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  1. It is gone, you have to edit it in the files, I am sad about this as well
  2. I dont like that they focus on weaker points if that is true, but I'd prefer that they did have more chances at destroying structural integrity than they do now. I witnessed in A20, zombies focused on attacking the building next to the one I was in, instead of bringing down my tower. No damage done to my tower at all, they nearly destroyed a nearby building though
  3. Don't fight a bear with a 9mm, that goes for real life too, it will kill you in real life if you try that too
  4. I strongly disagree with this one. If it was good for tower defense, they would have a sense of attacking structural points. I want ai pathing to knock down buildings more often I am not sure how the current pathing is "tower defense" when I stand on top of a building they all attack the building next to it and leave my tower untouched.
  5. How is progress on coding generic bandit AI going? This is my biggest worry for the game, as no other game has been able to pull off such a thing correctly. They should do what a lot of other games do, and they probably will. 4 slots for actual stat clothing, 4 slots for cosmetic overrides.
  6. Finished my first tier 5 in A20, permadeath. Strength is too powerful in my opinion. I don't have any int and never built a workbench. I think they should change sex rex to tools only and have weapon skills affect weapon stamina alone instead of sex rex. It was really fun and there were a few scary times but overall it wasn't really that hard. I am playing with 300% ai block damage as well with run during day and nightmare at night. Overall I think sex rex is too good. Great job designing these maps though, I'll play a few more tier 5 before calling it quits for A20. First tier 5 took me about an hour to clear and looked like a Crack a Book corporate office.
  7. That's not nearly as easy to rush as levels, especially if death would set lootstage back.
  8. My guess is that it's on a high lootstage. I want that system to be changed a bit. What I think currently is that lootstage should scale with kills and be lowered on death.
  9. Lootstage shouldn't be based on level. I've come to the conclusion the best way for lootstage to be is to have it tied to kills since last death. Like maybe lose half or so of your lootscore on death so that there's progression over time still. Level focus makes the rng feel more rigged than my idea, and makes you want to rush levels early instead of enjoying the world.
  10. I actually think lootstage being tied to level really hurts the game. I think it should be scaled to something different that is time consuming, such as time survived (though then you would have to solve the problem of wanting to just afk till your lootstage is up). Maybe lootstage could scale with kills and be greatly lowered when you die? That would increase penalties of death and make the game much more survival oriented. There's too much incentive to jump off a building or get killed when you have too many debuffs right now. So in short, to solve 2 birds with one stone, lootstage should scale with kills or something since your last death, and not level up total.
  11. I think you need to play the game finding lootstage sweetspots to get what you want. I haven't found a beaker but I don't mind the rng. Actually I think progression happens too quickly, or too slowly, but there's never a good in between. I personally would like lootstage and enemies to not scale to level past what the devs expect people to be at on their first horde night for enemies. I think the lootstage scaling to level hurts the game a bit. Lootstage should scale with other activities such as days survived or something. That'd actually be awesome.
  12. The game is scarier without it in your opinion?
  13. Doesn't leveling up increase your lootstage too along with gamestage? It sounds like a good thing that they can now leap far, I have not seen it yet however.
  14. This is likely because you are not playing things safe. For my underground bases I may hear screamers but I never even see them (in the base) because I use doors and trap doors. If you're just digging an open hole of course you should expect things to get to you easily. I agree with the cost reduction on poles 100%.
  15. You profit off living off the land 1 actually. The math 50% chance of seed is approximately 2.5 plants You get 4 plants with living off the land 1 This is an average yield of 6.5, which means if you want an endless farm, you are getting about 1-2plants per plot net gain. Of course with a small sample size your farm may end unsustainable at these levels. So if you insist no fortitude, wait till you have like 5 seeds if seeing your farm dry out is frustrating. The mechanic is also used without any perks to generate a few plants from seeds you find with no investment (it's not meant to be sustainable with no perk, just a 1 time gig).
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