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  1. Will lower tiers give lesser rewards than higher tiers generally? The current system is way more interesting in choices in my opinion. However having some increased range in the stats of tools when you craft them might be more fun. So instead of crafting 7000 stone axes to get a better one you would craft several at times if you get bad rolls. Maybe that's a bad idea though, just thinking it might end up being fun. You could find a top tier weapon with lower stats than a lower tier on rare occasions which will make finding that perfect weapon much more interesting than just finding quality 1-6 and how many mods you can fit. Only thing is higher tier stuff would have to be a noticeable step up on average in terms of stats so that RNG does weigh in favor of it being an upgrade. Right now I vaguely remember seeing some people argue that lower tier stuff may be better in particular with snipers.
  2. Will you be setting up each tier of quests to have a minimal tier of rewards? This would make there be an incentive to challenge yourself with higher tier quests early instead of just grinding out low tier quests as long as you can.
  3. More doors would probably be one of the nicer decoration ideas if not the best one if we could only choose one more decor idea. Though I'm unsure of the tech limits or what issues would arise from that.
  4. Something I want to debate since it sounds like it will be up for debate when power tools require stamina. Don't power tools also require fuel? Shouldn't they be better than all tools which do not require fuel? Or will this be another case of they're better only if perked into? If that's the case I'd suggest they be a ton better instead of just marginally to account for perk investment and higher resource costs.
  5. I read they can be already if you know where to look, I've definitely found mushrooms in the wild myself and corn. Still would be nice if there was some indicator in game for this for new players or someone that just has a lapse of thought and made a mistake
  6. Are you implying that you're special? Scavenger set up camp there and died leaving behind some loot
  7. One thing as a new player that made me incredibly frustrated was having a quest at a location that I had a chest set down and filled with items. I had no idea or indication that the quest would delete the chest and the entire inventory. That would be good to say somewhere for new players.
  8. I'm fairly certain they dont make it impossible to get higher tier stuff, just more rare than it used to be with the GS scales tipping you further towards certain loot, probably impossible to jump to the highest tier stuff from lowest though
  9. I don't like this idea because I play MP and generally like to make sure we're all prepared right at the marker, it'd need to be at least a few minutes long if there was a timer, or an adjustable setting On second thought I suppose I could start the quest once at the marker but I guess I just feel like once I start it I'm in for a ride. Not entirely sure how it all works but I think if there was a timer, making it 1-2minutes wouldn't hurt Either way this can also be handled pretty simply with player self discipline
  10. You guys make some fun design decisions, I like that which tool is better may be based on perk choices somewhat
  11. I incredibly strongly disagree with this and believe it would even be game ruining. If both loot and all zombies scale in health and damage, you'll end up with a very samey feeling game and it would ruin the fun of seeing yourself get stronger. More special zombie variants as game stage goes up are welcome but scaling all zombies and loot at the same time would be very damaging to fun.
  12. for me I tend to run out until I can craft them (though I play where all my stuff I'm carrying is deleted on death), a single antibiotic's value is still very low compared to other rewards even with being strapped for resources by playing on loss of items on death.
  13. Auto shotgun schematic would be an amazing gamechanger, I think that's great but a single antibiotic looks ridiculous compared to everything else I think I saw someone say they don't want to see schematics as rewards but I think some big power schematics like auto-shotgun would be a great reward for T5
  14. New Vegas survival worked extremely well actually, then somehow they made it terrible in "4." That was before Rust and such (New Vegas). This though is great sounding philosophy, looking forward to the end product.
  15. Perhaps a buff could be something along those lines. Worth asking.
  16. I'm still torn because oftentimes I end up with a full inventory even with no encumbrance slots, if pack mule instead added full inventory slots it would be a lot nicer (or if as other people stated, new armor mods come out that make pocket mods be more questionable)
  17. Yea it is a bit of an issue to me that the only thing iron has on stone is taking longer per repair
  18. Finally zombie social workers that will thoughtfully talk about our issues.
  19. It really does boost replayability. I don't even feel bad about needing to restart next Alpha because of it.
  20. The problem with this is it actually lowers playstyle diversity to me. If a certain weapon felt op or you were just comfortable with a certain type of weapon it would lower the chance drastically of you using other weapons for combat. It's nice in MP to have different styles of combat based on our noncombat roles as well. I do see your point but I believe the current system is better. With TFP giving their game such a good level cap, you can eventually get everything I believe too. For instance I keep hearing people talking about how good sledges are but as a non-strength player I don't see that at all yet. If I choose strength in one of my next playthroughs it will get me out of my comfort zone a bit to try out sledges. My motivation is significantly the non-combat portions of the other trees, and I like that they get me out of my comfort zone for combat.
  21. Abilities... I hope this doesn't go that direction 😰 Feels like every game with abilities is pretty heavily immersion breaking. I enjoy immersing myself in 7D2D. Does wasteland still give bonus exp to play in?
  22. I agree completely with your statement. I like the meaningful choices. Though kudos to you guys for having a meeting about it. I think the only perk (though I haven't checked A19 version) that would need some buff is the animal tracker, maybe make it increase the yields from harvesting animals as well? Also anything that increases crafting speed maybe moved to decrease crafting costs as well
  23. I suggest playing with loss of loot on death, it makes everything count a lot more.
  24. Poor survivor got into the building, stowed away some stuff in a cupboard and proceeded to get mauled by zombies within those 30 days.
  25. I really like the idea of a flintlock t0 pistol
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