones will make it to a stable patch, they're the reason I want to try Int next.
  20. You better be a hunter in real life because a quick google search says you will have a tough time with a bear. Literally the first thing looking up that gun and a bear is "An AK-47 chambered in 7.62 by 39 is ok for Bear defense but the only way you're going to be able to kill it or put it down quickly is putting multiple rounds through it." Man people literally like to complain about everything without looking things up and for some reason everyone joins in believing it without question. Anyway bears are tough, not every exact vital organ is going to be simulated in a game that isn't a bear hunting game either. I don't think the realism argument works based on how strong real bears can be though.
  21. Is adding more possible inventory spaces not an option?
  22. "Limb inconvenience" has lead me to some adrenaline pumping situations but also some boredom. It is definitely a pretty tangible consequence still. How high up of falls are you surviving? I'm pretty certain you die from a certain height yes.
  23. I believe it was around plus or minus 15% stats on it. I was thinking of a larger range but I'm not entirely sure if a larger range would be anti-fun. Anyway just random brainstorming, you guys know how to make the game fun. Thanks for replying to posts on here! Looking forward to future ideas.
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