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  1. I'll be honest, even though I absolutely love this game. When I first tried it in Alpha 17, I really didn't enjoy it. I found the new player experience very confusing. I went back in at Alpha 18, and played with a friend, and it was better, but I just let them do all the complicated stuff, and I focused on bashing in the zombies heads and looting stuff (Which I still found tedious and a waste of time mostly). I grew pretty bored quickly, although I did play a bit. But it wasn't until I finally made a game with cheat mode enabled, zombies disabled, and just spent some time checking out what was
  2. Hey everyone! After getting slaughtered last time early on, I decided to try again but with a running start. I gave myself some starting running clothing. (Shorts, T-Shirt & Running Shoes) But I went from 6x zombie spawning to 10x zombie spawning to keep it interesting. There is actual editing on this one, and I'm going to keep improving as the series goes on. Hoping to do slowmo/speed motion scenes and add some music eventually. Just learning the ropes. Hope someone enjoys this! I'm having a lot more fun this time, now that I'm more familiar with the modifications I'm playing
  3. Yes, for this reason, I rarely use AP ammo. I support this getting addressed one day. 😃
  4. Hey everyone, I decided to try something new with 7 days today. I modified my config files to make all other entities 1-hit blocks, and multiplied zombie spawning by 6. The playthrough is played on Warrior difficulty, and of course, given the name, the zombies also Run during the day, with nightmare speed 32 zombie hordes. World Gen Seed 8k: Cant Stop I'm already close to death, as I think I made this a bit too hard, but if anyone was interested in the concept, I welcome you to try it and see how long you can survive. I don't know how to mod yet, so sorry in advance if you'
  5. Hey everyone, I did some testing the other day and wanted to share what I found with the community. This outlines the maximum safe fall distance: Listed by Parkour level. The total is if you combine both impact & the fall damage book. Hope this helps someone! Parkour 0 Total Ground Hay Bale Ground Hay Bale Default 6 23 6 23 Impact Mod 7 28 7 28 Fall Damage Book
  6. I love your second idea! Taming wolves as a trait/book, having a farm with animals would be amazing! Especially if it spawned wolves, coyotes and vultures to occasionally attack it, like a wandering horde, but for your farms. Maybe even a zombie bear eventually. Hopefully one day we can get farms with animals!
  7. Game stage determines loot and enemy spawning. Higher gamestage means higher tier loot. Higher gamestage means stronger zombies wondering the world and spawning on blood moons. Gamestage is calculated by your level & your days survived. https://7daystodie.gamepedia.com/Difficulty The wiki explains it best. However, in Alpha 19, a change not listed on the wiki. Difficulty no longer affects game stage. Meaning playing on adventurer or Insane doesn't affect gamestage, meaning it won't affect the loot or the types of wandering zombies. Ignoring
  8. If you found the variable in the game files, can't you make the value 0? Or just delete the line that says it deals X block damage. Found these lines in my items file for the AK for instance: <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" value="-.15,.15" tags="perkMachineGunner"/> <!-- random BlockDmg --> <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" value=".1,.5" tier="2,6" tags="perkMachineGunner"/> <!-- tier bonus --> I'd either set the values to 0 so: <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" v
  9. Fun video. I'd love a mod that adds bullets to the bat and makes it only have 1 shot and explode for massive damage/knockback. Just for funzies. Even call it Babe Ruth Mod (Bat 'like' Babe Ruth). It would be worse imo than what the clubs are now. But it would be fun to do more with the ragdoll physics in this game. I'd have it for both sledge and club honestly. Just sounds so cool regardless. An exploding melee weapon!
  10. I wanted to discuss the zombie outbreak in 7 days, and what we know about it so far. We will discuss: The Landscape, The Zombie Behavior, and Zombie Types. The Landscape: The world of 7 Days is broken up into 5 distinct landscapes: Snow, Forest, Desert, Burnt & Wasteland. So what does this tell us? Well Burnt & Wasteland are irregular biomes. Firstly, the wasteland indicates some type of armed conflict. Clearly, during the events leading to 7 Days, there was a war involving weapons that can decimate a population, leave heavy building damage, but not fully topple the str
  11. Wondering if anyone here would know how to make a new type of block, with 1 hp, that would attract zombies and wild animals to attack it, with the same priority as if it was a player? Ideally, I can make the block look like a chicken. I'm imagining a fun series where you have to protect your chicken coop. Horde every night. Your chickens die, you die. Thanks for any ideas you might have.
  12. Hey all, I've started to host a 7 days server. It's an 8k Nitrogen Map with 3 large cities, connected by a broken down highway. (All Biomes) I have it set up quite hard. But I'm looking to get more people playing, so I'm willing to make some changes to the settings, and even the map. So far, it's just me and my brother, although I'm rolling it fresh starting today. (Not going to progress the game too much, as I'm looking for some people to play with) Server Name: Nexus of Evil - The Highway of Death Difficulty: Insane Day Length: 120 mins Day Speed: Run
  13. Is anyone else using the Endless Murky Water Exploit? You just need to supply Beer or any other liquor (grain alcohol works too) to your Zombie volunteer, three to four times a day. I suggest getting a Hops farm for this. But once it's running, you're looking at an endless supply of Murky Water. Sometimes it even comes with extra Rotting Flesh! And if you're lucky Corn Seeds. Seriously, give this exploit a try, it'll really help with the early game food/water issues.... 🙂
  14. Just had my first death in alpha 19, trying to do a tier 2 hurried supplies in the wasteland. And omg was I in for a surprise. Started a new game, day 3 adventurer. (120 minutes, double XP and loot find) I head in with a shotgun tier three, a blunderbuss and a wooden club. I got the treasure, but never made it out. A none stop slur of feral cops and radiated zombies chased me down, along with radiated vultures. It was crazy. I ran out of ammo pretty quick after getting my hurried supplies (didn't even fight the zombies that spawn) my bicycle couldn't maneuv
  15. Agreed, this game is awesome. I love how the world, crafting/building and shooter elements combine with rpg elements of progression. The game is awesome, and I can't wait to see it get even better. I even mostly agree with their gameplan. Special zombies (hopefully this will lead to different behavior, instead of the current iteration of specials). Legendary loot Gamestage based on area and poi Bandits & survivors Really excited to see where this game goes.
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