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  1. MM replied: No, lockpicking is shippable as is. Sure a minigame might be better but we're a small team and we can do more quest types or redo features that are shippable already. SphereII and I coded and released a lockpicking minigame mod which your welcome to use as a starting point. Its tied into the perk and inventory system, and resembles the one in Skyrim. I'd love to see it added to the base game. Lockpicking is not shippable, you can't even write a message in text while lockpicking. Also there needs to be some incentive to actually pick a lock instead of breaking in, such as a chance for items to break. Also locked doors can't be picked. Lockpicking is without a doubt one of the worst and least shippable parts of the game currently in A19. If the game was released right now it would be extremely glaring and a useless part of the game. I like much of the game and I can say without a doubt lockpicking is a terrible mechanic the way it is. Felt like it was just thrown in to have it there for early access and would be touched up later so claims that it is shippable are disappointing to aay the least.
  2. One random question with current progression. How rare are forges? I've found bellows and anvils before I've ever seen a forge or forge schematic. It is like the game begs that you take that intellect perk.
  3. If only there was a way to exchange items. Maybe for coins or something so you can build up progress for that quality 1 pistol.
  4. If you make repair expensive enough that you don't always have new kits though then you may be able to keep the item forever but you will have times where you can't use it. Would have to require something that is really only lootable to make sure the grind doesn't skyrocket. Then again you have to keep in mind how annoying and how much time it'll take to move all item mods.
  5. I feel like that ruins the purpose of looting even more than A19 haters hate it. Not every loot needs to "feel good." True true, wasn't considering that, wish that was an option. Maybe a more extensive repair system is a solution because repair kits are definitely somewhat cheap. Iron age keeping repair kits is fine but maybe steel T3 type gear needing more expensive repair would be good for the game.
  6. I don't like that idea and I'm sure that would mess with anyone that tends to keep all their consumables till the end of RPGs If something extreme like that was ever implimented I'd rather it be another option and certainly not mandatory. I much prefer simply loss of items on death. I am actually unsure how anyone can play with the backpacks but that's just me. Loss on death solves this somewhat though I do feel death needs to be more punishing in general too to discourage exploit-y deaths and make you feel like you must survive as long as you can more than just that being the name of the game.
  7. Just play loss of items on death and duplicates become more valuable
  8. You're totally right, I can see it now😆
  9. I will give you that, I've only played one game in A19 so far but looting isn't really redundant early at all as long as you aren't playing on a very small world. I was skeptical of the system and the rumors of hundreds of blunderbusses early on made me believe this system would suck, for me I'm at GS90 right now, only ever saw one Blunderbuss. Main merits with the new system for me is an increase in the value of early points in crafting (not that it increased much) And a prolonged struggle to get desired equip like guns. Also it seems gun parts and such drop more frequently early on than they used to further increasing the value of crafting. Parts of guns and such are the biggest hurdle of making crafting valuable now. You have a point where the game might feel more samey now early. Notice no one said they loved the system enough for it to stay the same, people that like the direction are hoping for more variety of loot to decrease the samey experience you're getting. That was just my bark at "anyone that likes this has no idea what they're talking about" basically
  10. Maybe old vets shouldn't be answering the polls because their views are clouded by what they're familiar with instead of the actual merits
  11. You need to stop watching and start playing, I've seen 1 blunderbuss my entire run and at gamestage 80 now. "I like it. I really like the direction this is going and the future sounds even better." Voted this however, it could go south if they make zombies and items scale too directly so that you don't feel more powerful. As is luckily regular zombies still spawn at higher gamestages and I hope that remains in the future to build a foundation for the sense of becoming stronger. If both loot and zombies scaled entirely in power with gamestage you'd be left with a game that feels samey regardless of your equipment.
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