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  1. It's a tactic used by people who know they're wrong. Instead of challenging your reasoning for why it's a bad perk or explaining how they feel it's valuable they target your hyperbole about "nobody" picking it and accuse you of arguing in bad faith. There's actually a term for this style of argumentation where you take a clearly illogical conclusion and work backwards to try to justify it through fallacious argumentation. It's called פלפול
  2. Not as annoying as people who ignore what feedback is there because they don't want to accept it. There is nothing false about saying "this is the feedback I'm seeing from others" unless you're trying to claim that it's an outright lie and those who are on forums or posting videos are saying something completely different. You'll get more respect by saying you simply don't want to make changes than try to imply there is some silent majority who secretly agrees with you.
  3. Ah yes, completely rewriting the xml files only to have it broken with the next update. That's how I like spending my days.
  4. This is because problems often don't reveal themselves except in extreme situations. Many people imagine themselves to be in decent shape, but would be wholly incapable of running even a half marathon. Likewise by playing on insane difficulty the vast differences in the viability of weapons becomes painfully clear without the need to run the numbers. If you're a roleplayer making cool buildings in creative mode game balance is irrelevant.
  5. Yes, I'm aware of how stealth works. Is it fun? Sure. Is it rewarding? No. And that's the problem. As you said it requires a massive commitment. Human psy@%$*#!gy dictates that most people will gravitate towards the easiest path to rewards. People will use cheats and exploits knowing they're just making the game less fun for themselves. It's the task of a good game developer to make the fun parts compelling and rewarding. If I could half-donkey it then it might become more rewarding. If it yielded more loot or more xp then it might be compelling. If most POIs were designed to reward the play style rather than punish it and it had value on horde night then it I might be convinced to make the investment. None of these things are true. I'm glad that this way of making the game more difficult brings you joy. I enjoy playing on insane/permadeath, the nice thing about my way of bringing additional challenge is that it works flawlessly within the existing paradigm. It's both fun and rewarding.
  6. I don't say all because I've studied how intellectually dishonest people such as yourself work. We ALL know there are exceptions to every rule, but you'll pretend you've won an argument by identifying an exception where everyone else merely assumed it and focused on the larger trend. The problem that you're having is that you're emotionally attached to convincing people that stealth is working as intended instead of looking for ways to improve it. You're projecting your dishonesty onto me. I want stealth to be a compelling part of the game, but at this point it's not. I'd much prefer to discuss how things can be improved, but here you are sabotaging that conversation. I don't assume everyone shares my view, but I've observed the views of the greater community and I'm relaying them to you. I can't think of a single streamer or youtuber who regularly plays a stealth build. I've seen dozens of comments here, reddit, steam that have said stealth is not a viable strategy. Sure there is always that one guy who gives anecdotal evidence of how much he loves it, and there's always that guy who turns off hordes, plays on the lowest difficutly and still dies 4x a day, but the consensus is that the 7 day horde is such an integral part of the game loop that it's literally in the title of the game. Likewise the consensus is that the most compelling skills are ones that help you overcome the most difficult aspects of the game. Sleepers in plain sight with their backs turned are just not in that category.
  7. I've never put a point in gardening. Why not just build 4x as many farm plots? Traders make food a non-issue. A meat stew might be 250 dukes, but wrenching down a single car and selling all the parts can get you 1k+ I also disagree that you better barter and daring adventurer are must have skills. Questing is certainly a viable strategy, but until you have a vehicle you'll spend most of your day running to and from the trader. Throwing down drop chests and spending the day clearing every single poi in a commercial/residential area is going to give you far better loot, more money and more xp. I agree with most of your points here, however regardless of the nerfs to lucky looter its absolutely a must have skill for the increased search speed alone. Salvage operations is one I tend to max out eventually. Salvage is an absolute cash cow. Salvage all the cars in town, pop a sugar butts and grandpa's awesome sauce and you can outright buy a 4x4 or gyrocopter in week 2. Sex rex isn't the bees knees. 2 points will get you through the early/mid game after that you really only need it if you want to do lots of melee or like to mine without an auger. Master Chef is a noob trap, I always find enough recipies that it's irrelevant. Gardening is similarly silly, I have 8 plots of potatoes and corn, no shortage of food. Farm plots also make great base decorations. Run and Gun is a must have, at least 1 point, now that you can put bandoleers in your pants additional points are probably not necessary. The entire intellect tree would make me angry if you couldn't reset your stats. It's full of must-have-if-you-don't-have-the-book skills. Later when you have the books it's a big pile of wasted points. The meta is controlled by the fact that shotguns and auto weapons are vastly overpowered compared to other options and that so many skills are rendered pointless by the correct books and mods. Pack mule, penetration for rifles, cooking, the entire intellect tree, you can mod away the penalties to heavy armor making light armor moot, etc.
  8. You're exaggerating. A significant percentage of zombies in any given POI are in closets, ceilings or otherwise impossible to stealth kill. The reason this play style is eschewed by nearly all players is because it offers no benefit to the actual challenges of the game. A nurse sleeping in the middle of a living room isn't a threat. It's the trap room where the floor collapses and you're surrounded by 6 big mommas, the wandering dog packs and the horde nights that kill people. Stealth are wasted points in these situations. Stealth kills are satisfying and we all use them on occasion, but it's not a legitimate primary play style for a horde defense game.
  9. No, but because of the gamestage nerf I'm still getting normal Zs on day 25. Sure bikers and soldiers take multiple hits, but it seems like the 4x hit points is gone and they have the same hit points as normal difficulties. This makes the already bad difficulty curve far worse. It's not just shotguns, although I agree they are obscenely overpowered, but I can drop them in 2 or 3 shots from an AK despite having 0 skill points invested in autos. The new critical system is basically just a nerf to all melee, so I'm not using any. Too annoying to wander around with half health and an injury for 20mins. At least before you could heal the black damage with a bandage, now you have to wait it out.
  10. Was there a nerf to higher difficulties? I've been 1 shotting everything on insane.
  11. I was thinking the way to do this is on a biome level. The forest biome is Game Stage +0. Desert and Winter are GS +20. Burnt is ((GS + 40) x 1.1) and wastland is ((GS +60) X1.2)). That would allow the player to dynamically manage their risk in a way that's intuitive. As it stands there is never a reason to go outside of the forest except for oil shale.
  12. I suspect most of the complaints are coming from people who are running around encumbered, in full scrap armor, spamming power attacks, thinking they can spend all of day 2 mining and will never have to invest points in cooking or sex rex. I'd consider it a non-issue if they'd replace the starting can of food with a shepards pie or similar. That would get you through the 2nd day at which point it's not that hard to find enough.
  13. This would almost certainly be a nightmare to code, so I wouldn't expect it.
  14. I suspect this is a workaround for how traders operate. They'll only buy 3 stacks of an item and since water is easy to make in vast quantities and sells reasonably well they wanted to limit how much money you could make from it. Selling 3x250 stacks of water to each trader would allow you to break the economy on day 2.
  15. You can get piles of canned food from buried treasure quests and vending machines.
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