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  1. A lot of people thinking the vehicle moving is a bug. It's actually garden gnomes... Step 1: Steal bike Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit
  2. With something like a gradually progressing alpha for a game, it's always a good idea to delete your old saves and worlds, and do a fresh install. This will remove a lot of issues. Since you're playing a pre-release, check on the forums for advice from the devs or other players to get your game running smoothly. This game hasn't come out yet. We're doing testing, but this game is already amazing. The developers have left the players so many tools to make the experience enjoyable, from leaving previous releases available, to the modability of the game, you can surely find a way to make the game work for you. Happy holidays and I hope find a way to get the most from your game!
  3. I wish there was some way to play previous alphas... But until they implement that, I'm with OP, please bring back alpha 19.... Wait... You're saying you can already play any alpha? I see.... I take it back, OP is a strange one. However, this is a pretty buggy alpha compared to alpha 19. I'll give that to you. Overall, I'm loving alpha 20, and super excited for A21! ps: In your game library, if you right click on 7 days to die and select properties, you can the beta you like.
  4. I hope they do expand this back to what I thought was the original design: A slider for sight and sound. Then players can easily adjust as they see fit, even going as far as making every zombie blind and/or deaf or making any zombie spawn hone in on you immediately, like a bloodmoon.
  5. The light does turn on for about 5 seconds when it loads in as you approach it. Which is what I was referring as the 'loading issue'. My apologies for not being more specific, you're not spewing any BS. ๐Ÿ˜œ It's meant to turn off now it seems, but when it first loads in, it lights up for a few seconds. But maybe I just need more time to get used to the new system. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
  6. Hey Everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the holidays. I really like playing the game with 'mark supply drop location' turned off, since I find marking my map and possibly stumbling upon them randomly a lot of fun. Gives a real sense of excitement when you find a supply drop no where near where you thought it was, and glad too, because you really needed it's contents. With Alpha 20, the supply drop doesn't emit light for very long after dropping. It lights up a bit due to a loading issue when you approach it, but it goes out really quick. It makes spotting the supply drop without the setting turned on very difficult. Maybe I just need more time to get used to the new look, but I'd really prefer if the orange light stays lit, when on the ground. So you can easily spot them when you walk passed them. Does anyone else play with this setting turned off, for extra emersion and fun? Anyone miss the old bright supply drops from alpha 19? I got to say the contents are a lot more interesting in alpha 20, so that's a big plus.
  7. So you're dealing with unrequited love for a zombie? I can help. IF you don't want the zombie in question to FEEL special to you anymore, and you've already tried trapping them in the basement of your base to see if anything clicks. I suggest you move to a new town, and using admin commands, spawn a bunch of the same zombie, and a bunch of bears. Watch as the bears tear your special friend away from your loving heart. Slowly, you'll become desensitized to the bloodshed, and that's when you know the zombie isn't special to you anymore.... Hope that helped. PS: Use the spawn 25 command, but don't use the spawn facing you command, that'll just make the whole thing that much harder.
  8. You can reduce model size in the configs, so pick your favorite zombie to become a kid, and just shrink them to child size, adjust their movepattern and done. Just don't zoom in too much... =D
  9. Two Brothers Is a good one, it broke my wasteland into two chuncks, one being in the middle of the forest biome, and the other on the other side of the map. 8k I put everything to Many.
  10. You could go for a light armor agility build, stack movement speed and when needed use consumables like mega crush, beer and coffee. You can out run the zombies that way and pick them off in the open field.
  11. A man of culture I see. ๐Ÿ˜œ I agree, the dynamic with the limb removal is wrong, but the concept could be really awesome. It's just needs some tweaks. But I still think that most regular gun fire shouldn't be throwing limbs all over the place. Again, this is only implemented on a handful of zombies... -_- imagine when all zombies have this mechanic, it'll look crazy ridiculous. I also agree with Viktoriusiii, melee weapons should be the main place this mechanic shows up. As hitting something with blunt force may be able to do some of this, especially cutting with the machete. Guns should have either target specific actions (instead of fire at arm, remove arm, like it is now, have it be fire at shoulder, remove arm, etc) or they should just greatly reduce the frequency and include proper physics to the limb. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  12. I feel like the new falling limb mechanic on the zombies looks a little silly if it's not in the right context. Using a sledgehammer to pop off a zombies head or a machete to cut it off, that is fun. However, when you fire a pistol shot in the head and it... takes the head off as a single piece that drops neatly on the floor. I think it looks ridiculous most of the time. The same really for the arms and legs which kind of fly off the zombies. It feels a bit like you're in a zombie apocalypse that turns into a silly dream, where the zombies are so weak you can disassemble them, they may even just lose a limb walking. I propose that limb removal be restricted to machete with an exception for all melee weapons having a chance to knock off only heads. OR if you do set it up for guns, make sure the bullets have to hit the joint to initiate the effect. Otherwise a 'destroyed limb' should simply explode like in the past. What does everyone else think? Loving alpha 20 so far, but I find this mechanic works against the immersion and atmosphere of the game, and it'll be much worse when every zombie works like this.
  13. I'm all for this. Would be one of my top requests actually. I'd love to turn off the UI for periods of time when I play, just loot everything and check it all after.
  14. Gotta be careful when throwing rocks to lure zombies into hostile animals. Sometimes the zombie focuses only on the rock and can get killed before he even weakens the four-legged meal that I'm trying to soften up before dinner.
  15. If you're playing vanilla settings, I actually think Int is the strongest start. I did it once on a server I joined (MP), I made so much more money and resources than my brother who joined with me. (Playing fort) I was rolling in dukes and buying anything I needed. Then, once I had everything I needed, the 30k respec potion, I was buying for 10k. I brought about 5 of them, and just messed around until server restart. But starting Int allowed me to have so much flexibility and resources that the game no longer required much effort. Just buy what I need, and forget about farming resources. I would even use respec potions to go back to int for selling and then just switch back to my regular build. I'd easily make back the required 20k for respecs.
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