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  1. Gotta be careful when throwing rocks to lure zombies into hostile animals. Sometimes the zombie focuses only on the rock and can get killed before he even weakens the four-legged meal that I'm trying to soften up before dinner.
  2. If you're playing vanilla settings, I actually think Int is the strongest start. I did it once on a server I joined (MP), I made so much more money and resources than my brother who joined with me. (Playing fort) I was rolling in dukes and buying anything I needed. Then, once I had everything I needed, the 30k respec potion, I was buying for 10k. I brought about 5 of them, and just messed around until server restart. But starting Int allowed me to have so much flexibility and resources that the game no longer required much effort. Just buy what I need, and forget about farming resources. I would even use respec potions to go back to int for selling and then just switch back to my regular build. I'd easily make back the required 20k for respecs.
  3. There are mods that allow you to tame animals, even some go as far as making the game into a pokemon style collection and battle system. However, I'd like to see updates to animals with a future release. Mostly so that wolves, move in packs, and hunt other animals. I'd rather see a deer run by my screen being chased by a pack of wolves than just see either one in isolation. And not interacting. Pigs should be hunted too, and get aggressive at close proximity.
  4. Ever see someone ride a bear? What about riding a bear while stabbing them in the back over and over until the beast succumbs.... Episode 3:
  5. I'm doing a no trader modded romero mod, and some vehicle & weapon expansions. Wandering hordes every 1-3 hours of 8-40 zombie. Insane difficulty. I spent my first day setting up outposts, one in a poi, but another is just a scaffolding I built, that I can run to in an emergency. I'm still just getting started on the playthrough, but my win condition is getting a gyro and flying off the island. Permadeath. No repair kits in loot, and now costs 100 forged iron & 100 duct tape. 50% loot.
  6. That's a great challenge mode! I'd love a setting, like Carry-able Vehicles (ON/OFF). But I'm sure someone can figure out how to make this a reality. As much as I agree with OP, I don't think this is so important that it can't be done through settings or mods. I'm definitely going to give it a try for one of my playthroughs.
  7. I've been using this to make the game more fun for a long time now. This game is awesome because of the modding potential. Plus the gameplay is smooth. And voxel world is fun for me. Thanks a lot for sharing this, it helps others enjoy this awesome game even more! Can't wait for alpha 20!
  8. Episode 2 is now out. Check it out here:
  9. Hey everyone, I'm launching a new 7 Days to Die Series. It's a Hardcore Survival Challenge Mode, with Nightmare/Insane Zombies, and some RP & Humor sprinkled in for good measure. Strap in and enjoy watching my final days of the Apocalypse.... ***MATURE LANGUAGE WARNING***
  10. I think there is also a club in-game called the Booty Trap, could try to steal there. 😐
  11. I mean they added this in mods, I think TFP could manage something before release. I'd definitely love to have a large variety of different looks to the zombies. Different skin tones and clothing would make a big difference. But it's not so pressing, as to make the game unplayable. Especially if it ever gets released, the modders can go to town without any kind of deadline between patches. So truly amazing projects can be completed with mods. I can't wait!
  12. I'd use this mod. Sounds wonderful really, not sure why it's not in the baseline game yet, but hopefully they'll sneak this in one day.
  13. I was wondering why this post seemed so darn familiar.
  14. Honestly, distance and positionally relevant voip would be amazing. Haven't heard this, although I imagine it's more likely for them to just boost the volume and move on. I do hope an option like this gets implemented. I'd use it over discord if I'm just goofing around with friends.
  15. Back in Alpha 18, I was having a good ol time riding around a motorcycle when I spotted a large cluster of zeds. I decided I would ram one with my motorcycle, and jump off shoot one in the head, and then smash in the last one.... Unfortunately, I'm not sure it was a bug or not, but when I got off my motocycle at full speed, it clipped my character, and sent me into some kind of dazed animation with my character lying on the floor for about 5 seconds. I barely got out of that without being fully eaten... Since alpha 19, I've never seen this animation occur again, I don't think players can get stunned anymore, but not sure.
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