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  1. MM replied: No, lockpicking is shippable as is. Sure a minigame might be better but we're a small team and we can do more quest types or redo features that are shippable already. SphereII and I coded and released a lockpicking minigame mod which your welcome to use as a starting point. Its tied into the perk and inventory system, and resembles the one in Skyrim. I'd love to see it added to the base game. Lockpicking is not shippable, you can't even write a message in text while lockpicking. Also there needs to be some incentive to actually pick a lock instead of breaking in, such as a chance for items to break. Also locked doors can't be picked. Lockpicking is without a doubt one of the worst and least shippable parts of the game currently in A19. If the game was released right now it would be extremely glaring and a useless part of the game. I like much of the game and I can say without a doubt lockpicking is a terrible mechanic the way it is. Felt like it was just thrown in to have it there for early access and would be touched up later so claims that it is shippable are disappointing to aay the least.
  2. I dont think it was just you I was responding to but I cant remember at this point, doesn't seem like I had read your post before though. That or you're correct and I misread your post.
  3. Technically going by this logic, once you learn how to make an iron sledgehammer or an iron arrow, you should automatically unlock the steel recipe
  4. That's how thugtubers roll 😦 Will there ever be a beverage that gives thermal resist? Gameplay is certainly good but maybe you could change it to like blueberry smoothie and yucca juice tea
  5. No one seems to talk about it, but I'm glad A19 added more music
  6. I think sneak should be an all in one perk after all (quieter actions, more base stealth, faster stealth movement, and sneak damage) It is useless in pvp, horde night, and semi-useless in auto aggro triggers so as a niche skill, costing 5 points for all of that is fine and makes it more reasonable. Wouldnt mind if stealth damage was lowered to +150% or +125% from the perk at rank 5 to compensate.
  7. Im finding it hard to justify From the Shadows even on my agility run. Not sure if tying in the stealth damage perk with it would be reasonable or too strong either
  8. Maybe they should make silencer work better and be a pistol exclusive thing? For gameplay sake
  9. I'm on day 60 and haven't found a single forge or forge blueprint...
  10. Where do power tools fit in to all of this? I thought they were the T3 of tools and melee was going to get more later
  11. From experience I know I started seeing machete before any t3 drops as well
  12. What, knives have no t1? Read more posts after and have come to the conclusion, yes hunting knife is t1, machete is t2, could add a combat knife to fill in t3
  13. Combat knife as T3 knife maybe To my understanding, bone shiv is primitive, machete is T2
  14. One random question with current progression. How rare are forges? I've found bellows and anvils before I've ever seen a forge or forge schematic. It is like the game begs that you take that intellect perk.
  15. If only there was a way to exchange items. Maybe for coins or something so you can build up progress for that quality 1 pistol.
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