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  1. I wanted to discuss the zombie outbreak in 7 days, and what we know about it so far. We will discuss: The Landscape, The Zombie Behavior, and Zombie Types. The Landscape: The world of 7 Days is broken up into 5 distinct landscapes: Snow, Forest, Desert, Burnt & Wasteland. So what does this tell us? Well Burnt & Wasteland are irregular biomes. Firstly, the wasteland indicates some type of armed conflict. Clearly, during the events leading to 7 Days, there was a war involving weapons that can decimate a population, leave heavy building damage, but not fully topple the structures. The Burnt biome contains few structures, and was likely originally the forest biome. But for some reason, the land never recovers. As if some radiation or other mechanism is stopping the natural order. This take us to the next topic Zombie Types: There are a few special infected, but we'll talk about them next. I'd like to first point to the appearance of radiated zombies that not only remain "undead", but regenerate to that decrepit state. Maybe these zombies are a clue as to why the Burnt forest stays dead as well. Almost as if it's also regenerating to a dead state. Is this radiation or some type of infection? Maybe both? As mentioned before, there's also several types of special infected: Crawlers, Jumpers, Fat Cops, Demolisher, Dire Wolves, Zombie bears and Infected Vultures. Each of them has individual traits, likely related to their lives before the change. (Except the crawlers, that may have lost limbs after transforming) It is interesting that only a few animals can be turned into zombies. I don't think this tells us much. Zombie Behavior: Zombies essentially come in two flavors: Roaming or Idle. The roaming zombies move about the world searching for humans or animals to eat. They seem to either require nutrients or enjoy eating. After walking around long enough without eating, these zombies have been shown to drop dead. Now the idle zombies don't move until some meal comes real close or enough noise to indicate a meal is equally close. It's likely that zombies go into a sleeper state to avoid dying to hunger. This way they can preserve energy for longer. Conclusion: Does this means Zombies are still alive, infected humans? I'd say so, but perhaps something went wrong during the following armed conflict that led to the irradiation of some, causing horrible monstrosities to appear. (Like Radiated Wights) The timeline looks to be, that some infection, that affected some animals and humans began to turn people into man eating monsters. To contain this, nuclear weapons were used. However, this led to a nuclear war that wiped out civilization. The scarred remains of society are all that's left, alone with a few survivors, and a horde of mutated, infected humans. So, on my next playthrough, I plan on working on the cure. I think if I can convert the burnt forest to a fertile ground again, I will be on the first steps to success. Wish me luck! 😎😂
  2. Wondering if anyone here would know how to make a new type of block, with 1 hp, that would attract zombies and wild animals to attack it, with the same priority as if it was a player? Ideally, I can make the block look like a chicken. I'm imagining a fun series where you have to protect your chicken coop. Horde every night. Your chickens die, you die. Thanks for any ideas you might have.
  3. Hey all, I've started to host a 7 days server. It's an 8k Nitrogen Map with 3 large cities, connected by a broken down highway. (All Biomes) I have it set up quite hard. But I'm looking to get more people playing, so I'm willing to make some changes to the settings, and even the map. So far, it's just me and my brother, although I'm rolling it fresh starting today. (Not going to progress the game too much, as I'm looking for some people to play with) Server Name: Nexus of Evil - The Highway of Death Difficulty: Insane Day Length: 120 mins Day Speed: Run Night Speed: Sprint Feral Speed: Nightmare Bloodmoon Speed: Nightmare Bloodmoon Spawns: 20 Bloodmoon Frequency: 10 days Loot Respawn: 10 days Max Players: 20 Max Zombies: 120 Max Animals: 150 XP: 200% Loot: 200% Special Notes: -Bullets, Consumables & Materials have higher stacks amounts. (Ex: Stone 6,000 ->10,000 ; Bandage 10 -> 50 ; 9mm 300 -> 900) -Blessed Metal Mod has a rare chance to drop in the world. (Not crafted) This mod can be attached to weapons and tools, and doubles the damage dealt against Undead. -Player Swim Speed Increased to be faster than Zombies. (You can outswim a Zombie, thank god.) -Military Armor +Physical Defense. Steel is now only 10% more defense than Military (Rather than 15%), while maintaining it's explosion and critical resistance advantage. -12 Starting Skill Points Let me know if you want to join! Or if you don't like the server, but would if X or Y was changed, let me know. Or if you want to say hi, let me know... 😜 Looking forward to meeting some of you in game. 😀
  4. Is anyone else using the Endless Murky Water Exploit? You just need to supply Beer or any other liquor (grain alcohol works too) to your Zombie volunteer, three to four times a day. I suggest getting a Hops farm for this. But once it's running, you're looking at an endless supply of Murky Water. Sometimes it even comes with extra Rotting Flesh! And if you're lucky Corn Seeds. Seriously, give this exploit a try, it'll really help with the early game food/water issues.... 🙂
  5. Just had my first death in alpha 19, trying to do a tier 2 hurried supplies in the wasteland. And omg was I in for a surprise. Started a new game, day 3 adventurer. (120 minutes, double XP and loot find) I head in with a shotgun tier three, a blunderbuss and a wooden club. I got the treasure, but never made it out. A none stop slur of feral cops and radiated zombies chased me down, along with radiated vultures. It was crazy. I ran out of ammo pretty quick after getting my hurried supplies (didn't even fight the zombies that spawn) my bicycle couldn't maneuver properly, anyway. It was awesome. I have to agree, the wasteland is amazing right now. So glad to see some of what's to come for this game! If big cities were similar, but with more roaming, lower tier zombies, I'd be happy with the current biome balance. So glad I've finally died in Alpha 19, right at the end. I had played another game to late game on warrior and had no issues. But I did avoid the animal craze from one patch. Best wasteland ever! I'll be better prepared next time.🤠
  6. Agreed, this game is awesome. I love how the world, crafting/building and shooter elements combine with rpg elements of progression. The game is awesome, and I can't wait to see it get even better. I even mostly agree with their gameplan. Special zombies (hopefully this will lead to different behavior, instead of the current iteration of specials). Legendary loot Gamestage based on area and poi Bandits & survivors Really excited to see where this game goes.
  7. There are a lot of threads giving feedback on alpha 19, and an idea has been thrown around regarding how to solve the issues of zombie AI in this game. The issue of easy exploits. First, I want to congratulate the fun pimps on the recent update to the variety of zombie scripts that can now play out. It's not uncommon for a zombie to see me, and walk off to something more shiny first and then come back for me. I see that some attention was made to give each zombie encounter a more randomized feeling, based on environmental conditions. (Some will stumble, some might get distracted by a bright light or a loud noise, or even a random tree... I've seen it.) However, generally, once these small subscripts have run their coarse, all zombies obey the same targeting logic. They all eventually seek you the same way, and follow the same AI to reach the exact same conclusions. This makes the zombies easy to predict, which doesn't sound too bad in itself, but it can lead to some strange gameplay. (Like the killing corridor where zombies fall, being confused by the pathing, over and over on an endless loop. It's been shown that a user could afk through very late horde nights with these types of exploits. I'd like to remind the fun pimps, that no matter how large a team they build, the community that plays their game will always far exceed it. We have the time and resources to find exploits, to decipher the AI and take advantage of it. This is standard practice for gaming. Now for my question to the community: Would you prefer randomized (or different AI for each zombie) AI that would force zombies to behave in a variety of ways? For instance, some zombie are unaware of block durability, so they look only at proximity. Some zombies, rather than try to get to you, they target only blocks supporting the player, unless the player walks within 5m of the zombie to break it out of it's daze. Etc. This idea would give different zombies a real different feel. But it would also mean that a player could never reliably direct all the zombies with one simple construct. The player would need to come up with defenses against each type of vulnerability the zombies are looking for. Or just build something so powerful that it can slaughter anything that comes near it. There's so much potential in this game. It's one of my favorites these days. But, something I noticed I really crave after seeing each zombie have little quirks in alpha 19, is how much I'd love for different behaving zombies in alpha 20. If you agree or disagree with the idea, please post and comment on the topic. Would you like to see a variety of zombie AI used? Rather than each zombie having the same AI, only differing in their use of a special ability when certain conditions are met. Post & Discuss!😃
  8. While I do prefer the new loot system. Once they implement more rigorous GameStage adjustments per area they can implement this change seamlessly. So I hope they do. I expect to find a few demos guarding the valuable loot, even on day 1, but if you can grab it, you can get a gun early. I think, like they already do, they can continue to expand a bit on which loot is in what containers. From there, adjust Gamestage by biome, and have each poi have a gamestage increase. (Like +80 for shotgun masiah, + 50 crack a book, etc) This will adjust the loot and the difficulty of the spawned zombies. Further, when poi density exceeds a certain value, that area should also have a higher gamestage. So basically, higher gamestage in cities. Include more wandering hordes in cities when this poi density area is entered. I think the loot being tied in part to gamestage is great though. I just think it needs some fine tuning to make each poi more unique or poi areas more unique. And loot containers need some slight adjustments to their loot tables. Like stone tools in sealed pre-apocalypse crates.
  9. The Good: 1) Graphical updates (except that one zombie with the hanging eyeball... Her head is too big, scale it down a bit) The game really looks much better, and feels much more immersive. (But only after I disabled the on screen/map markers for a few things in the data files) 2) The loot progression is awesome! I really feel the steady progress towards becoming stronger and stronger, and the times I land a lucky item that pushes me a bit farther really is enjoyed. Overall 8/10. My one caveat with the loot progression is how is works with multiplayer. It should not increase your allies loot table if your friend has a higher game stage than you. I found it strange that when my buddy joined my server, and grabbed his first few boxes, his whole loot progression was ruined because he was getting loot from my gamestage. Right off the bat is getting steel gear, ak47 tier 4, etc. And it's even worse that the gamestage loot effect is distance related. So depending on how far you are from your friend, his loot can change drastically. This means that playing with friends who aren't at your gamestage can totally ruin this entire new progression system. (hence the -2) 3) New zombie actions. From the head motion tracking (which at times still feels a little off), to zombies sometimes stumbling as a door they're smashing on breaks, all these little details really add to the immersion. It's so funny when a group of zombies drop from above, and one falls right on his face, one sprints at you (feral) and a few slowly walk to you. It makes the zombies feel more individualized. Which is a good thing when you encounter so many. Little details like this are much appreciated. 4) Hit detection. Need I say more? Thank you! 5) New traits & books. I think a few things could change (I'd honestly put heavy armor back in fortitude), but it's overall a big improvement. There's still a few books I'd like to see though (efficient stacks of gunpowder and gas cans). Generally the progression feels great! (And that includes stamina use, since with everything maxed, and a stamina buff going, you can swing forever, which makes sense to me that you can achieve perfect form with all the buffs (it's 5 minutes too, so it's not so bad to drink a pure mineral water before mining or a coffee) 6) Trader direction quest. Neat! 7) Zombie Ai and pathing changes. And improvement from alpha 18. 😎 Wood wedge tips! Thanks and goodbye Tablesaw, you will not be missed. Mixed: 1) The addition of new weapons and tools is great! It's just that I sort of wish the animations had been fleshed out a bit more before getting them out. I'm stil hopeful an update will come before I reach the new sniper rifle or auto shotgun, both of which have strange scope issues. Although the shotgun only has a visual issue, whereas the sniper really needs a pass to be usable without a scope. If it needs a scope to be used, implement that better. Blocking your view with a giant non-usable scope is silly. But growing pains right? 😜 I'm really glad to see the additions. Looking forwards to some more polish on them. 2) The new battle music is really cool. I enjoy it actually, and all the auditory updates have been enjoyable. I've only put this here, because I think there needs to be a setting to disable the battle music only. Just a checkbox for it. I haven't figured out how to disable it yet. (working on it) But I don't think everyone wants to fiddle with the game code to achieve the immersion they seek. That should be an option in game settings. (Like brightness) 3) The new marker system has a lot of potential. I think it's a big improvement actually, but I couldn't stand how in your face some of it was. I was able to disable the parts I didn't like in the data files, but there needs to be some settings for this. I think this will help new players a lot, but it can break immersion. I even wish there was a button (enable markers) that you could press to switch this on/off in a giffy. It would be the perfect solution (if there was also settings to control what is and isn't worth showing), allowing the utility of the update to be used, but without the visual noise, that along with the battle music can break immersion at times. 4) The new critical injury system is interesting for sure. I've played to day 12 and I've still yet to even get a sprain on warrior difficulty. I've been hearing all about them though, but I guess if you never get hit (except a few swings here and there) you don't really have much a chance to get them. So I went into creative mode in a new map and testing fighting large groups of 25 zombies, and wow... It's a bit harsh. But my opinion is not really that the debuffs are too strong, but rather the duration is too long. I'm fine with items being used to remove critical injuries, but I don't think they should last up to an hour if not managed. This is terrible for new players, and leads to veterans having more inventory clutter. I like the idea, but I think critical injuries should last 5 minutes MAX, with most only 30 seconds. When you get a critical injury, you should think: "Oh crap, I better retreat for now and tend to my wounds." If the duration of the debuff without treatment is longer than 5 minutes, they can really negatively affect gameplay when the player is not carrying the appropriate item. I think the system needs to change to lessen how long it punishes players for not carrying (antibiotics, pain killers, bandages, water, food, lockpicks, bullets, candies, sowing kit, stilts, etc. It starts to become a bit much you need to carry with you on excursions and takes away from the enjoyment. 5) I will start by saying that unlike some of the people here, I really enjoy the new food/water drain speeds. I think it makes getting food feel more difficult. Although I can understand some people's feelings that it's non-immersive, and a system where the players finds way less food, but only eats 1-3 times a day would be more immersive. However, given the pace of the game, and the volume of loot, it's hard to stop players from collecting or making large amounts of food and drinks, so if each one gave a significant benefit, it would be too easy again. So I really like the new degradation speed. However, I think the stamina penalty from thirst and hunger was much better in alpha 18. Gradual stamina loss as you get more hungry feels a lot better than arbitrary points that suddenly drastically lower your stamina. I don't think I need to say more on this. Just please, go back to stamina = min food/water. It was a good system, and didn't need to change. The Bad: 1) That zombie with a eyeball hanging out has some head scaling issues. And two of the other new zombies (redhead, and blonde dude have odd hair. It looks out of place. (And it doesn't help that it stays on the body once she's lost her head... haha) 2) Great work, not much to hate on. 😜
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